In todays News Post we have two “Shiny” new bits of info that will be really good for Wii and DS users. First off, Nintendo has announced that a new Metallic Silver DS is going to be released some time in 2008/9. Also a new game for the Wii is going to be released some time in the next two years. Ougon no Kizuna, literally meaning “Golden Bonds”, is a RPG game with some fairly well known people behind it. The scenario writer from Final Fantasy XII and the director of Little King Story and Dragon Quest VIII are going to be involved in the making of Golden Bonds, which features a cell-shaded anime type look, as well as a huge storyline and epic boss battles. General combat in the game is very much action-focused; players will point the Wiimote to select enemies, move with the nunchuck, then attack with rapid button combinations. Aside from the main quest mode, which is divided into chapters, there will be an additional 100 or more side-quests to complete. The company producing this game, Jaleco, was featured in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, which is how I came by this news with the help of, again,  my Japanese friend. The game is set for a winter release in Japan but the American release date is not yet decided.

  • ZantDarksage


    1) sucks because i just bought a green ds lite a few weeks ago.

    2) oh my god.

  • Azerik

    wow the first comment from somone I don’t know…..ya that does suck…I’m giving my old one to my cousin and buying the new one….yea Ougon no Kizuna (I refuse to use english until the American release is confirmed) does sound pretty cool

  • Xlr8

    Too bad I already have a white one. I cant find a sucker to buy it off of me. =/

  • I think I might try to sell my DS I got at launch, and trade it in for a new DS.

  • !!!!!I recently bought a new ds because my original ds got badly damaged. Maybe I can sell it a buy that new metallic one with some extra money. That game sounds fun too.

  • ℓєяσ¥

    I do not have need of a silver metalic DS…

    The wii’s news is pretty good though.

  • Hylian Hobbit

    I bought a DS two days ago, so I won’t be getting the shiny new one. But the game sounds pretty cool.

  • Dieven

    Darn, I was hoping for some random Firefly reference…

  • Goronlove

    The game sounds fun but the control sceme doesnt seem right to me and I don’t see how anyone agreed with that graphic stile I can live with it but its a bit odd has any one else seen the screen shots?

  • Azerik

    It’s not cell shaded like windwaker….it’s like the animating style for the Final Fantasy movies