Welcome once again to the Mailbag of Zelda Universe. I’m your host, Scott. Today I would like to wish you a very happy Halloween (for those of you in America, and elsewhere who happen to celebrate)! I wonder how many random Links & Zeldas there were wandering the streets this fine evening. And, without futher ado..

Messalina wrote:

I was wondering if there was any help to navigate this game as well as to inform players of the items and how to use them.

I love the earlier Zelda games and this one looks to be fun but I have been playing for 2 hours nad have yet to find the Field or Temple of Time. I did manage to find the Sanctuary and a shop with a heat and what appears to be a magic bag. However, not knowing if this is the only bag in the game I am loath to pick it up.

Also can you gather rupees from kills? If you can give any assistance it will be appreciated. Thanks!


Scott says:
I would love to help, and explain things. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what game you mean.

MegaLinkX wrote:
Yes yes, I know, everyone hates Tingle. But I have a question about our favorite middle-aged fairy fanatic. I was playing through Wind-Waker again (because I LOVE it) and I noticed an insignia of a cobra on Tingles back. Has anyone else noticed this? And why a Cobra? Why a snake at all? Snakes have never played any sort of major role in a zelda game before… a few of the bosses in past games had snake-like appearances, and of course there are the ropes that rush at you when they see you, but I don’t see a connection. Any ideas?


Scott says:
To be honest, I have no idea as to the significance of the cobra. There could be some importance to his past, but I think it’s mostly there because the game designers decided he looked to drab without something interesting on his person. I’ll look into it further to see if I can find anything else, though. If I do, I’ll include that in the next mailbag.

Kelly wrote:
Dear ZU,

You know how most fans think that Link in Oot is a lefty? Well that’s not true. Lots have asked is Link a lefty or a rightie? The answer is that he’s neither. Link from Oot is in fact mix-handed. You see, just because he has his sword in his left hand doesn’t mean he’s entirely a lefty. He throws a deku nut with his right hand. Believe me I would know this. I’ve beaten Oot twice(finally). I just can’t believe no one’s noticed this. Did you even know this about Oot Link?
P.S. Cool website!

Scott says:
Why, yes. I did. Link is Ambidextrous. That doesn’t mean he won’t favor one hand over the other for different activities, such as throwing, or swinging the sword, as is obviously the case. I think that sort of thing isn’t uncommon… I write with my right hand, but play most games with my left, but no one wants to hear my life’s story, so I’ll leave that be.

Enrico wrote:
I think the character battle mentioned in the last mailbag is a great idea!
However, I think Zelda, Link, and Ganon/dorf would have to be kept out. Of course one would win and I think that’d be unfair.
But I think it would be great for all the side characters throughout the games, or even some sem-staples (Tingle for instance).
I’m not sure if you’re used to GameFaqs character battle, but I think an all Zelda one would be amazing.
And even if it couldn’t be updated EVERY SINGLE DAY, I’m sure fans would stick with it just to see who wins.

Scott says:
Well, perhaps we’ll implement something like that sometime soon. We’ll see.

King_Dodongo wrote:
Ok, here’s a thought.

How is the Revolution controller going to revolutionise Zelda? I think it will be very hard to control using the motion-senser (I know it won’t be used in EVERY game, but still…) although having to actually swipe the controller in order to perform sword attacks would be cool, right?

Also, do you think Zelda will be a playable character? Since the Official Artwork for the game seems to portray that (with the sword and all) she will be able to move and act on her own. Wait a second (this is all occuring to me as I write, the wonder of thought-evolution) could this be an optional 2-player mode? Wow… the power of thought… astounding…

Now I’m babbling, so one last thing, what video-game will you be waiting for on Revolution? (I mean Revolution games not the downloadable ones.) I want a Mario Baseball game… soon…


Scott says:
There’s quite a lot of speculation on the subject of how the Revolution will Revolution-ize the Zelda franchise. To be honest, I have no idea. Lots of suspicions, ideas, and the like… Perhaps we will swing the sword, but that isn’t, in my opinion, very Zelda-ish. Now and then, sure… but it shouldn’t be the main focus of the game, I think. There’s only so much you can do with your sword-touting mayhem in the ways of puzzles, and exploration, I would say.

Zelda might be a playable character some time in the future, but as far as I know, she will not be a playable character for Twilight Princess. I recall reading in a couple of interviews around the Internet that Link will be the only playable character, if you don’t count Midna (who you technically control when Link’s a wolf). So, that doesn’t really leave room for a two-player mode.

As for what game I would like to see, I would, to be honest, love to see a rocking Jedi game, touting the lightsaber all the way. That should make for some entertaining gameplay.

Dark Bigone wrote:
1)If TP comes in multiples disks does it means that we won’t be able to visit some areas, like the village Link starts his quest?
2)I’ve read that if TP is after OoT and before WW, then in the end of TP we’ll see Hyrule flooding, but it wouldn’t make sense since in the begining of WW it says that the Hero never return, if that’s so what about TP’s Link?
3)When you beat the Spirit Temple, Nabooru said that if she knew you’d be so handsome she would have kept her promise, so what was her promise? and what your looks had to do with it? could it have been something perverted…?

P.S. this site rocks

Scott says:
Well, multiple disks does not necessarily prevent you from visiting certain places. One of my favorite games for the Gamecube, Tales of Symphonia, was two disks long. However, once you got to the second disk, you could still visit all the places from the first disk, and it didn’t really affect anything, except making sure the story could continue along (since there’s just not enough space for that much voice acting and such). So, no. Multiple disks does not hinder anything.

Legends are legends, afterall. Since it’s ‘passed down through the generations,’ stories can be skewed, combined, forgotten, lost, or any number of things. So, there are lots of ways to make something fit even if the things in the ‘timeline’ around it say it doesn’t. I’m curious to see how they do it, though.

If you remember, in order to do things in the Spirit temple, you have to go there as a child first. While you’re there, you meet Nabooru. That would be when she made the ‘promise.’ Though, to be honest, I can’t remember what it is. I believe we can leave it up to imagination, but it is Nintendo, afterall.

Tonchiki wrote:
Hi! I have another idea for how the timeline could go, and I’m going to ignore what everyone (even Nintendo) said about the timelines. I’ve
heard all sorts of things and don’t know what to think, so this is how I think it is. (I do have a few blank spots, things I’m not sure of)

Okay, to explain things, OOT is a pretty good guess for first. (Hyrule is created, Ganondorf is born, etc.) Then it obviously goes to MM. From there, I think OOS/OOA are next, because at the end of MM, Link rides off on his horse with nothing but the Triforce mark still on his hand from OOT. I think he found that temple while still in Termina, and then was thrown into Holodrum/Labrynna. I think that game is the last of that Link. I then think ALTTP comes next, but I don’t have much to go on, besides that “7 sages sealed the evil”, etc. That’s the end of that Link.Then TLOZ because Ganon was sealed in ALTTP. Then AOL, because Link could be a teenager then, a few years later. End of that Link. Then I don’t know, but I do think TWW comes second to last. Ganondorf was killed, not sealed, and Hyrule was flooded. The King also said, “No, that [new] land will not be Hyrule…”. Then I think that Link sails off into LA, where he was seperated from Zelda and the pirates during the storm. (He asked for Zelda when he woke up.) That’s what I think, anyway. Sorry for it being so long.

Scott says:
That’s a fairly well thought out theory. Good job. Only one major issue I can find with it. In Majora’s Mask, Link was separated from the Triforce, so the mark should have gone away. Therefore, he wouldn’t have it for the Oracle games. I suppose that could be countered with “he came back to Hyrule on the way” or something…

The Four Master wrote:
Hi ZU,
First of all, this is a great website and I really like it.
What I wrote was to ask what’s the deal with Ganon’s different forms. In the first games such as the original and ALttP, which I understand were chronologically after the newer ones, Ganon was portrayed as a piggish Windwaker-type supermoblin. In the newer ones, such as OoT and WW, he is portrayed as a humanoid Gerudo. I understand that his transformation in OoT somewhat explains this, but then why is he still a Gerudo in WW? What could have changed him between WW and ALttP?
I also wrote to ask what happened to Ganon’s band of Gerudo thieves, mentioned in ALttP’s manual. Were they all killed, or did Ganon turn some of them into monsters?(such as Blind the Thief)


Scott says:
The change between Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker is fairly easy to explain. If you watch the end of Ocarina, you’ll see that after you defeat Ganon, and Zelda seals him away, he reverts back to being Ganondorf as he falls off into oblivion. Between later games… I can’t think of a reasonable explaination, except that perhaps he was more powerful that way. (Or, he looked more imposing as that than as a man in the old consoles.)

Ganon’s band of Gerudo thieves probably were killed, or serve him in various ways that don’t necessarily cause them to be clashing with everyone’s favorite hero. There are villagers to oppress when Link’s not around, you know. 😀

CJ wrote:
I remember one of my friends asking to borrow my SP so he could acess an area in the Oracle games. Do you think that something similar will happen for TP? The circumstances are pretty much the same (n terms of release dates) as to the Oracle’s ability to use the GBA. In other words, if you put a Gamecube controller and the TP disk in the Revolution and somewhre there is a secret you can now find. Thanks for your time, CJ

Scott says:
I haven’t heard anything about such an addition to the game, but I’d say it’s very likely. Rest assured that if we find out, we’ll share that information with you all.

Camille wrote:
I heard that the release date of Zelda Twilight Princess got moved back to sometime in 2006. Is this true? Because I’ve already pre-ordered it at Best Buy… And the card says November 1st. What’s going on?

Scott says:
Oh yes, that’s quite true. Twilight Princess won’t be released until next year, April probably. Best Buy didn’t really know the release date, so they guessed, and they guessed wrong.

Solink wrote:
Hi,I’m Solink,And I just wanted to say you guys Rock!I’m a big fan of your site.And I just wanted to ask you two questions:
1.I know Zelda is the best,But are there other games you like,such as sonic the hedgehog,smash bros,or mario?
2.Are there going to be any Zelda games for revolution?

Scott says:
I like lots of games. Before I got into Zelda, I was a definite SEGA user, and Sonic all the way. Everyone who has a Gamecube has to have Smash Brothers…so that’s sort of a given to have. I also play lots of strategy games, on the PC, of course. Like Total Annihilation, the pinnacle of awesome for strategy. You can’t forget Star Wars in general, either.

There most certainly will be a Zelda game or two for the Revolution. How exactly they work, and when they’ll be released, remains to be seen, though.

Mike wrote:
Hey folks at ZU. I’ve been a huge fan of Zelda since the very beginning, but one thing has always remained ambiguous- pronounciation. Obviously we all know how to say, “Link,” but some names and words are still elusive. For instance, is Epona prounced “ee-POE-nuh,” or “AY-poe-nah?” Would the land of Termina be said as “Tare-MY-nuh,” or “Tur-ME-nah,” and on which syllable does the emphasis fall? There are too many specific instances to list them all, but I guess what I am really asking is this: Do you know where I can go to find some sort of pronounciation key/guide that may heal my confusion? It would just be nice to know. Thanks.

Scott says:
There is a bit of variation on how to say all the words, and I’m not too sure of any specific place that you can find pronunciation guides for all the words. I can tell you how I pronounce them. Epona I say as “ee poh nah” and Termina, well… I don’t really see how you can really vary too much, but “ter (like ‘her’) mi (as in min) nah.”

That’s all for this edition of Zelda Universe’s mailbag! Join me again next time for more interesting questions and answers, and keep sending those questions!