Welcome again to the Mailbag. It’s time for more speculation and begging for exclusive info, which, I am sorry to say, you probably won’t be getting too much of. Not yet, anyway!

LinkofPower wrote:
In March Nintendo said the game took place after Windwaker, and now in a trailer from IGN they say it is after Ocarina of Time. What’s your veiw on the chronological placing of this game, and do you think the Zelda in the cloak is the same Zelda from Ocarina of Time?

Scott says:
I also saw that information about the timeline placement of TP in a recent edition of EGM. I really don’t know what to think about it, so I’d say it would be best to wait and see when it all happens. Your guess is as good as mine. I would guess, though, that it is after Wind Waker, just because that’s what they said. But multiple sources say otherwise, so I could be quite wrong. As for who the Zelda is, I don’t think it’s the same person, any way you look at it.

Unknown wrote:
I’m so happy the mailbag is back! This site really does rock! And it seems to be the only site where I can look at all the officil Zelda movies released, anyway, onto the message:

Can we have a Poll of the day? Instead of keeping one on for ages? I go on Gamefaqs nearly every day just to look at the poll. I find it very interesting. And how about a big Zelda character battle? I know 75% of the peoples favourite Zelda character here is Link, but some people do like others.

Well, I’m a bit rushed for time here, and I don’t want to make the message to long, ‘cos I know your busy, Scott.

I’d greatly appreciate a reply.

And I’m ver glad the mailbag is back!

Scott says:
Yay for the mailbag.

The poll doesn’t get changed much because we never really have good ideas for a poll. “Who’s your favorite character” might be something to throw in if we have daily polls… but daily polls are pretty hard to pull off without having a heck of a lot of things to ask about. If people have ideas for poll questions, feel free to email me.

Sonny wrote:
I just love all the Zelda games cause im a Zelda fan.Do you think Twilight Princess will be bigger than The wind Waker????

I mean the owerworld.

waiting for an answer…

Scott says:
By ‘bigger,’ I assume you mean “more stuff.” Certainly. There’s bound to be more things around than vast open spaces of nothing. Whether or not it is larger in area is of little consequence, so long as there are more things to be done. That always makes things seem bigger.

Awkin wrote:
Hello again, Scott.

In responce to last week’s awnser to the my question in the same mailbag, I beleive that the sword reffered to in the intro was the Four Sword and not the master sword…

Could Medli’s harp bear any resembleance to shiek’s harp of OoT?

And in the OoA time-travelling movie-thingy the beam of light progects a pattern around Link’s feet, this is the same as the warp-to-the-dungeon-boss portal of MM. Any significance?

And, briefly, do you think that the giant’s Double-whipped-cream-fountain is actually another dimension, off Termina?

Again, Your views are much appreciated.

/- X/ |< | ||

Scott says:
I suppose it is the four sword, but I don’t think that’s all that important

I’m sure the harp could have some relation. Gift to a sage from Princess Zelda would be the most likely thing. Then again, harps don’t necessarily have to look unique. I am less inclined to believe that there is a significance of they symbol in OoA & MM. There are, now and then, symbols that appear throughout the Zelda series, for the sole reason (I think) to keep up the “Zelda feel” to some extent.

I think the fountain thing in Majora’s Mask was more of a dream-state than another dimension. I suppose it could be a spiritual realm, akin to the light realm where the Triforce resides in relation to Hyrule. In fact, that may very well be what it was. Hyrule has the light realm, and Termina has…that.

Linda wrote:
Dear Scott,
I have noticed that ZU has a very impressive art gallery of what us fans have drawn and panted. It is filled with awesome pictures and is well organized. I would like to see more of this on ZU and give some praise to the artists on there fine work. Hopefully someday when a new peice of art arrives it will announced on the site so all of us fans can see. It can even hold us over while waiting for the next Zelda game release(maybe).
Sorry for the long message.

Can people write articles or stuff like that on the site, not like Behind the Rupees or anything but like those small articles, and if so how. Sorry it’s so long I’m new at this.

Scott says:
Long is okay. I get the feeling people prefer to read something that actually has content and thought rather than “IS ZLEDA GON BE GON?”

The Fanart section is controlled by the users who create the art you see. Users may join and upload their art for the world to see. We don’t directly control what is there, and new things arrive all the time. Check now and again, and there will be more things. Articles are not often added, but if you, or anyone, writes something that you just must share with the world, you may, of course, post it on the forums, where many people will view it and discuss. You could also, I suppose, send an article to me, if you think it is really, really good, and I might add it to the site, but I will not guarantee anything.

Kirby Air Ride wrote:
Dear ZU,
Okay, I have two questions:
1) What’s the Bombers Notebook for? I don’t see any point in collecting all the stickers before you kill Majora. Is there a special ending at the credits or what?
2) I’m just wondering, what exactly do you do with the little kitties in TP? I saw a pic in of Link holding one and (of course) we all saw the movie with him running away from the cats. Do you suppose you get to beat up a poor cat and it’ll fight back, just like the cuccos?
Thank you for your time.
See ‘ya!
Kirby Air Ride

Scott says:
The Bombers’ Notebook helps you figure out when and how to do all the side quests, most of which you get some sort of reward for, whether it’s a heart piece, or another mask. More heart containers are always good, so I don’t think I need to explain that. If you get all of the masks before you go fight Majora, you can get the Fierce Diety Mask, which is a rather cool transformation mask. I’m not really sure if the ending changes or not, since I waited until I had all the masks & completed all (or nearly all) the Bombers’ Notebook.

I have to admit that I have no idea whatsoever what the significance of the cats are. As much as I would love to be, I am not privy to unreleased information about the games. I don’t think the cats will replace cuccos, though.

Christopher wrote:
Hello ZU! I see it’s been a long time since the “Link in Love” section had been updated. I have read through a lot of it, and by the look of it, it seems that there is no definite girl for Link! I would just like to give my opinion supporting Zelda and Link in love.

1. The game is name Legend of Zelda. And the main characters are Link and Zelda.
2. Zelda (Tetris form) has a picture of Link in her ships cabin.
3. Zelda is the only consistent character throughout the games (other than link).

Also I have a sort of theory on the Link – Zelda time line. I believe that they are interrelated, but very, very distantly. What could happen is the “Game Link & Zelda” or the Zelda and Links the games portray fall in love and eventually marry. Then their children would eventually multiply and become very distant in relation for a while. Then when the next crisis comes around, the decedents of the original Link & Zelda would meet again by destiny and start it all over again. Well, that’s my theory. What do you think?

Thanks for you time!

Scott says:
The “Link in Love” section was written by Trahald, who has fallen off the face of the Internet, and that’s why that, as well as the rest of the articles section has not been updated in a long time.

Just because the name of the game is Zelda, and the main character doesn’t mean they get together. Making that assumption, what would come of something like “Dumb & Dumber”? The picture in Tetra’s cabin, as far as I know, is a picture of the Hero of Time, just as there is a statue of him in the Hyrule Castle. That in itself is not significant, as it is similar to having a portrait of a war hero in some quasi-military organization. Just because Zelda is always there does not mean that she’s going to always get together with Link. Sure, there are a few cases in the series, but not necessarily all of them, or Ocarina of Time.

I don’t really know what to say about that last theory… Seems… strange. I would like to point out though, not all Links are related. Waker of Winds being the most obvious, since it is explicitly said there is no connection.

King_Dodongo wrote:
I’m confused about something. If Wind Waker took place a hundred (or however many) years after the Ocarina of Time, how come Tingle is still around? Plus, if Tingle was supposedly living in Termina at first, how come he’s seen around in the now-flooded Hyrule?

Great site… keep it up…


Scott says:
Well, to answer the first question, I would say that the original Tingle either somehow reproduced, or he got a follower, and the tradition was carried on.

Tingle seemed to be a rather resourceful fool, so he probably found his way into Hyrule at some point, and just never left (or he got a follower there who stayed in Hyrule).

Nathan S. wrote:
Hey. I just wanted ask you if you have the same hunch I do. Frankly, TP looks and sounds as though it will be on multiple GC discs, and, with the delay, will be coming out after most of the next-gen systems. Frankly, I’m wondering if Nintendo is thinking it would be eaiser – and better for business – if they released TP for the Revolution.

Just a thought.

Nathan S.

Scott says:
It is very possible that Twilight Princess will be on multiple disks. That wouldn’t bother me at all.

I do not think that it would be ‘better for business’ to release it for the Revolution, though. There isn’t really an advantage to that. As it is, I believe it will still be released before the Revolution, and converting the game to be run on the control system that they have shown for it would be very difficult. It could be argued that the game could simply use a conventional control, but it would be stupid to convert a game to be incompatible with the Gamecube and then not make it any better for it. It would not be cost effective, either. So no, there is no chance that it will be released as a game for the Revolution.

That’s all for this week. I do have a few more questions that I want to check on before answering, but keep on submitting those questions, and I’ll do my best to have the next mailbag out sooner than this one was.