I bet you all remember the when EA Games announced that Will Wright, creator of The Sims franchise, would be making a brand new game, Spore. Well here is some of the best news about the game that you will ever see. Hit the jump button to see more.

The news I have to bring you is of Spore’s official release date……It’s today! That’s right, today September 7th, 2008 Spore for the PC and Spore Creatures for the DS have been released. The games were released 3 or 4 days ago in Europe and are supposed to  be released in North America today. I came across this news completely by accident and could not resist sharing it with you guys. I’m sure you guys also remeber the first post Jason made about people making Zelda Characters. Well as soon as I buy the game for my DS I’m gonna make a bunch of crazy Zelda pics myself and post them in my albums so be sure to look. Also for people who don’t like playing games on PC and DS apparently there will be a Wii version of the game but EA has refused to specify a release date…Now excuse me I’m off to Wal-Mart to buy Spore for DS and a new copy of Twilight Princess cause mine has mysteriously gone missing….