You guys all remember when Power Shot posted about Nintendo being sued by Anascape over the alleged pirating of the Classic Controller Software. You may also remeber that Nintendo was forbidden to produce anymore of the Contollers. Well the Third Party Company Nyko, has come up with a solution-if only temporary-to the problem of the Classic Controller.

Nyko has created the Classic Wing Wireless Controller which-as you can see below-has almost no resemblance to the Classic Contoller aside from the control functions.

Wing Wireless Controller

Unfortunately, as you can see the controller does bear a resemblance to the Sony PlayStation Controller.

No complaints have been made by either Anascape or Sony, since the beggining of September when the controller was announced. Hopefully Nyko will be able to avoid what Nintendo could not, and retain their rights to sell this controller. Unfortunately though with PS3 sales so low, (No offence. PS3 is an okay system.) I doubt Sony will lets this fly by for very long.