Looks like Greenpeace doesn’t approve of our friends in Nintendo.

Every once in a while Greenpeace put out a guide on how to make electronics more environmentally friendly. Our favorite Zelda, Mario and Wii makers, Nintendo, came last on a list of companies that are good to our precious environment.

Apparently Sony received a rating of 8/10, as they have a policy about taking back old Sony products, whereas Nintendo doesn’t. I’m sure there were other thigns that contributed to that score as well. So I say “Good For You, Sony!” Nintendo still rocks your world, while polluting ours I guess… Maybe this will be a positive turning point for Nintendo; they might start doing some great things to kiss up to Greenpeace. Other rival Microsoft got a slightly better rating than Nintendo, 2.7. I regret to tell you Nintendo received an outrageous score of 0.0, yeah, nothing. Normally I’m a guy who wouldn’t care, but if Greenpeace gives you a zero, I think you can do better. So lets remember to Reduce Reuse and Recycle!

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Source: The Story Which I Found At IGN