Are you the kind of person who thinks Valentine’s Day is overrated? Do you not have a date and just don’t care? Do you love Zelda but hate having nothing to do while you’re sitting at your computer on Valentine’s Day?

Right, well, we’ve got something to burn your time. It’s a little fan-made Zelda game revolving around Valentine’s day. It was made by ArmorGames and the game, the link to which I’ll be giving you in just a moment, is hosted by

The game can be found at the following link: Link’s Valentine’s Day Quest

Personally, I wouldn’t say it lives up to Nintendo’s standards, but it’s not a terrible game. The dialog could’ve been better, but at least it’s not hard on the eyes.

Anyway, I thought the game might interest anyone who loves Zelda and wants to throw the feeling of Valentine’s Day into the mix. I myself can think of better things to be doing on that particular day of the year. But hey, to each his own.