There’s all kinds of new information out there about the Wii, and here’s an overview for you.

The Wii, at $249.99 is certainly the cheapest next-gen console, though that doesn’t surprise anyone. Nintendo has said that they plan on shipping 4 million consoles this year, with most going to the United States. That’s quite a lot, when you compare it to Sony who says that they will have 500,000.

It will ship with the necessary cables, the sensor bar, a wiimote, and a nunchuck. It’s nice to know Nintendo’s not forcing us to go buy all kinds of things before enjoying anything. It will also come with Wii Sports: Wii Boxing, Wii Bowling, Golf, Baseball, and Tennis.

Including Twilight Princess, there are 30 games in the “Launch Window,” which means before the end of the year. Around half should be available on launch day.

The Virtual Console’s pricing should be around $5 to $10, presumably determined by what system the game was for. $5 for NES, $8 for SNES, $10 for N64. So that means if you want all the console Zeldas on your Wii (not counting the Gamecube ones), it would cost you $38 or so.

The Wii includes lots of online features, and ships with Opera, so you can browse the web with it. There have been rumors that there won’t be Wii online gaming for a while, but one of Japan’s launch titles, Pokemon Battle Revolution, is an online game, and it should be in America shortly after that release.

There is, of course, lots more information, but the Internet’s so inundated with that right now, I’m sure you could wave a stick and hit 10 sites with all the information copy/pasted from some other place.

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