Zelda’s Adventure hasn’t been a game to be remembered – we don’t even cover this infamous spinoff of the Zelda series here on ZU. However, staffer TSA has produced some lovely footage of Zelda’s Adventure that we just couldn’t turn down. Now you, too, can see just what made Zelda’s Adventure so, for lack of better word, “unique.”

Gameplay Videos

Gameplay Video (Part 1)

Gameplay Video (Part 2)


  • Rocthul

    Never beaten Zelda II so it’s great to finally see the ending. Suppose I could have watched it on YouTube, but it’s better to watch it here!

    • figit

      Thats NOT zelda 2.Its zeldas adventure.

  • Azerik

    It seems a lot like an overhead view version of Myst.mixed with a wierd Zelda story line. I don’t think I’d play it.

  • OOJW

    Gah. I wish I could’ve played this when I could.

  • anonymous gamer

    This is just crap! It looks nothing like Zelda, and they spelled Ganon wrong. It sucks.

    • figit

      you're right. THAT GAME SUCKS SO BADLY!

  • Will

    This is NOT ZELDA2!!

  • Gazzaxes

    Um… the video display seems to have been either deleted or isn’t working. So I dunno if this IS or IS NOT Zelda.

  • Gella

    All the videos have been deleted..thought I should let someone know.

    • I’ve fixed the videos. Thanks for letting us know!

  • icha

    there’s nothing…

  • Boomer

    nothing i see nothing by far lol i laugh at things that would normally piss people off ha!

  • Friggitt

    If I could gnaw my eyes out, I would.

    • figit

      I think u should lol that is the WORST zelda game EVER!!

  • Tinge :)

    This game actually looks alright. I wouldn’t mind giving this game a whirl.

  • Zant

    *PUKE* Ugh… I… N-no more… No MORE!!! *SOB* I think they should replace the death penalty with this… I feel like I wanna smash every Phillips CD-i in the UNIVERSE!

  • figit

    Phillips CD-i you SUCK!!

  • chazbo

    dear phillips CD-i

  • Atom

    This is Awful!!! i hate it!!! the graphics are bad for one and it has a stupid storyline!!!


    Wicked Cool