Welcome to another edition of the ZU mailbag. I would have had this up earlier today, but a few things got in the way. Let’s just say that saving periodically is your friend. I didn’t do that, and my computer got randomly unplugged right as I finished this the first time. But enough about my trials and tribulations. The hot item of the week is, once again, the upcoming Zelda for Gamecube. Everybody seems to have an idea of what is to come, and are happy to share. There are, of course, bunches on The Minish Cap, and general timelines as well. So, without further ado, onto the e-mails.

Mea wrote:
Just to tell you that flash Animation can be found at www.legendaryfrog.com you have to go to the movies section.

And I thought of two possible themes war (duh) and the triforce. Yeah I know the triforce is in almost all of the zelda games. But have you ever noticed Gannon and Zelda can use their peices, not link. He only needs it to gain acess to places as a comfirmation that he is the hero. If you want to go with the “It gave him courage to do all that stuff theory” Well zelda has wisdom and she (in OoT) lifted the gates to escape from the castle, and made the light arrows. Plus Link defeated Ganondorf without the triforce of courage. So what if farores wind was in his triforce peice and some other cool stuff. That would be cool if the triforce of courage could actually be used for something.
Sorry for taking up your time,

Scott says:
I don’t think that the Triforce of Courage will ever give Link anything tangible. I think it is just fine as a symbol of his courage, perhaps boosting it a little, but not much more than that. The Triforce pieces enhance the part of the person that they represent, I think. So, Zelda gets more wisdom, and Ganon more power.

DarkLink6235 wrote:
Ok right up front I would like to suggest something; It’s kinda hard to see the Name and e-mail address when submitting to the mailbag.

I’m not sure if the mailbag is the right place to ask this but… Where does ZU get all of this Zelda information. I know you all are old enough to go to E3 and that helps. I always seem to be the one who knows everything last. So where do you get the Interviews and all this other Zelda Info?

Scott says:
I’ll look into fixing the formatting of the submission page.

Most of the information we have we get from the games themselves, and news we get from other websites, mostly. I have never been to E3, although I would very much like to go sometime. Although, that’d be quite a flight, and it’d be a really long flight for Lars, but it’d be worth it for either of us, I’d say.

Squiggy wrote:
Hey, i have had this massive chunk of speculation in my head, and i thought i’d share it in the Mailbag, so that maybe the webmasters of the ZU would see it instead of the thread i made in the forums. about the Timeline and the new GC Zelda coming up.

first of all, the timeline.

You say that the only games in the series that we know are linked are OoT, MM, and WW. actually, have you ever noticed that Link’s Awakening is a direct sequel to A Link to the Past? i read it in the retrospective section in a guide i got with preordering Wind Waker, when i got the Master Quest disc. it said that LA is a direct sequel to ALttP. i even wrote a letter to Nintendo of America once, and they did say that yes, the two games are directly connected.

also, about the timeline on your site. the timeline says that the Past world and Present world in Oracle of Ages are some thousands of years apart. that is not true at all. remember what the Maku Tree says near the beginning? after being saved by Link, and after he returned to the present, the tree says she waited mearly 400 years, no where near in the thousands mark. that’s pretty much what i have to say there.

and now for my speculation on Zelda ’05.

My personal theory is that this new game does feature the Hero of Time. my theory also goes against what your site says about the multiple dimension theory, in that i actually put that theory to work in this. When Link returns to his own time in OoT, he leaves the future hyrule behind, and that world leads to Wind Waker, which i’ll be calling the WW Branch. When link returns to his own time, and embarks into Termina, this creates a second world that separates from Ocarina of Time. this is the Majora’s Mask branch. this new game, in my theory, probably takes place long after Link returns from Termina in the Majora’s Mask branch. After Link comes back, Remember, this is his own time, where Ganondorf hadn’t been locked in the Sacred Realm yet, meaning that Ganondorf is free in this branch. Ganodorf in the Wind Waker branch, was locked though. but because Link went back to his own time, that’s why it says that the Hero never appeared in the intro to Wind Waker. He was in his own time, making up for the seven years he lost. but since he’s in the Majora’s Mask branch, Ganondorf is still free, but probably hasn’t broke out the siege yet. so this time, Link is there, in Hyrule at the very time that Ganodorf takes over. also, in Ocarina of Time, the adult Link was seventeen years old. in some of the interviews ive heard around E3 last year, i heard that this Link is sixteen. that would probably mean that Ganondorf attacked one year before Link’s time in the Sacred Realm was over, giving te people of Hyrule enough time to be used to Ganon’s reign and the like. so in this game, this may take place in the Majora’s Mask branch of the multiple dimension theory for how Ocarina of Time ends.

That’s basically what i have to say. if you don’t like that i believe in the multiple dimesnion theory, at least be open-minded to what i have said.

Thank you, and i hope that Zelda Universe continues to expand and become even greater.

oh, and one more question. when will you have the Zelda ’05 trailer back up? i’ve been wanting to see it again, and the music in the version you guys had is so much better than what the official Nintendo website’s version has.

Scott says:
Our timeline is a little obsolete now, so updating that is in the process. While we’re at it, I guess we could check for inconsistencies in what is already there.

Interesting theory about the new Zelda you have. It is possible, I suppose. But the timelines seem unneccessarily complex in your scenario to me. I always got the impression in OoT that Ganondorf’s attack comes shortly after the lock away in the sacred realm. Just long enough, of course, for you do to whatever you want as young Link before hand, though. So, maybe a month or two after, not 6 years.

Mess wrote:
I’ve been reading your mails you’ve been receiving, and I noticed many mentioning the whole MM -> LoZ05 Theory being mentioned several times… now, I know I posted the theory so please don’t get this wrong, but do you think that many of the mails refering to the theory, are actually questions inspired by that thread? And do you think that other threads in the forum inspire many of the questions you’ve recieved about anything at all.

Hmm, if you could give me your own opinion, on a scale of 1-10, how much do you think the Forums actually effect ZU’s mailbag?

Hey Hey K K Thanks for readin’ my mail!

Scott says:
I don’t see why the forums wouldn’t affect the questions posed to the mailbag. I like to think that the (good) ideas posted in the ZU forums end up spreading around the rest of the internet Zelda community, thereby affecting the things people read and think about. That may be a bit of a stretch, but considering the size of our forums, it’s not much of one. On a scale of 1 to 10? I’d say around 7.

As for that specific thread, yeah, it probably prompted some, but there’s no real way to tell.

Liz wrote:
Hi. First of all, I hope you answer this e-mail because I really want some questions answered. Anyway, when are you going to put up the interactive story? Second, if you do put up the interactive story section, are you going to use the old story or a new one? Personally, I liked the ol’ story with that wizard who put that disappering spell on both Hyrule and Termina. If you put up a new story, that’s okay. But I hope you put back up the old story. Thanks for up-grading Zelda Universe!

Scott says:
The Interactive story is one of the things on our rather sizeable to-do list. Don’t worry, it’ll show up some time soon. I do believe it will be a new story when it does appear, as well.

Liz wrote again:
I’m looking for Zelda soundtracks. Do you know where I can find any? I’m looking for OoT soundtrack and MM soundtrack. Thanks!

Scott says:
As a matter of fact, I do know. You can find the OoT & MM soundtracks here at this very site.

Link Freak wrote:
Can a fan fic be about a detailed story based on a zelda game? Because I made a good story of Link’s adventure through the Deku Tree and got a lot of great feedback from my friends about it. Until I found out about the fan fic section, i didn’t think anyone other then my friends would read it. I stopped making it because of that but now i might have a chance to continue it for a reason.

Scott says:
Of course! If it’s based on a game, and it’s a story, then it is a Fan Fiction for that game. So write to your heart’s content.

Beastiephile wrote:
Hello. First off let me say that I totally love your site! Zelda Universe is always the first place I go for all my Zelda needs. Keep up the good work, guys.

Anyway, I’ve been going insane waiting for LoZ ’05 to come out, and in the meantime have come up with a few theories in reguards to its position in the timeline and such. I think LoZ ’05 very well may be a prequel to Ocarina of Time. By the looks of things in the trailer, it looks like we can expect some sort of war to take place in the game. I think this could possibly be the war the Great Deku Tree mentions in OoT- the one that killed Link’s parents. It might make sense, since that was pretty much the only war mentioned in detail in the games. If that is the case, it might even give us a bit of insight about why OoT Link is destined to be the Hero of Time, and perhaps something about his parents. I think it would be really interesting to see a prequel to OoT, don’t you think?

That’s just my opinion, though. I wanted to see what you think about this theory. Any thoughts?

Scott says:
This is actually the first I’ve heard that theory. I must say, it is quite a reasonable one, but it is, of course too early to tell. To expand on your idea, what if the Link in the new Zelda is OoT Link’s father? That would add a new dimension to the relations, wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t mind seeing an OoT prequal. Then again, I wouldn’t mind seeing a game completely out of the blue and not directly related to any Zelda game, as long as it’s good.

Nicholas Wawrow wrote:
Hello again ZU. I was wondering, when Link beats Ganon in Ocarina Of Time, then goes back in time. And after that he goes to Termina. So what my question is, when Link is in Termina, is another Link in Hyrule with all the dungeons to beat in Ocarina Of Time? Or did Ganondorf just get erased in the future and the past which would mean there would only be 1 Link. I hope you understood my question. From your giant fan, Nicholas.

Scott says:
Um. I think I understand what you’re asking. The timeline of OoT and MM is never very well defined. The relation between the two is the basis of basically all the different timeline theories. It is obvious that MM occurs after Link goes back to being a child. However, what happens with Ganondorf and all the events of OoT are unclear. There are three possibilities.

First, Link goes back in time to right before he begins is quest, and simply stays out of the way of himself, so that he can complete the quest of OoT, and in the process stumbles onto the events of MM.

Second, that Link’s defeat of Ganondorf transcends time, and he is trapped in the past as well as the future, thereby allowing Link to do what he pleased.

Third, that Link’s defeat of Ganondorf was undone, and he didn’t realize that, but left anyway, causing lots of havoc, and another timeline. Actually, the second option would cause that too.

At this point, I don’t think we can say which is correct. It’s all theory.

Fiercedeutyslink wrote:
Recently in the mailbag and around the internet people have been thinking that Zelda 05 is a sequel to Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. To be honest, I think that is NOT true. The number one reason is that at a roundtable discussion (video of which found at gamespot.com) the creators of zelda said that this would be a direct sequel to the Windwaker. He also mentioned that WW Link would grow up. The exact quote was something like this: “In the Windwaker we knew Link would be a little boy, and that the cel-shaded was the best representation of this Link. But we knew that when this little boy grew up we wouldn’t be able to keep this style of animation.” And lastily if you notice the monsters Link is fighting throughout the trailer are very different to the ones in OoT and MM. They resemble the monsters from the Windwaker. The Moblins (pig-like spearmen) are there as well as the bokoblins riding atop the hogs. So I really doubt that this will have much related to Oot or MM.

Also great job on the new layout, it looks great!

Scott says:
The discussion you are refering to took place shortly after tWW was released, so the new Zelda was in the earliest stages of development, and, as such, thoughts about the story from then can’t be trusted too much. I don’t put too much weight in what monsters there are when deciding what the relation to other games is, as that tends to change at random anyway.

Despite this, it is just as likely that the new Zelda has no relation to OoT and MM as it having a relationship, whatever it may be.

Sir David wrote:
Hey mailbag,

This is David here, and I have something that I need to ask. It regards Light Arrows and the game, The Minish Cap.
Well, I heard from a friend that you can obtain the light arrows in the game. He claims you have to fuse kingstones with the man in town early in the game, and a portal appears that leads you to the tower right before the 4th dungeon. Anyways, he says you have to obtain that portal, go to the tower, and there is an ill man haunted by a ghost? He says you have to do something to him (I forget what it was) and later on in the game, he gives you light arrows!?! He also said it is manditory to do it earlier in the game, or else the ghost kills the man and you cannot get the arrows.
Is this true?? Are there REALLY light arrows that you can get in this game? They are not listed under the items on this website, and I haven’t gotten them myself.

Scott says:
Yes, there are light arrows in tMC. I have been told by our resident tMC expert, GoldenChaos, that ‘earlier in the game’ would be before going to the cloudtop. Since I haven’t beaten the game yet, I honestly have no idea what that means, though.

Our content for tMC is still in the works, and as such, there may be things missing, such as the light arrows. Speaking of which, we have the ZU writer-monkeys locked in the closet toiling away to get all the Minish Cap info up and complete as soon as possible. Look forward to that.

KAZ wrote:
Hey guys.

First I would like to say that ZU is the greatest Zelda site on the internet. Truthfully, I originally was a loyal TMSword.com viewer, but when it closed down, ZU was there. And I couldn’t be happier.

Now, this timeline theory. Many people have been fussing over the idea of where the Minish Cap fits into the timeline. Well, I actually have a very good theory as to where everything fits in. Many people believe that TMC is the first in the timeline, mainly because of the whole Link gets his hat thing and the ending. But I highly disagree with this. This is what I think:

OoT -> MM -> Link I dies -> WW -> MC -> FS -> Link II dies -> LttP -> OoA/OoS -> LA -> Link III dies -> LoZ -> AoL

Now for my justification. OoT and MM is self-explanatory. Creation of Hyrule and the parallel world. Why does TMC come after Windwaker? After WW, Link and Zelda sail off to find a new land, a new Hyrule. This new Hyrule is the FS/MC Hyrule. This new land was inhabited by creatures before they arrived – the Picori. The Picori welcomed the new inhabitants and the Picori Festival became really a symbol of this new freindship from years to come – kind of like Thanksgiving. What happend to Ganon at the time? Hes gone with the rest of Hyrule in the WW. Vaati takes over for the time being. So how does Ganon come back for the next games? My guess is during that time, the Gerudo had no male. This is the time when Vaati started to terrorize the “New” Hyrule. But once that went by, a new male Gerudo was born, a new Ganon. Thus, that is when he begins to terrorize Hyrule again, in LttP. After, OoA/OoS happens, and remember at the end, he leaves on a ship. Link gets shipwrecked and we are at LA. And the fitting way to end it is with LoZ and AoL, where he becomes King.

These are my own theories, but I think it makes a lot of sense. What do you think guys?

Scott says:
That is a rather well thought out single-timeline theory. Good job. A quick thing to consider, though. I don’t recall any Gerudo in tWW, and as far as I know, they aren’t in The Minish Cap either. So, where do they go? Do they just dissapear, and reappear long enough to produce another Ganondorf?

That one guy wrote:
I heard somewhere that cel-shading like in TWW is much more comlicated to do than Oot’s style. Is this true and, if so, do you think this means that there will be more room on the new Zelda’s game disk for a longer quest?

Also, do you think a two-disk setup (i.e. Tales of Symphonia style)would be good for the new Zelda?

Scott says:
Complexity doesn’t always imply more space used, but I’d say they have more space to work with for this game. Technology has improved, so they can stuff more things in the same amount of space.

Two disks doesn’t really detract from a game, I think. However, I don’t think they’ll make a two disk Zelda game, as the only games that ever have multiple disks are those mega-huge games, such as Tales of Symphonia, and Zelda has never fit that size catagory.

viewtiful joe wrote:
Hello, i’m a big fan of your site and well, your site kicks butt!

Anyways, I have been thinking about the timeline alot and I came to a conclusion, the timeline is split up!

‘ ‘
‘ ‘
‘ ‘
‘ ‘
‘ ‘
LoZ ALttp
‘ ‘

Ok, so Ganon got the magic trident in FSA so all of the other zeldas that have ganon with the trident are on that side and the ones that Ganon does not have the trident are on the other side. And ALttP (GBA) has a conection to the four swords games (four swords dungeon). So, what do you think?

Scott says:
Ah, the multiple timeline theory. It is one of the possibilities for the timeline, although I don’t know that basing the ordering off of what weapon Ganon uses is the best way to do it, although I suppose it isn’t wrong. I also don’t think we can accurately pick where any Zelda game that hasn’t been released yet would go, and you seem to have two of them in there.

Nathan wrote:
Yes, you all hate me, I’m the kid who didn’t like WW that much and interpereted the ending about the wind wrong. I would just like to comment about the talk about the title of the new game having to do with horses. I think that is a little rediculous (however you spell it) [Scott says: ridiculous!]. First, naming the game after a saddle or reins or whatever would extremely limit the creativity Nintendo would be able to use in the game. Besides, how do you you make a mode of transportation a main theme in a game(I know, the ocarina, but it did other things too)? I swear, peope see some cool footage of Link hacking monsters on a horse (maybe epona, maybe not), and everyone jumps off the deep end. Really, I would expect Nintendo to come up with something more creative than reins for a title.

Scott says:
Hate? Where’d that come from?

There has been no official word about the title of the upcoming Zelda game for Gamecube. As such, the rumors about “Reins of Sorrow” and whatever else are baseless. They originated in some random forum somewhere.

When game developers make trailers for their games, they try to show you what the game has to offer–meaning, what’s new, what’s exciting, and perhaps what’s the big thing. The horseback fighting, done well, is a new and cool thing. So, naturally, they include that. Although, there are plenty of things in that trailer that aren’t on horseback. It is quite possible that the horseback combat is just a nifty thing in the game, not the main theme. Then again, it very well could be. Only time will tell. (Or Nintendo… you know what I mean.) But, I’m curious as to why you think having the horse theme would severely limit the creative potential of the game. I don’t see it.

And that concludes another week’s mailbag. Join me again next week, and keep sending those questions!