Welcome, welcome! After quite a while, here’s the mailbag once more, bringing you all the information I happen to know in response to your many and varying questions. I would like to appologize for not updating the mailbag for so long once again, and offer a brief explanation. If you don’t wish to read it, skip down to the next boldface writing. All summer, I had a job (yes, a job!) that involved not having much time on computers. So, I couldn’t work on them. I asked another member of the staff to make a few, but it seems that the email account used for the purpose vanished sometime during the early months of the summer, and no one bothered to replace it until this past week when I decided that the mailbag should ride again. Hopefully, now that I have multiple computers dedicated to my purposes, I will have opportunities to continue the mailbag (as well as other updates) on a regular basis. With that information passed on, to the questions!

Mynameisnotfry wrote:
I don’t know about everyone else but I had the delay news broken to me by a cheery, automated computer voice from Gamestop, over the phone. After my spirits fell straight into the fire and I slammed the phone, I wondered why. We now know that the developers want to add more levels and such. When we hear more “levels” in a game, we automatically think stages or in a Zelda game, dungeons or quests. Well, I think they mean levels of detail, or textures. It doesn’t necessarily mean more gameplay. Honestly I think some of the enemies and other objects look rather flat, for examples the trees look more like a N64 in some areas. I’m not very sure at all but with all of the interviews it sounded like TP was really utilizing everything that the gamecube had to offer. Now they’re saying its going to be EVEN bigger and better so why keep it on the gamecube? 2006 release for TP…2006 release for Nintendo Revolution…perhaps Nintendo realized that in order to compete with Sony and Microsoft they would need to hit so hard it might actually make Bill Gates’ nose bleed. What better way than to release Twilight Princess with the Nintendo Revolution? What do you think ZU?

Scott says:
I think that my wallet says “Oh please, please, please be on the GameCube.” Apart from that, it wouldn’t really be a bad thing, I suppose. However, it is not a simple matter to switch a game’s primary platform. Early in development, sure, it can be done very quickly. But in the case of a game such as Twilight Princess, the game is nearly complete, and it has been developed to be on the Nintendo GameCube. Even though the Revolution is, they say, reverse compatable with the GameCube games, I doubt that switching the game to be on the Revolution would be a simple matter. It is more likely, therefore, that they are simply adding more dungeons, or, as you said, more detail (or both) to the game, for a release on the GameCube. The last major title for it, I’m sure. That’ll make it go out with a bang.

ZoraLink123 wrote:
I can’t beleve it! We thought it comes out November! But i heard that there is a new release date, March 2006! I hope they change it back soon.

Scott says:
Oh, I can believe it. It’s the way all game companies work. They announce the game, a projected release date, and just keep moving it back. It happens with systems, too. It doesn’t, however, work in the opposite way. I have never heard of any company releasing a game earlier than a date they say.

Ezlo wrote:
So, we know that the Triforce is made up of three parts – Courage, Power, and Wisdom. And we know that each of these corrosponds to a key Zelda character – respectively Link, Ganon, and Zelda.

But in ALttP, Ganon has “the” Triforce, and it is three gold triangles. Is that the Triforce of Power, or the whole Triforce? And when it says that Link has the Triforce of Courage, Zelda has wisdom, etc, does that mean that each have one gold triangle? Or do they each have their own three gold triangles? And what would happen if the triangles all got put together? And does one triangle of the Triforce grant a wish?

Scott says:
Well, something to keep in mind about all these things is that they were not all that definate about the whole Triforce thing before Ocarina of Time. It was rather difficult…

As for your question, I would say that the Triforce in A Link to the Past is basically three Triforce looking things, each containing three triangles. When you bring them all together, each of the little Triforces become a solid triangle and make The Triforce. At least, that would be the easiest explanation for what we are shown and told. So, the Penants that you must get in A Link to the Past are the three triangles.

I would guess that the individual portions of the Triforce do not grant a wish, at least, not a concious one. The bearer of the Triforce of Power seems to gain more power, the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom seems to be more wise, and the Triforce of Courage makes the bearer more Courageous. I’d say Link got screwed in that deal, if you ask me.

Nicholas wrote:
Dear ZU, I am a die hard fan of Zelda and ZU. And I’d like to ask ZU, what came out first? “Majora’s Mask” or “The Oracle Series?” I mean I see that in ZU’s line of games that “MM” is before but in the retrospect in “The Legend Of Zelda Collector’s Edition” it show that “MM” came after “The Oracle Series.” Which one comes first? Your fan, Nicholas.

Scott says:
Well, I just double checked the information here at ZU, as well as elsewhere (just to make sure that our perfectly correct information is perfectly correct), and Majora’s Mask was released first, in October of 2000, and the Oracle games were released in May of 2001. However, Majora’s Mask was also released after, since it was in the Zelda Collectors’ Edition for GameCube, and with Master Quest, I believe.

Awkin wrote:
Hi Scott, welcome back.

1.In the timeline section of the site, the ‘Four swords semi-timeline’ is kept separate, but I think that it could be before Oot;
1a.Aonuma’s note MC SPOILERS* About ezlo’s gift of a hat at the end shaping the hats to come END MC SPOILERS*
1b.THe fact that the triforce is not mentioned.
2.But it is more likely that it comes sometime between OoT and TWW:
2a. The Picori could be some stage of the kokiri’s mad evolution pace, half-way between Kokiri and Korok, I think that this would fit, The forest is in the same place.
2b. The wind tribe could just be the predecessor of the Rito, They returned to land just before the Zoras left, Laruto’s bloodline maybe being ceased by the great pollution of the waters of Labbryna.
2c.The Hylians have the same build(Large torsos, SHort, mangled-looking legs) THat the citizens of THe great sea had.
I would appreciate your views and evidence against my theories.PLease remember that i was only peculating.

/- X/ |< | ||

Scott says:
It’s good to be back. Toiling away without notice. Loads of fun.

While I was not the one who made the timeline, I think it is just fine having Four Swords separate like that. The reason is that those games were made by Capcom, and did not very well fit with the Nintendo in-house games (meaning all the rest, aside from the Oracles). Therefore, their timeline doesn’t line up very well with the rest.

However, if you must try to fit them all into the same timeline, I would say that your ideas are fairly good. The hat point is probably the best one, though. The Triforce not being mentioned does not imply that a game goes before or after any game. It could simply be an interlude, so that idea doesn’t do much. I don’t think that the Picori have any relation whatsoever to the Kokiri. It makes even less sense than switching to being Koroks. Besides, the Kokiri were not the ones who created the Master Sword. They had a little dagger thing that Link happens to use when he’s a kid. The Wind Tribe was, as far as I can tell, human. So, they would not be a transition between Zora and Rito, or anything of the sort. As for the ‘build’ of the Hylians, I don’t think taking into account animation styles (or spriting styles, in this case) can do much for finding connections, apart from linking them as games in a series with a similar style.

So, in conclusion, while I think it is better to leave them out of the timeline, the most plausable place is probably before Ocarina of Time, if you must put it in. It is all up for debate, and not a small amount of guessing.

Kirby Air Ride wrote:
Dear ZU,
Hi, sorry to take your time but I was wondering what happened to the interactive story and the humor section. I apoligize if this question has been answered before.
See ‘ya!
Kirby Air Ride

Scott says:
To be honest, I don’t really know. The humor section which we had was never updated at all, so it never got anything new. Not only that, but the jokes were awful. I suppose, however, that I could make a humor section reappear, and maybe even get some new things up, if some where to come into my knowledge or posession.

The interactive story is, for now, dead. That too I could try to restart, but not until I know just how much time I will have between my University courses and everything else. So… maybe there will be something in a week or two, and maybe it is gone for a while.

Intas wrote:

Why does lord-of-shadow’s name now half of the time appear as “hyde” on the site, but the other half as good ol’ “lord-of-shadow”? Is he going through a name change? Cause “hyde” just sounds stupid.


Scott says:
I’m sorry… I don’t quite know what you’re talking about. I don’t know that l-o-s has ever changed is name on the forums, and if ever something of his appeared with that name on the main site, it was a glitch in Mambo. Those happen from time to time. One day, for example, Mambo told me that all the newsposts were made by a ‘&moo’ or something to that effect. I have never seen the name ‘hyde’ around ZU, though.

lf9 wrote:
With all this news as of late, and all the rumors of TP, I thought I’d ask you to tell us whats been proven true, and whats a big fake. Thank you.

Scott says:
Well, it would have made my job easier if you had asked ‘which of these things are true?’ And then listed a bunch of stuff… But let’s see what I can scrounge out of my mind here…

Link does, in fact, become a wolf. There is no doubt there at all. As a wolf, he’s ridden by a girl looking thing. The game will not be released in 2005, despite what they’ve been saying forever. That’s no surprise to me. There are lots of things in the game. That’s a fact. How much ‘lots’ is remains to be seen, however.

Since I haven’t been closely watching the rumor mill recently, I don’t know what wild and crazy stories have been drifting around. Ask something specific next time, and I’ll see what I can find out.

LinkofPower wrote:
I have read about Midna and they said when she is out of the twilight realm she is in the most basic form of existance. What do you think?
I have an insane,but (almost) reasonable assumption: she could be Navi or Tatl. Crazy huh?

Scott says:
That is a possibility. I don’t think, however, that ‘the most basic form of existance’ means being a fairy. She may serve the same purpose, though. I think it means she is simply there, immaterial. Although, that wouldn’t be very basic…would it? It could mean she drifts on into the head of Link, where she exists as an independent thought process or something. Now, that would be a weird feeling.

Z&GS wrote:
I was wondering why Zelda and Link are left-handed. I know you can’t give me any official reasoning, but I was wondering if, since the triforce is on your left hand, if that is a trait you have. I am not sure if Gannon is lefthanded, but he probally is. You can tell Zelda is left-handed because in the Twilight Princess official art. Is there some Jappense legend about a left-handed hero? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
Oh and great site!

Scott says:
I have heard that Shigeru Miyamoto is left handed. That is one possible reason. I had never heard of a legend of a left-handed hero, or anything of the sort, so I did some net searching, and found… nothing. So, that means that the most likely answer is that the creator of Zelda is left handed.

Intas says:

What happened? The moment Lars left, everything whent dead. No more updates on TP, no more mailbags, no more BtR, no more anything. Well, I can’t blame you, Scottie, cause you had other work, but where’s the new owner Lee and the new webmaster, Jason?
I’ve been forced to turn to other sites for my info which I do not like. I always loved ZU’s reliable and thorough informational updates, but now I’m asking, “Where has the great ZU gone?”


Scott says:
There really hasn’t been much to say about TP recently… but I do know what you mean. Lee will never be as active with the site as Lars, and that is why Jason has been made a webmaster, along with me. Now that I’m back around, I’ll do my best to get things rolling, I promise.

The Great Zelda Universe Network has not left the building. It is still right here, working to provide you with all the Zelda info you need!

Well, That does it for this week. I hope I have helped spread some knowledge around…or something, and keep sending those questions in!