Welcome to this week’s edition of the ZU mailbag. As always, there’s lots questions, most about the new Zelda, of course.

Mido wrote:
I know you guys don’t normally get negative feedback(mostly because your site is the best Zelda site ever!), but I got a little complaint.
When I heard “Gren’s Mail Bag” was coming back to Planet Mega-Man, I was estatic. Then when I heard that ZU’s Mailbag was coming back, I was happy too(finally! This’ll be a great Zelda Mailbag. . .I’ve been waiting for this!). But, personally, I don’t like ZU’s Mailbag. Nothing against Scott or anything, but it’s not entertaining or fun to read. The questions that you pick to answer are dry and boring. . .most of them are the same questions, too. I’m not saying you should become a wise-crackin’ genius like Gren where you just tear apart the people that submit their questions to you and everyone has a good laugh, but don’t you think you could put some energy into your reply? Some life? Some character?
Sorry if this bothers you. Just making my comment. Yours is still the best ZU site out there.


P.S. I don’t think LoZGC will come out this October. . .I’m betting it’ll come out earlier. . .sorry for the stereo-typical LoZGC comment. . .I know that every other question in the Mailbag is about LoZGC. . . XP

Scott says:
Everyone gets feedback of all kinds, negative included. We are no exception. Although, I have come to associate negative feedback with idiots who say things like “OMG!! Yuo guyz r teH suXXorz!!11!1 lolomg!!”

I admit, I haven’t been all that entertaining. I’ll try to fix that. However, I will not outright insult people. There is no use in that, and I don’t feel that that is the way this mailbag should be approached.

Game companies never say a game is going to come out later than it really will. If anything, it will be much later than what they suggest… Just because that’s what all the companies love to do.

Aethos wrote:
Well I’ve been coming to this site a lot and I’ve always felt it was the best Zelda site on the web. I especially enjoy reading the articles and I also feel that your timeline is the most accurate from the many timeline theories that I’ve seen on the web. But now that I’ve started playing through the games in order according to the ZU timeline I’ve got a question.

Currently I’m on Majora’s Mask so it’s obvious that the Wind Waker occures right afterwards. But my question is where does 4 Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap come into play?

I got the impression that maybe both games take place in between The Wind Waker and A Link to the Past since the box art shows Link from The Wind Waker, however, I’m not entirely sure so I’d like to hear ZU’s opinion on where the newest Zelda games fit in. If that would be at all possible.


Scott says:
At this point, I can honestly say I have no idea. I can say with some certainty that The Minish Cap takes place before the Four Swords games, but what relation they have to the other games is beyond me. So, I’d say your guess is as good as mine.

Peter wrote:
Dear ZU,
IF memory serves me right, we had much more information on the Wind Waker a few months before it’s launch. So far, we know basically nothing about this game, and for all we know, it could launch in three months. Three months before the Wind Waker release (March 25? going from memory), we had that game’s title, and more. What’s up? And also in response to the October release. Would Nintendo release this game after making fans wait a year on nothing, then another half a year after they have the game finished? It doesn’t make sense to me. Oh well, I’m probably just over eager. Sorry about the long email.

Scott says:
We don’t actually know the game is complete, despite what has been said in interviews. We also really have no idea when the game will be released. So, with the extreme absence of information on the new Zelda for Gamecube, it is logical to assume that the game will not be released in three months. In fact, in a recent interview, Aonuma said that the game will be released in Japan near the end of 2005. So that is certainly longer than 3 months.

Matt wrote:

Okay, now that that’s out of my system… 😉

Here’s my theory on the timeline: There isn’t one except where games are obviously related. Maybe each game set is it’s own Hyrule not related to any of the others. Until OoT Nintendo didn’t even try to keep to a timeline so why try to add in their previous games? It was never meant to be.

And one last thing. The span between OoT and TWW is hundreds of years, says so right in the game :-P. There, that puts that to rest ;-).

Scott says:
That is very likely. But people love to theorize about how the games are related. There are, certainly, references in the games to each other, such as what you mentioned, and LoZ & AoL.

The time span… The real answer to that is lost in translation.

KAZ wrote:
Hey guys again.

To answer your question Scott about where the Gerudos went in my timeline theory, I have one right here. After OoT and MM, the Gerudos were left with no Male heir, as I stated before. They were disgraced and decided to go into hiding. So they kind of disappeared for the WW, MC, and FS. They would only return when they had enough power and honor to show their faces again – when a new male heir was born. Thats my theory.

Now as for Zelda GC. I have an interesting theory of the storyline in this game. Remember the Great War, explained in the intro of LttP? Well, I think this is a re-telling of this Great War. How do I come to this? After watching the trailer and numerous reports, a war is obviously brewing. If this is indeed the Great War, then this may actually be the 1st game in the Zelda Timeline, since OoT’s Link is the son of a Hylian soldier during the Great War. Now, I always recognize where my theories are inconsistent. If this is indeed the Great War, then Link should only be a child, and his parents left him in the care of the Great Deku Tree in the Kokiri Forest. But we see an adult Link in the trailers. This can mean only two things: 1. There is another unaccounted Link before the Hero of Time Link; Or 2. This is a ‘reliving’ of the Great War by an already accounted Link, probably the Hero of Time. When I say ‘reliving’ this can mean many things. Maybe a breach in time, as has been used in the series many times, or maybe a ‘dream’ type game like in LA. Nintendo can achieve this goal in may different ways.

Scott says:
The Gerudo still had to go somewhere… But that works, I suppose.

Any speculation on the new Zelda for Gamecube is, at this point, fan fiction and nothing more. There is no way to tell at all. If that is indeed the ‘great war,’ the Hero of Time should be either an unborn child, or a infant. Therefore, if it were to be that war, it would not be that Link. However, I don’t think it will be the ‘great war.’ In fact, I don’t think it will be a war at all.

Liz wrote:
I heard that the next zelda game coming out will be rated T for Teens. Is that true? Also, why are you calling it LoZGC if that’s not the real title?

Scott says:
The rumor is that it will be a T rated game. Nothing is confirmed, of course. We call it LoZGC as an abbreviation because it is a Legend of Zelda game for Gamecube, and there is no title released, so it is the simplest abbreviation that makes sense at the present time.

Kristi wrote:
Hello, long time fan of Zelda Universe, thanks for all the hard work you put into this site. Anyways, I was just wondering it you guys know about the Watarara Race of Hyrule? They appear in an extra chapter of the Toki no Ocarina (OoT) Manga and if you see them then you can see a striking resemblance to the Rito tribe of the Wind Waker. If you have seen these people then what do you think could’ve happened to them during the period leading up to the Wind Waker. They are obviously very much like Rito people yet somehow they were supposed to have merged with the Zora’s? Any theories?

Scott says:
I’ve never read the manga for OoT, or any other game. I also hadn’t planned on it. I don’t consider the manga to be relevent to the Zelda series at all. They are simply fan fictions that are actually published, and I give them as much weight in what I think about occurances as any other fan fiction–nothing.

Sam wrote:
In the interview with Eiji Aonuma, he reveals that LoZGC is a part of the tWW episode which most have believed, but the game could still follow a part of OoT because you say yourself in the Feb. 2, 2005 mailbag that “As far as I know, Nintendo has never released a full timeline for the Zelda series. The only games that they have clearly connected are OoT, MM, and tWW.” So correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t the game be placed anywhere in that series, and Aonnuma was only trying to throw us off. I dunno maybe I’m crazy. Well, thanks for your time.

Scott says:
In the most recent interview, Aonuma stated that the new Zelda will take place after tWW. “The next grand Zelda game, which follows chronologically after the Wind Waker…”

Daniel wrote:
I know that the CDi Zelda games are often ridiculed by fans, but I want to complete my collection of Zelda games. I have the first two CDi games but still need a copy of Zelda’s Adventure. I’ve tried e-bay, but whenever it comes up it seems to go for a ridiculously high price. Is it even possible to get a reasonably priced copy, or should I give up?

Scott says:
You know… I really never looked into the CDi games. I don’t think they’re worth the materials they were printed on, but that’s just my thought. I don’t think the CDi games are all that common of a product to pick up, eBay is your best bet… but since you already tried, I have no suggestions.

Mystic Monkey wrote:
Can you start a new section or page on the items you can find in Hyrule? I have the first Zelda game for GameBoy Advance SP and notice that new heart spaces come in one container while in all the 3D games I have played all the heart pieces just look like heart pieces but after defeating Goht the guardian of the Snowhead temple I thought I read that the item I had was not a Heart Piece but a Heart Container, they look alike to me and cannot tell the difference, can you help?

Scott says:
A heart container is the thing that increases your life by one heart. A heart piece, which exists in most of the games, are items that you have to collect several of before you gain another heart (container). In the later games, you need four heart pieces to equal one heart container.

Gregorias wrote:
There are many assumptions one can make after reading the recent news on the next installment in the Zelda franchise. The most immediate information on the game was the statement by Aonuma where he claimed that the game would take place after the Wind Waker in the Zelda timeline. I will henceforth list a couple of ideas of what to expect from the next Zelda game knowing this information. Read on at your own caution. The horse seen in the trailer will most likely not be Epona. Since The Wind Waker takes place hundreds of years later than Ocarina of Time, it is highly unlikely Epona is the horse Link appears to be riding in “Zelda 2005”. This is most likely the Link from Wind Waker matured and grown up. The next game will either take place in an entirely new land, (the new land Link and Tetra set out for at the end of Wind Waker) or the game will take place in old Hyrule, and the Ocean would have had to be drained. My assumption is that this will be an entirely new quest with a new plot, but thats just me. Sorry that this is not really a question, but I thought I would just post all this stuff, just stating the obvious. It’s more of a speculation than anything.

Scott says:
Those are reasonable assumptions. There is no reason at all to refute anything you suggested, at this point.

That concludes this week’s edition of the Zelda Universe mailbag. Thanks for reading, and keep submitting those questions!