For those of you who don’t know, Wii Music is Nintendo’s latest game attempt, where you can play music using various types of instruments. You can choose from a variety of songs including Classical pieces and some of the songs from Nintendo’s hit franchises such as-you guessed it-The Legend of Zelda.Player can add little bits of custom pieces to each song and send them to their friends using the Wii message board. This game that will make musicians of today’s youth hits the shelfs on October 20th this year and will be out of stock the following day so make sure your one of the first to get your hands on it.

  • Nictel

    “Wii Music is Nintendo’s latest game attempt”

    I laughed.

  • Twilight Wolf

    I’m not buying this shit.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    I still don’t see the point of this. You don’t even have to play the right notes, just get somewhat on rhythm and it plays the notes for you. It’s Rock Band, only gay. A two year old could master this game.

  • On october 20th, the zelda theme will be ruined. That’s what I got from this news bulletin.

  • Send Link

    Stupid money whores. I’ve lost all respect for them.

    Hopefully Anouma will have an announcement at the Press Conference next week. I’m so sick of these “casual” games.

  • Cool! Wii music is awesome!!

    • It’s Nintendo’s oppertunity to rip us off again. The game requires no skill to play, and the songs sound awful. It’s just a typical “casual” game of Nintendo.

  • Azerik

    Actually a later article I found today says thee are going to be difficulty settings so it’s not going to be as casual as u think…and how would u knoe if the songs suck it hasn’t been released yet

  • Have you seen the Wii music Mario theme E3 video? Screwattack dubbed it Nintendo’s most embarrasing(pathetic) moment, and people said they ruined a classic. And then they brought out “Ravi Drums”, and he played the virtual “drums”, by shaking his arms and head back and forth without any timing.

    Nintendo said in an interview that it requires no skill to play so everyone can be a master at every instrument. It requires no timing like in Gutar Hero and Rock Band. The difficulty levels is just Nintendo’s way of trying to draw in people.

  • Azerik

    That was at E3 when the game was unfinished…..Nintendo is not honestly stupid enough to release something so idioticly simple minded

  • You’d be surprised. Nintendo has already said they wish to have everybody play the Wii, so they want to release games that everyone can play.

    Anyway, unless the game is given rave reviews by people here and on rating sites, I’m keeping away from it..

  • Triforce of the Gods

    ^ Seconded.

  • Thanks

    I forgot to add that it will only have been 3 months since E3 when this is released. I highly doubt the game will be much different from what we saw at E3.

  • Azerik

    well it is a family games as are all games with the word “Wii” in the title…also to quote you “everyone can play”

  • megaman man

    I’m not wasting my money on this. It has nothing to do with skill. It’s just Nintendo’s lateset ripoff attempt.

  • Azerik

    Y’all are entitled to your opinions juzt don’t shoot the messanger….also games aren’t about skill, they’re about having fun…if you think you need skill for a game to be fun you don’t deserve to play LOZ…It doesn’t take skill t enjoy that!

  • Triforce of the Gods

    1. I wasn’t shooting you.

    2. Games like these (or the good ones at least, a.k.a Rock Band and Guitar Hero) are about skill. Wii Music proves if you take the skill out of it, it’s just hitting buttons. Sure you can enjoy it (and Zelda) without having skill, but you can’t beat it. It’s a lot more fun to beat a game than to run around and do nothing all day (which is what you would do in Zelda if you had no skill).

  • Azerik

    in response to #2)

    I’m have absolutely no skill when it come to playing guitar hero…I suck more than a kid sucking a lollipop……Yet I still enjoy playing it..and my 10 year old cousin is clueless when it come to playing Zelda and he can beat it…it just takes longer….skill in video games is an illusion…finger co-ordination is something inbred into people….and you can beat it with a low level of intelligence it just takes longer.

  • G-P-L14

    Zelda takes some skill, unlike this. You have to be somewhat skilled to run around for 50 or so hours, going into dungeons, killing enemies, and solving puzzles. It’s a lot harder than this button mash. It takes a good ammount of skill to become a Zelda master, unlike this. It’s like slamming your fists into a keyboard, and it resulting in one of the greatest piano compositons ever. At least in Rock Band and Guitar Hero you actually have to have timing and to press the right notes.

  • Azerik

    Not everyone want to become a “Zelda Master”. And regadring your piano comment I actually have written songs by randomly putting in notes.
    The last 3 fils on this page are song I wrote by “slamming my fists into a keyboard”. Why are you so intent on hating something you haven’t tried…like PS3 haters for example..I don’t hate it cause I’ve never tied it. Instead of listening to what others say about things try them out and formulate you own opinion.

  • G-P-L14

    Not to be rude to you, but by “greatest piano compositons ever” I was refering to the works of Beethoven and Bach. They were gifted, but they practiced hard and were real masters in what they did. They didn’t just strum a few notes and say “Masterpiece!”, they practiced the notes, and formulated their songs by coordinating them. This has no coordination.

  • Triforce of the Gods

    We not slamming it because of what other people say. Were slamming it from the pathetic excuse for a showcase we saw at E3 demonstrating and describing how it works. Which is press a button, even if it’s the wrong one at the wrong time, and you win. Can you say boring?

  • Azerik

    u guys mis-interpreted the whole thing….w/e stop commenting I give up…btw you contradicted yourself TOTG…ur basing ur opinnion on wat they said at E3…according to E3 in my opinion Brawl should suck`. and FYI Beethoven didn’t know the notes he was more u win i don’t care stop commenting!

  • Flame

    Actually, Beethoven went completely deaf later in his life. He wrote a lot before then. Just thought I’d bring it up. =]

  • A Gamer

    People, these are games. They are not meant to be the biggest and best, most skilled at, or anything else than to just be enjoyable and give you something to do when you’re not doing anything else. Come on! Just enjoy it!

  • Flame

    BTW looks kinda lackluster, and not interested in buying