No Name writes:
I really hate the whole gannon-ban thing. I think it really needs to be changed and needs to have more explanation. Pretty much everything is true, but it just tells you facts and doesn’t always give explanations. Maybe you should make your own better thing, because it really stinks. Oh yeah, and stop being so mean to me in your replies!

James writes:
It stinks? I love the Gannon-Bans because they match my sarcasm to a T. Hence, the reason I keep bringing them up. I’m sorry I make fun of you, really I am. I just tend to get my anger against stupidity out in the form of sarcasm. Also, I find the fact that you didn’t give me a name or email address, when my full name and email are on one of the biggest Zelda site in recent history.

C.S. Smith writes:
It’s incredibly obvious that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is going to be one of the highest selling games of all time, if not the highest. So there no doubt that nintendo intends on bringing us another masterpiece as soon as possible (though not rushing of course). I personally would like to see 3 Zelda titles on the Wii. There have never been more than 2 on one system. (unless you say.. Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, 4 Swords Adventure, and Twilight Princess. But I wouldnt really count Masterquest, as it is essentially the N64 game, and Twlilight Princess, I would much rather see as Wii only… then theres GBC but you know.) Getting to the point.. Do you think that Nintendo is already working on a second Zelda for Wii? i really hope that they are, so we dont have to wait 4 years for another. and do you think 3 NEW zeldas on the Wii is a possibility?
i think it could be.. because I believe this generation of consoles is going to last much longer than any previous generation. just a hunch haha.
also if the team uses the same engines and same graphics for any other games they wouldnt take as long to make. again adding to the possibilty.
im just a fanboy that expects too much consarnit!

Random: any possibility of choosing what handedness link is in future zeldas? essentially link being right handed was a mistake. will they
just go back to a southpawed link or give you the choice.. maybe he could be ambidexstrus.

James writes:
I think anything is a possibility, really. Nintendo runs on Miyamoto’s famous philosophy: “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”. Therefore, it really depends on the life of the Wii. Most systems tends to have a life of 4-6 years, because the technology within each becomes obsolete. Also, if competitors release a new system, Nintendo has to as well. I don’t how long it will take them to create the next Zelda on a console (since you will be getting Phantom Hourglass soon, as well), but you also have to remember that they might be revamping the entire Zelda scheme. That comes from that quote Aonuma said about Twilight Princess would be the last of it’s kind.
As for the ambidextrous part, I don’t know. The Link being right-handed thing was not a mistake; it was planned for the Wii and the Wii only. That was done for the gamer who will more than likely hold the controller in his right hand (no matter what hand you are). They also did it because, although Miyamoto is a southpaw, he still played the Wii game with his right hand as his dominant one.

SS writes:
Hello, first off I would like to ask you (and everyone)if you think Link and Mario are in fierce competition. I mean, I’ve always seen them this way. Like Mario vs. Sonic there’ll be Link vs. Mario. I don’t know if I’m right but if I am give me a boohya! Link will crush Mario! Secondly, when are the people at ZU going to update the TP section about characters, bosses, enemies and STORY! Give me those spoilers! And thirdly, have those who have played WW and made it to Molgera the boss of the earth temple, the giant worm, did they find the music to be cool. Thanks for reading.

James writes:
Firstly: Since Mario is the mascot of Nintendo and Zelda is the flagship game, it will always be a battle between the two. But, it a battle that Nintendo wins no matter what.
Secondly: We will update when we actually finish the game, find a capture card, and actually have time to do it.
Thirdly: I have this issue with games: I have a hard time finishing a game I play, due to my life. Therefore, I haven’t made it that far, but I will go listen to the music, ASAP.

Mike writes:
some months ago i could download the whole OST here on But now it always says: 404 error.

Could you fix it please?? Because you were the only ones who had the WHOLE ORIGINAL soundtrack from Ocarina of Time.

James writes:
This is either one of two things: First, it could be a server issue, from when we switched servers after switching owners. Second, it could be the bandwidth issue we had a while back, where we were killing bandwidth with the music downloads, and they were all removed. We will look into it.

jonathan writes:
I have heard that the legend of zelda the twighlight princess is very,very cool for the wii. What is it really like?

James writes:
Twilight Princess (since you seem to be in need of a spellchecker), is very cool indeed. I only just beat the fourth temple, but from what I played it is one of the best Zelda games ever.

wind-waker writes:
i have wind waker and i love it! only problem is that im stuck on a part. i cant get past the god temple boss room. i know how to knock it to
the ground but after that, i dont know what to do. please help me beat the level by telling me how to do it!

James writes:
If you are talking about Gohdan, then once you knock his head onto the ground, you need to throw a bomb into his mouth. If not, you need to be more specific in what temple next time.

i have a question do to the ending of Twilight princess, and some other


at the end, it seems Ganandorf dies standing up. but… is he realy dead? or was his mind sent to the sacred realm and traped there do the mastersword? because i thought Ganan was imortal and could never die, thats why he was sent to the sacred realm in Ocreana of Time wasnt it? so my question is, is Ganan really dead? or was his mind sent to the sacred realm? what do you think?

my other question is this :

where do you think in terms of the Time line theory does TP fit in? im a bit confused because it only explained events from OOT and not from any other zelda game. so i asume it would have to be after OOT but when after OOT? not only that but, the game doesnt explains how the world of Hyrule was flooded in TWW. i was reading through the forums and this one guy said something interesting. He said “remember what the story said in TWW? well it said that the land of Hyrule was flooded because the Hero of time did not apear to save them from Ganan” so mabe Twilight princess is the alternate universe to that. like it would explain what would hapend if a hero came back and stop Ganan before the gods flooded hyrule.” what do you think on this? i think its a good idea.

my last question is this, how did Ganan escape the sacred realm? and why were the sages puninshing Ganan? did Ganan escape the sacred realm and then the sages stoped him, punish him, then sent him in the twilight realm? or did the sages pull him out of the sacred realm, punish him, and then sent him into the twilight realm? cause that part confuse me a lot.

if you can anwer all of my questions, i would be much obliged.

James writes:
Let’s see how much I can answer from what I’ve seen on the internet. For those who didn’t get the giant spoiler on the front page (that I will post) or the spoilers in this guys post, there will be spoilers.
The end seems to imply that Ganondorf dies, because his Triforce of Power fades. You’ll notice that after you beat Arbiter’s Grounds and you see that cutscene, the same thing happens. But, instead his Triforce keeps him alive. However, at the end it seems to fade, implying death. A lot of people around the internet are claiming that the end of the game sucks for that very reason. The fact that Ganondorf will have to be reincarnated again is becoming too cliche in the series.
To the timeline question, the developers did confirm that this game is a century or so after Ocarina of Time, but many centuries before The Wind Waker. Even though you never saw the flood or the fact that Link never left, doesn’t mean that he didn’t. If you watch the end, Link wonders away from Ordon, to a place that is unknown. Is that the cue that Link goes on a journey and never returns? Or what?
Well, if you know anything about Ganondorf, it is that he is very crafty. It seems from what I got, is that Ganondorf “employed” the interlopers that Lanayru talks about before Lakebed Temple, and they help him escape. However, the sages and the spirits of light find this out, lock the interlopers up, and finally decide to kill Ganondorf once and for all. However, they underestimated Ganondorf, because when they tried to kill him, he killed a sage and was sent to the Twilight Realm instead, a much safer place for him to call prison. That’s my theory, though.