John Riccitiello, the CEO of EA had an interview. Inquire within.

There was a recent interview with EA’s CEO John Riccitiello, and in that interview he talked about the state of the PS3, and the transition from last generation to this generation, and why third party developers are struggling with making games for the Wii. This article doesn’t have a lot of meat on it, but it’s a short and interesting read. Give it a look.

Somehow I think that Riccitiello is blowin smoke in order to calm questions as to why there is a lack of quality third party games for the Wii. Though, one of my family friends was one of the head designers for Madden 07 for the Wii (made by EA too!), and he said that designing for the Wii was “one of the best, most fun designing experiences” he’s ever had. Designers must just be intimidated by the new technology in the Wii.

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Developers Find Wii More Awkward To Design For? 11/29/2007 Christov