Welcome to this week’s edition of the ZU mailbag! This week, as expected, there are a bunch of questions relating to the upcoming Zelda for Gamecube. There are also, thrown in here and there, other, possibly more innovative, questions. Read on, and enjoy.

ItsMeMario wrote:
Who is ganon and who is ganondorf i am CONFUSED in all the games his name changes

Scott says:
Ganon is the large pig-thing from the old Zelda games, as well as the final boss in Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf is the man version of Ganon, namely the principle enemy of Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker, although in The Wind Waker, he is called Ganon, probably just to confuse you.

Lupus wrote:
Hey Scott,

I’ve noticed in some previous mailbags that people are confused about what happened to the Gerudos between OoT and tWW. The only thing that no-one seems to have taken to account is Tetra’s remark early in the Wind Waker. When Link and the pirates arrive at the Forsaken Fortress, Tetra calls Link up to the crows nest and tells him about the fortress. If memory serves me correctly, doesn’t she say that a band of rival pirates used to use it as their base of operations? If so, then she’s referring to one of two possible groups:

1) The Gerudo Pirates from Termina are a possibility. If you thought that however, you’d have to assume that the Great Sea covers not only Hyrule, but Termina as well. That would also explain why the postal worker on Dragon Roost Island bears a striking resemblance to the Clock Town postman in MM. There will have had to have been some crossbreeding somewhere down the line, but the less said on that subject the better… Still, thats just a thing Nintendo does. Not to confuse us I think, but to remind us of the fun we had in previous games.

2) Of course, Tetra could just be talking about the pirates of the Ghost Ship. That’s probably the common assumption. The evidence is all there: the Fortress its self has two halves of a ship around it. I assume that what became the Ghost Ship was a normal one that was defeated in a battle for tenancy of the Forsaken Fortress… However, the Ghost Pirates themselves were never seen, so it’s possible that they were originally the Terminian Gerudo Pirates. Why would Ganon kill his old allies?(or their parallel dimension counterparts?) Probably because the Triforce of Power gave him legions of monsters. When you have actual embodiments of evil that ask no questions to command at your disposal, you don’t really need humans on your side. And if you’re evil like Ganon, you wont mind setting them on a few old relatives.

Sorry about the ridiculously long email. Maybe its helped people reach the next step to understanding everything in the Zelda Universe (oh, nice site by the way), maybe it’s just caused more confusion. God bless Speculation!


Scott says:
If you will remember, Termina is an alternate dimension from Hyrule, so the occurances in Hyrule likely do not affect Termina. Similarly, the pirates in Termina are the equivolent of the Gerudo, and probably wouldn’t shift dimensions. It is very possible that the Gerudo become pirates with the flooding of the land, though.

Ganon wouldn’t have an issue killing the Gerudo since they aren’t his allies. In Ocarina of Time, Nabooru, the female leader of the Gerudo, went against Ganondorf, and if she goes against him, so goes most of the Gerudo with her.

Muntasir Jamma wrote:
Hey ZU!
I’m a new member of this site and I just got to say this site is so amazing! I’ve recently heard about this ‘mail bag’, so I got a intresting question (from my view).
Do you actually think this Zelda online game sound good? From my view it look really good at the momment. Make your own characters sounds smart for the zelda game, but in from a different angle don’t u think it’s a bit dissapointing. I’m not saying it is though. Also going out in a journey in a group? Link goes alone most of the time… well link is not in that game anymore… or is he?
PS: I like your site soo much!!

Scott says:
I’d say that any MMORPG based on the Zelda series wouldn’t be a Zelda game. The idea of Zelda is there is one person, a young boy specifically, facing all kinds of seemingly insurmountable evils alone. With a MMORPG, it is not alone, and there is no longer that sense of singular courage that you get from the idea of what Link is doing. I’d have to say that the way Zelda games unfold simply would not work well with an online RPG style. So, I think the very idea of a Zelda MMORPG is silly.

Mea wrote:
Hey ZU!

In the last mailbag you talked a little about the time- 100 years after the Ocarina of Time. I always thought 1000, but 100 years isn’t so unreasonable. Can I use the bible as an example? In the Bible it took less then a year for it to flood, and if they asked older people to go up to the mountains (say in thier 30’s) they would have kids, die around 80, and if they decided they didn’t want to tell their kids about all the people that died so that they could live. I mean in Hyrule there is only death mountain. Not everyone could fit up there and so the selected few who went up there told their kids, they might think their kids would get an unhealthy sense of pride, becasue they were chosen and the dead people weren’t. Not to mention they would try to find the lost city of Hyrule. Plus mabey they were orderd by the gods not to tell their kids. Just some thoughts. Sorry it is so long.

Scott says:
In order for that to work, they’d have to develop a new language very quickly. I’m not saying it’s impossible, though. As I’ve said before, what they really meant is lost in translation.

Liz wrote:
I beated my TMC game and found this Triforce symbol on my file. Two months later, and I STILL can’t figure out what that stupid symbol means. What the heck does it mean ZU?!?

Scott says:
The symbol means you beat the game, so you’re special. I’ve checked with our resident Minish Cap expert, Jason, and he says that there’s nothing more to it.

ZeldaDX wrote:
Do you know if there are gonna be other enemies in LoZGC? So far we know there are gonna be Bokoblins, Moblins, Lizafos, and something that can only be described as “the Balrog’s little bro.” Do you have an idea on what the other Zelda enemies might be? I’m just asking ’cause I wanna know more about the new Zelda game.

Scott says:
It is reasonable to assume that there will be new incarnations of most Zelda enemies, such as octoroks, Iron Knuckles, angry fish, birds that try to eat your money, likelikes, et cetera.

forteshadow wrote:
In the Minish Cap, is Vaati the same wind mage guy as the Vaati from Four Swords?

Scott says:
Yes. The Minish Cap is the prequal to Four Swords. In Four Swords, it explains that Vaati was imprisoned by a young boy, and that is what happens in The Minish Cap.

ZeldaDX wrote:
Dear ZU,
Tonight, when I was visiting ZU, I noticed that some of the comments were deleted. For example, I was pretty sure that in the April Fools section(you know, the one with that fake screen shot of Link and that Kargoroc), there were 86 comments, not 84. And I think in The Ol’ Mailbag section, there were 47 comments, and now there are 42. I’m not sure if someone deleted those comments on purpose or by accident, but if you don’t really know or care about comments being deleted (I mean if it ether means you, ZU, deleted those comments for some unknown reason, or if there’s an error somewhere in the computer or the website), it means two things: 1. It’s just me, and 2. You can now delete this e-mail. P.S. Please don’t call me crazy for sending this e-mail! P.P.S. If you don’t understand this e-mail, all it means is that I’m worried that there is an error deleting comments here at ZU.

Scott says:
We periodically delete useless, spammy, or offensive comments. There is no need for comments like that to remain, nor is there any reason to worry about the missing comments. Thanks for your concern, though.

Nathan wrote:
I just wanted to ask your opinion of Wind Waker. I personally didn’t like it that much. The graphics were fine, and the gameplay was entertaining even if it wasn’t that difficult. The problem was with the length of the game. Let’s just say that with Zelda on Gamecube, I expected something a little more…epic. The four dungeons in that game just didn’t cut it for me. I found myself asking Nintendo what the crap they were thinking. I also found replayability to be very low. Anyway, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on this game as well.

Scott says:
Personally, I liked Wind Waker. It was certainly wanting in number of dungeons, and interest of finding the Triforce pieces, but it was overall very entertaining to me. When I first got it, I thought “Wow, sailing!” since I am completely obsessed with sailing, but I was saddened to see that the sailing system is rather off. Even still, I liked the idea.

Nintendo wanted a Zelda game out, that’s what they were thinking about it. Zelda is a game series that is sure to bring in money, no matter what, so it’s sensable to get one out, even if it is a bit rushed. With luck, that ‘epic’ feel you were looking for will arrive with the next Zelda.

forest minish wrote:
During my week of playing the minish cap it occured to me how much sense Vatti’s curse had power over Ezlo. According to the game Ezlo created the hat that gave Vatti his power so wh does the cap have power over him. If Ezlo created the cap through his magic should he not have the ability to control it’s powers?

Scott says:
Ezlo created the hat, yes. But the power of the had was meant to be weilded by someone good, who would not abuse it, and Ezlo apparently didn’t make a remote control. If he had, there really wouldn’t be a game, now would there?

Termina Scott wrote:
Ok I assume somebody has already brought up this topic before but the fact is…I wasn’t around and this might be a nice break from all of the LoZGC questions you’ve been bombarded with. So, my question is-Is Nintendo trying to pull a fast one with Talon or is it just a coincidence that he looks(and acts) like Mario. I will now bring forth my defense. First of all his overall appearance-his dark brown hair, mustache, blue overalls and red shirt(classic mario gear). As far as I’m concerned he might as well wear a red cap with an “M” on it. Secondly his farmhand Ingo looks a heck of a lot like Luigi-tall, lanky, brown hair and mustache. Hey Talon and Ingo look like they could possibly be related 😉 Thirdly, Talon’s earlier counterpart Tarin from Link’s awakening liked mushrooms…that ladies and gentlemen (in my opinion) takes the cake. Of course there are obvious differences such as Talon having a daughter(who I thought kind of looked like Princess Peach-in a way-must be the hairstyle), and talon owning Lon Lon ranch and not being a plumber..or not living on an island…etc. But the truth is that somebody somewhere consciously or in a subliminal manner must have connected this. If they snuck link into Mario RPG, then its not impossible to make a LOZ character look like Mario. What do you think?

Scott says:
Talon, Malon, and Ingo (as well as their earlier incarnations Tarin and Marin) are meant to be very similar to Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Nintendo loves to put little references in their games to other games, the portrait of Mario in Hyrule Castle is another example in Ocarina of Time. If you take a close look at Malon, you will notice that she has a pin with a bowser symbol on it. That’s another obvious reference to the Mario games.

JediAnn Solo wrote:
Dear Mailbag,

I’m not very sure if this theory has been discussed before in the site. If so, then I’m sorry for sounding repetitive.

But when I watch the trailers for the next GameCube Zelda and notice that most of the action shown takes place in the forest, my thoughts turn back to The Wind Waker. I think the deku trees that Link plants in the separate mission might have to do with that.

Also, there’s the ghosts of what appear to be Hyrule soliders in the trailer. That could hint that this game takes place in the Hyrule of OoT. Because of that, I’m really holding the ‘trees drain the ocean’ idea strong. It seems a bit incredulous, yeah. But what are your thoughts about that?

JediAnn Solo

Scott says:
The koroks were going around planting trees to create land, so it does make sense to think that it may have some connection to the apparent abundance of trees in the new Zelda.

I didn’t really think about what exactly the undead things were, as I was caught up in the “ooo… pretty” thought at that point. But I suppose that could be possible. I don’t think this will be the Hyrule from Ocarina of Time, though. At the end of Wind Waker, that Hyrule is washed away, it ceases to be, and Aonuma said that this next Zelda takes place chronologically after Wind Waker. Therefore, it really couldn’t be the same Hyrule. You never know until the game appears, though…

Kartik wrote:
In the the new trailer for the new Legend of Zelda game, Link seems to be using a 2 swords (obviously not at the same time!) One sword has a blue handle while the other has a brown handle. Could one be the master sword? In the first trailer its very obvious that Link’s sword has a brown handle, and now in the new trailer he has a sword with a blue handle. What do u guys think?

Scott says:
It could very well be the Master Sword. It could also be a pretty sword with a blue hilt… There is nothing surprising about Link having multiple swords through the course of the game, as he always gets a new sword of some sort during every Zelda game.

Jenna wrote:
Do you think that the Link from WW will go back to Hyrule again? Because something seemed wrong right before he left…As if, he forgot something… as soon as I went into Hyrule castle in WW, I was like, ‘Where in the world is the rest of Hyrule? What happened?’So I wonder, do you think that Link has to go back and save the rest of Hyrule? Some of those pictures looked like updated OoT…Like the ones showing the skeleton/ghosts and the darks corridors…That really reminded me of the Well…Do you think this could happen?


Scott says:
I think the enviornment around Hyrule Castle in Wind Waker was meant to seem disjointed and separated, since it was, apparently, the only thing surviving from the original Hyrule. It is a sad bit of reality when you have to leave it be, and not find, and perhaps rescue, other people and things from Hyrule. I think that this will remain. The Hero of Winds will not return to that Hyrule. He is the Hero of Winds, not Time… Time is not under his control, and there is very little reason that I can see for him to go back in time by someone else’s power.

That’s it for this week’s edition of the Mailbag! Join me again next week for more question answering…ness, and keep submitting those questions!