An exploration of the various “Curious Oddities” of Twilight Princess from where the Deku Tree is located to new lands of Hyrule. ***A lot of spoilers***

Playing through Twilight Princess I observed a few things that seemed out of place. Apparently, Twilight Princess’ map is based around Ocarina of Time’s map and in most cases it makes sense – Death Mountain is right off Kakariko Village and Gerudo Valley is near of Lake Hylia – but in other cases places known to us seem to be in the wrong area.

First and most obvious of these out-of-place landmarks is just the presence of Snowpeak which bears a striking resemblence, mostly in name and theme (ice,) to Snowhead. As most of us know, Snowhead is from Majora’s Mask and is in the alternate universe of Termina. This one just puzzles me because a snowy mountain isn’t even mentioned in Ocarina of Time.

The next, and perhaps more obvious, landmark that seems out of place is the Temple of Time. In Ocarina of Time, the Temple of Time was located right outside Hyrule Castle. But, in Twilight Princess it’s located right outside the Forest Temple, which is on the complete opposite side of Hyrule. Not only is it located in the wrong place; it’s also in complete ruin. As much as Snowpeak puzzled me, this one is almost worse. How could a whole building move from one side of Hyrule to the other? I was thinking maybe they rebuilt it but that seems strange because that would require two things: a reason to move it and removing the Master Sword – two things which are never explained and not very explainable.

As all of you should know, the map for Twilight Princess is enormous. After studying it for a while I noticed something: Ocarina of Time’s map might just be the Eldin Providence because of it’s proximity to all the major landmarks of Ocarina of Time. Now, if this is true then a few other things must be valid. First, the Faron Providence must be the old Kokiri woods and both the Lanayru and Peak Providences are completely new areas from Ocarina of Time. Peak and Lanayru must be new areas because lands north of Hyrule castle are not even included in Ocarina of Time.

On another note, after a few hours of playing I decided I was going to do some research on where the Deku Tree is located. I assumed that it would be a huge tree sitting in a forest. The most obvious one is the Forest Temple. The Forest Temple is a huge tree which looks much like the Deku Tree but without the branches. The second one I found was a curious tree near Lake Hylia which seems a bit too small for the Deku Tree but could still be it, nonetheless. The obvious answer is the Forest Temple and it definitely makes the most sense. It might also be an interesting note to Timeline Researchers that the Deku Tree is dead so that would lead us to think, if the split timeline is true, that this is the timeline where Link doesn’t exist (which would also only be true if you believe that he gets stuck in Termina) because the Deku Tree was destroyed and the new Deku Tree was never given a chance to survive.

Well, that’s all the oddities and curiosities of Twilight Princess I can think of at the moment. I’ll continue to think about these and probably make another article if I think of enough. At the moment, I have no idea where Twilight Princess fits into the timeline mostly for the fact that it doesn’t even address the timeline in its story. Hopefully the next game, Phantom Hourglass, will have some sort of timeline explanation in it and perhaps explain some of the oddities of Twilight Princess. Until then, we all can think and wonder.

  • Daniel

    You had some good observations about the provinces north of Hyrule Castle but the rest was rather uninteresting. A factual writing style isn’t always desired — you made a few good points but failed to draw elaborate conclusions from them. Instead of just stating the facts, come up with your own ideas and just run with them (while supporting your ideas with evidence, of course).

    Also, I can’t recall the “curious tree near Lake Hylia” that you wrote about. A screenshot would have helped but I guess it doesn’t matter much since you dropped the idea as soon as you stated it.

    These are just my opinions.

  • Gustavo

    I think that those oddities are a bit unnecessary. Were you expecting to see exactly the same Hyrule from OOT in TP? Snowpeak obviously existed at the time of OOT, it just wasn’t explored by Link because he didn’t need to (also because there was no sacred temple in there).

  • poxvaati

    interesting post thingy whatever, but u cant expect to everything on every single zelda game since OoT be exactly the same as where OoT left it, that would be as boring and lame as… Hmph! BIOLOGY class!!! AAAAAHHH!!! what i mean is, ofcoyrse it WILL change!!!!!! and there will be things like snowpeak and the temple!!! but TP ISNT MOSTLY IN HYRULE FROM OOT!!! im not saying it ISNT hyrule, its just like if it is ANOTHER hyrule (i know im messing with the extremely complicate timeline of zelda, but…) it wont be the same!!! and i mean, its been like 7 games from OoT to TP!!!! DUDDDEEE!!!! lol

    -My Opinion
    -Poxvaati, the Wolf God

  • I love Twilight! I hardly wait for Twilight Eclipse! I’m so in love with taylor, lol.
    I still believe that the first movie was the best, but New Moon certainly wins in eye candy lol

    • LadyVampyre

      Wrong twilinght love ¬¬

      • LadyVampyre


        And while I'm here, you should check out the other article by someone I've forgotten, but it's something like "Hyrule a geography and a cartography"
        It actually explains what you've lightly touched upon.

  • Aaron

    The only thing I could think about the Temple of Time being moved is the fact that it was too easy to get to. Think of it like this, as I do, it was moved close to the Forest Temple because of the Lost Woods so, in a sense, the woods protects the sword as well as the new installed Guardians. Maybe the reason everything is in ruins there is because someone somewhere, other than Link, has tried to get to the sword and has been stopped by the Guardians. I love your observations, btw. 😀

  • TP does seem a little bit like an improved Ocarina of Time. In my opinion, it's somewhat better, just because I played an beat it first and didn't get to enjoy OoT when it first came out like most. But given that chance, I might have considered the opposite.

  • clownycloud

    if i remember some timelines correctly mm would have happened before tp the flood could have created a new landscape or something like that just my thoughts

  • batteryfarm

    About the Temple of Time-part:
    If you look att the Wii-version map of Twilight Princess, you notice that if you turn it upside down it looks like the Ocarina of Time-map. Since everything is reversed in the Wii version this makes sense, and it isn't the temple of time that has been moved to another location – but hyrule castle itself. Hyrule castle has been moved to the place where the hero of time grew up; Kokiri forest.
    This also explains the changed location of Zoras domain, they have just crawled a bit higher up along the river.

  • Squall Leonhart

    Taking a look at the world and all the crevices in it, its safe to assume a major topography changing event took place, such as huge earth quakes or plate shifting. There is more then the ruins of the temple of time in faron woods, which would indicate a possibility that the OoT hyrule castle was laid to ruin during the event. The woods around are just a result of tree's creeping over, and with a small shift to the lands layout, you can easily identify it all if you lay ordon over lon lon rance.

  • Responding to the question, Aonuma roughly said that upon completing A Link Between Worlds, fans may finally get an answer to whether or not Majora’s Mask will receive the remake treatment.