Twenty years of The Legend of Zelda. That is an accomplishment for any game and Zelda has reached that height and shattered through the glass barrier. The Legend of Zelda is a timeless game that Nintendo obviously plans to keep for a long time and build on it in each and every installment and Twilight Princess is no exception. Of course I have to start with the stuff you already know, then we’ll move on to the brand spanking new information.

Twilight Princess is the next chapter in The Legend of Zelda series and takes place somewhere around Ocarina of Time. Link is a teenager living in a small village outside Hyrule. Here he is a peaceful cowboy and lives happily in his town. About all we know after that is he is invited to Hyrule Castle where he gets sucked into the Twilight. After that, the information is far and in-between and most of it is speculation.

Currently, much more is known about the game play. It has already been announced that the game will be released with the Wii and an alternate Gamecube version for the unfortunate people who can’t buy a Wii the day it comes out. The Wii is the most exiting part but I’ll start with the Gamecube version to get it out of the way.

The GC version is going to be much like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask in the ways of style and some gameplay. We have a few new or reintroduced items such as the magnetic iron boots, the gale boomerang, and the returning lantern. All of them give some information about the game.

Can these boots be any cooler?

The magnetic boots have a lot of potential in the puzzle parts of the games and the combat. Imagine locking yourself to the top of a metal ceiling in order to shoot arrows at enemies blocked by a small hedge or make it easier to seek out a clear route through a maze filled with opponents or slam yourself into a magnetized foe. Of course all that is just a humble and probably underestimated guess of the possibilities but they all seem pretty plausible to me.The gale boomerang also gives us some clues on gameplay. Obviously the wind puzzles from Wind Waker are back but now with more of a twist. It could also be used to shove enemies into dark pits of doom or suck them into the tornado and fly them into a wall. Just thinking about it makes me ecstatic.The lantern is probably going to be used in the same way as in previous 2D games: To burn down trees and/or bushes, to see in the dark, and other fire related things. But, I am sure Nintendo is going to expand on it somehow, adding other features. Maybe they’ll add enemies damaged by light or fire or maybe it can be used to lighten the Twilight World around Link so he doesn’t turn into a wolf.
The wonders of the Gale Boomerang.

But, it is the Wii Version that is being talked about the most. As most know already, the Wii will open many opportunities to the gameplay and add more depth to the game with the WiiMote’s internal speaker and the capability to make the gamer feel like they are Link in this world.The Wii adds many things, from making the bow seem much more realistic and easy to aim and to give a creative and diverse “twist” to the gameplay. Some of these things are: jabbing the control forward to parry enemies and stun them, fling the control forward while releasing the A button to fish, shaking the nunchuck to throw the crates, quick aiming with the WiiMote and the nunchuck’s Z button, moving the nunchuck downward to slash at enemies, and so much more. The Wii opens so many possibilities to the gameplay it is intimidating to cogitate about.One of my favorite parts is the speaker. Just imagine the sound of stretching twine as the bow is pulled back right in your ear and the twang of the twine and the whoosh of the arrow as you let go and the sound of the traveling arrow moving from by your head to a enemy 20 feet away. Or, maybe even the crash of a crate breaking right by your year as you smash it open and even the crash of a pot. The sound of an approaching enemy from behind your back trying to sneak up behind you as you are in first person. The wind from the gale boomerang flinging from your hand to the item a few feet away. The depth added from the feature is incredibly awe-inspiring and is surely going to add a lot of power to this game.
Taking a relaxing trip in the boat.

There are also some graphical additions too. The graphics in general are more polished but the quality is no different from the GC to the Wii version. This just shows how amazing the graphics on the Cube were in the first place and also shows how much better then Wii can be. Since the game in out in 6 months I doubt they’ll have time to polish up the Wii version but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wii has a few more features the Cube doesn’t.One thing that shocked me was the presence of a fairy in the Wii version. When I first saw it I assumed that it was another Navi type character but when I saw it randomly move on screen I realized that it was actually the pointer for the WiiMote. But, the fact that the fairy is there gets me thinking. It partly confirms that it is going to be around Ocarina of Time, before or after although before seems much more appealing and interesting to me. But the lack of a fairy in the Cube version kind of puts my hopes to rest. Of course, you never know. Maybe Navi is back, maybe not, but it would be a very exiting twist to the story.
Is Navi really back?

Really, this is about all we know right now. We’ve seen some trailers, we’ve gotten a small demo with a tiny, simple dungeon, an easy boss, and some fishing. We can speculate from these tiny bits of the game but there isn’t much we are going to get from it. There are so many open ends to this game that it is impossible not to be exited about its release. Hopefully Nintendo will live up to its word and Twilight Princess will be out by November. Let’s wish upon a star, everyone. And hope that it will come true.