I bet you all can’t wait to play guitar Hero:World Tour. Am I right? Well I’ve got some info for you Guitar Hero fans here that will be very interesting. In an interview with 1UP, a CEO of Activision has announced that the new Wii exclusive Guitar Hero will feature a Freestyle mode that allows you to play as you Miis saved to your Wii console.

This Mii Freestyle mode allows players to use the Miis on their consoles and play Air-Guitar or Air-Drums using the Wii remote and Nunchuk. In air-guitar moded you hold the Nunchuk up high and strum with the Wii remote. The air-drums are a bit simpler, because all you have to do is make drumstick motions with the Wii remote and Nunchuk. There are also rumours of the new peripheral Wii Motion plus-to be released in 2009-might be used in this Wii exclusive game as well, making the freestyle mode alot more effective and functional. I myself can’t wait for this game, but I’ll let you decide if this is really as great as it sounds. Let’s see if my Link and Ganon Miis know how to play guitar.