Some pretty nifty things can be done when you have over 40 3D models of Twilight Princess available to you. Can also find some secrets from the game. See more inside.

Quite a few days ago, a guy over at Facepunch Studios — DONOTWANT — ripped over 40 3D models from Twilight Princess. Most of which are characters and items. Searching through them, I found quite a few interesting things. First thing to note, the inclusion of Dark Link. Apparently Dark Link was originally supposed to be in the game but was no included for unknown reasons.

Second, I also got the fused shadow by taking it off Midna’s “God” forum when she puts the Fused Shadow on. It’s really cool to be able to see it all alone esspecially with the large lack of official art, which is immensely dissapointing.

Third, there was one folder called “I DON’T KNOW” where some characters were put that I guess DONOTWANT didn’t know what to do with. Three of which caught my attention right away. They were all rather strange looking what I am going to guess are enemies and were very cool looking. Well, at least two were… one was kinda lame actually but if he had just lost the weird glasses thing he would’ve been cool. Either way, there very neat looking and one in particular is going to give me nightmares tonight. Makes me wish they left him in the game. I’ll post links to all the enemies below.

Dark Link

Fused Shadow

New Enemy 1

New Enemy 2

New Enemy 3

I can easily get a full 3D image of any character now. So, if anyone would like one just e-mail me at Leminnes (at) zeldauniverse (dot) net.

Source: The Last Boss