As most of you have heard already, there is going to be a Tingle DS game and the box art was just released. See it and more here.

Yes, that’s right. Tingle’s Freshly-Picked Rose-Colored Rupee Land, one of the longest names of any game based in the Zelda universe, has box art and it’s some scary looking material. The cover does say a lot about the game though.

In the September Edition of Nintendo Power they talked about the new game and what it will be like. The game will consist completely of Tingle collecting Rupees for the Rupee Master. If he gets enough Rupees the Rupee Master will let him go to Rupee Land. As ridiculous as it sounds with all those rupees, the game does have a nice art style to it similar to most 2D Zelda games.

The Rupees also serve as Tingle’s life force and if he runs out of rupees the game is over and Tingle dies. Because of this, there must be some careful spending. Worse of all, everything requires money from getting useful information to being able to get inside a building and even just have a conversation.

The article also mentions the characters you will meet. It even goes so far to even say that the characters in the game are so much stranger then Tingle that Tingle will seem normal in comparison, which is hard to imagine. Much of the game will require Tingle to meet these people and do tasks for them, which is the main “flesh” of the game, and he will get Rupees in return. But, in order to get these items you must tough it out in the wild world, fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and surviving dungeons.

One interesting part about the games is the way that fights are controlled in it. It is explain very hazily in the article but it says, “When you approach an enemy, You’ll be thrown into a cloud-forming, cartoonish brawl. You can control the movement of the dust ball somewhat with the Control Pad to pick up other enemies as you go. Success requires tapping the screen with the stylus.”

It seems like a fun way to fight and a very inventive way too. These fights don’t happen much until you enter the dungeons where there are far more enemies to drag into your dust clouds. And to add onto the action more, along the way you can pick up people or “bodyguards” to help you in the fight. This helps you get to the boss fights faster which are large battles that always require the touch screen in some way.

That is about all the article mentioned but it is all very tantalizing information. As you can see, the game seems strange but entertaining if not a little disturbing but fun nonetheless. The game does not have a date attached to it yet and it’s not even set in stone that it will come to the States or anywhere else but Japan but hopefully it will.

The article also mentions a site you can go to and tell Nintendo your impressions on the game. So, go to and tell them what you think.