Official Nintendo Magazine UK release special commemorative Zelda issue.

This special one off edition of the magazine, not connected to the continuing magazine (which came out on the same day), was released last week. To be frank it’s £4.99, so more expensive than the regular issue, has less pages, and although filled only with Zelda info, from the flick through I had of it (I did not purchase it), it does not seem to cover any new stuff of any real interest. Also ONM have the gall to actually reprint the reviews of TP and PH in this special edition, which have already been published in earlier magazines!

However then I realise it could be a Zelda gem to hold onto for the future, so once I have some money (I am a poor student) I may re-review this edition, if it turns out to be better than expected. Or please if anyone actually bought it please tell us what it’s like!