You may not have heard but apparently Nintendo has stopped production of the Wi-Fi USB connector for the Wii and DS systems for reasons unknown.

An article in Famitsu revealed that although the USB connector is no longer in production, and continues to be sold, Nintendo is releasing something to replace it. A Wi-Fi router for the Wii and DS is now in production and will be released on September 18th in Japan. The router will feature several modes which can be toggled using a switch on the back of the machine. “Router” is the default option and will function like any other router, allowing you to connect your Wii or DS to the internet. The next option, “Bridge” will allow users to extend the signal of their existing router, perfect for those whose current router is too far from their Wii for a reliable connection. Finally “Auto,” though not really clear in the article, will seemingly be able to switch between networks automatically. Rumours that this might somehow benefit the upcoming Zelda Wii title have reached my ears, but at this time  nothing about the latest Zelda game has been confirmed.

  • edracon

    I looked into it, and it can be used to turn a NON-Wifi router into Wi-Fi router that can be even used with Wi-Fi on laptops and such.. And because of that I am going to pay up the “approximately $50” that it will cost. 😀

  • Scott

    Hmmm needing a network connection for a Zelda game?…I wonder if they are hinting at what genre they’re experimenting with

  • Triforce of the Gods

    That’s cool. I can connect my Wii just fine, but for some reason the DS doesn’t support WPA security and it’s stupid to downgrade security just to play online. Any way I can play PH online works for me.

    • Zecurity Fan

      You are having a Gibsonian response

  • Azerik

    a who what now?

  • green_link

    i hacked my usb to work as an access point, and my winxp computer to act as a router. it lets me connect anything to it now.

  • sluggo west

    How did you hack your usb to act as an access point and your computer to act as a router?

    please reply