Hi there, ZUers! (or whatever you wish to be called)

My name is Nathan, and I am one of the newly appointed News Managers!

I would like to give you a quick summary of what I have to offer to the Zelda Universe community.

1. I am the President of the Journalism Club at my school, which means that I am familiar with how news works, and I can promise that I will try to dig up the dirt on whatever you may need. Just give me a topic and I’ll start to research.

2. I can tell you that I am a pretty funny guy, so expect some more humor to come to Zelda Universe.

3. In my experience, I have learned that a healthy community begins with a healthy communication with ALL members, so feel free to shoot me up an email or do something to let me know what I am doing wrong (or right!)


I look forward to working with this wonderful staff and such a loving and fun community.

Stay In Contact, PLEASE!!!