The current hot topic is, most certainly the upcoming Zelda for ’05. In this edition, you can find lots of speculation about what may come to pass.

seamus wrote:
Hi guys, there is alot of talk on the behalf of ZELDA05 regarding the to the fact that Link might be the Hero Of Time. In my own opinion i dont really care if its him or not, but i was wondering though it would make a pretty neat storyline, Why is here there? whats his mission? Didnt he disapear after MM? it was told in WW that the hero time never returned, prhaps he did infact return but faild to save the land, thus resulting in the gods floding hyrule as the only option of saving some form of hope for the future.

A part of me hopes that its the hero of time. Miyamoto-san said i think severl times that link has matured now, hes growen up, thus showing us his new hair style, new clothes, maybe he will have a different attitude towards people. It kind of makes sence that the horse would infact be EPONA, link was with her after MM so they have been growing up togther. Maybe ganon is back BIGGER BADDER and kicking ass ‘N’ taking names. He has an army this time bigger ‘n’ badder, to asure himself nothing goes wrong. If you cast your mind back to WW you will remember that the Wind Sage and Earth Sage were both killed by ganon before WW. they were praying to the gods too maintain power withen the master sword. Again this could reflect apon why link might fail to kill ganon… The blade of Evils Bane has no power thus ganon is invinceible. Just my toughts on things. THNX GUYS.

Scott says:
Hmm. Interesting thoughts. While I wouldn’t mind knowing what happened after MM, I have doubts about the possibility of LoZ’05 being that particular Link. Although, I really have no backing for why. Just as there is no real backing for why it is OoT’s Link. At this point it is all speculation. We’ll just have to wait and see. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’t speculate. By all means, do so. I’m sure Nintendo loves that you do it too, since it simply makes people want the game more.

Matt wrote:
Nooooo! One of the coolest things about the redesign was the cool pictures in the background for each of the pages for each of the games! Why did you change them? They were so awesome!

Your redesign is still great though, but it was even better before.

On a separate topic, what do you think of the “new” Nintendo? I mean how they’ve aged all of their ads up, and the new Zelda being a more “mature” style of game, and the new, realistic, exclusive baseball game? I think it’s good that they’ve finally started targeting casual gamers, and pretty much ever since E3 2004 Nintendo has been surprising me with new, great ideas. For a while I thought it was dying, but… Not anymore! What’s your take on it? -Matt

Scott says:
The old pictures were nice, but they were, well, old. It was time to move on. Thanks for the compliment, as well.

I think it was, economically speaking, the smart thing for Nintendo to do. If they didn’t move on, they’d loose lots of business. That aside, I’m happy about it, it’s always good to see change in the way things are done.

Volven wrote:
Dear Mailbag,
I would like to know your opinion on some questions I have about OOT & MM.

In OOT. Why didn’t Ganondorf kill or curse Link in the Temple of Time, if Ganondorf knew he was a threat? Also in OOT. Why didn’t Ganondorf know where Zelda was when transformed into Sheik? In TWW, Ganondorf used the Triforce to find Zelda.

In MM. Why did they use the same characters than in OOT, when in MM Link is in a different “world”?

Scott says:
Ganondorf didn’t kill Link for two reasons. First, if he had, then there wouldn’t have been much of a game. Second, and more likely the answer that you were looking for, is that Ganondorf thought himself to be all powerful. Threat or not, Link couldn’t stop him. Or so he thought. Put a different way, he had a common flaw of villans. He overestimated himself, and underestimated his enemy.

As for finding Zelda, perhaps he was unaware of the ability at the time, or maybe becoming Sheik blocked off that feeling.

It is a parallel world. The theory behind parallel worlds is that things are very similar, but they are not the same. So, the people are similar.

Nicholas Wawrow wrote:
Hey ZU. In your timeline you state that The Oracle Series is a prequel to Link’s Awakening. Was this intended by Nintendo? Or did ZU make this up? And I’d also like to congratulate you guys for the relaunch of the site. Great job ZU! From your big fan_ no, huge fan, Nicholas.

Scott says:
As far as I know, Nintendo has never released a full timeline for the Zelda series. The only games that they have clearly connected are OoT, MM, and tWW. All other timeline theories are just that-theories. So yes, what ZU’s timeline says is simply our opinion.

cubescott wrote:
First of all i would like 2 say congrats on the new site dudes, it’s definately the best of all the zelda fan sites.

Secondly, i have heard that nintendo has just opened/invested in (i can’t be sure) their own film studios, and i wondered what this meant for the prospects of a Zelda film coming out. Personally, i think that if one did come out, it would have to be either cartoon or CG. This is because we’ve all gotten used to the image of link in games, and it wouldn’t feel right to have an actor play him. What’re your views on this?

Keep up the good work

Scott says:
I agree that ZU is the best Zelda site on the internet.

I haven’t heard anything about a film studio for Nintendo, but then I don’t really pay attention to those sorts of things. I would guess that something like Zelda would be a CG movie, assuming they wanted to do it well, and not have it in the style of The Wind Waker. Live actors for Zelda would be rather awkward, I think.

Termina Scott wrote:
Well, first of all I would like to applaud Nintendo for making me pull more of my hair out over Zelda 2005 than any other game…ever. Let’s see, we’ve had a stunning official portrait of link, about 40 screenshots of gameplay, and one award-deserving trailer dangled in front of our salivating mouths. I need more information! I have dissected the trailer and I think I may be able to shed some light or just confuse people more. Everyone is wondering when this game takes place in the timeline. So I asked myself “What information do we actually have to answer this?” Well I say HIS SHIELD. Did anybody notice the shield that Link was carrying? Correct me if I’m wrong but the shields that Link has had have always been different, except for the mirror shield…but thats more of a quest item than basic gear. He is carrying the same shield that OOT Link used and I do not think it was a mistake at all…perhaps even a clue. SO I believe that this game does take place very very close to the time that OOT and MM took place. If not, then it is confusing that they use the same Hylian shield. Please make sense of my rambling-Thanks.

Scott says:
I feel as though I’ve seen your name before…

I don’t know that the shield necessarily implies that it is the same person. It could very well be the same shield, but it doesn’t have to be. Another thing to remember about that shield from OoT is that you could buy it in the store–it wasn’t unique. However, you, and everyone else who believes it is OoT Link, may be right. It could be. We’ll have to wait for more saliva inducing trailers at E3 this year to find out. Hopefully.

Lenei wrote:
First of all, I want to say that the site is WONDERFULLY laid out. You guys did a really good job with it. I have a question though regarding the new game… In the Zelda GC trailor, it showed what seemingly were moblins lined up in the whole Lord Of The Rings battle-at-sunset mode. Would you have any clue as to what this war is over? (I have a theory, but it’s incredibly stupid and I’d be embarrassed to tell it ^_^) It’s an odd question, but I’m really curious for any info. Thanks!

Scott says:
I’m glad you like the layout. I think it is rather efficient.

A war could be over anything, really… An insult, some tree, a girl. But since it’s Zelda, I’d say it is most likely relating to the Triforce in some way. Who knows? Maybe it is the Imprisoning War mentioned all over.

genoguy618 wrote:
What happened to hosted sites?

Scott says:
Planet Megaman is, technically, a hosted site. But apart from that, I don’t know. I guess they were neglected too long or something.

Michael Z. wrote:
Dear ZeldaUniverse,

I have been playing Zelda my entire life, and I noticed many odd things about the series, that don’t seem possible. I do know that Hyrule and Termina could be alternate worlds from each other, but is this also true for the Minish Cap? There are many of the same characters from the Great Sea, Hyrule, Labrynna, and Termina.

These would include Anju and her cuccoos, that dripping-nose kid and his friends (from Wind Waker), those carpenters, Goron Merchant, the mailman, Malon and Talon, and more. Well, Minish Cap does take place in Hyrule. It does include many new places that OOT didn’t. Is it another world parallel to itself?

Michael Z.

Scott says:
I think it is more likely the same world, or very nearly so, at a different time. Places change over time. As for those recurring characters, I’d say they’re just a part of Zelda games. They add to the feeling that it really is a game series, not just a bunch of games strung together with the same name.

Hylian Dan wrote:
In a recent mailbag you mentioned the “dark” winds Ganondorf spoke of at the end of TWW and how he could have been referring to some evil plan he had set in motion. Couldn’t he have just been referring to his own death? Earlier he had said, “No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing – death.” Then as he was dying he said, “Heh heh…the wind…it is blowing…”

Also, I don’t think it’s likely that the Goddesses will decide to drain Hyrule, since they had just granted King Daphnes’ request to wash away that kingdom.

Scott says:
I don’t remember the exact quote, and I didn’t take the time to check, I simply went off of what the question was. And it is quite possible, likely, even, that he was just refering to his own death, but isn’t it more fun to think that he had some sinister plan set in motion?

And yes, if anything, a new land would be found and they’d name it Hyrule. Sometimes I’ll say things that don’t really fit, just because I get distracted what I’m doing quite often. I apologize for anything random, impossible, or downright silly that I may say.

Bob_the_redead wrote:
Most zelda fans who have wandered around the internet looking for different zelda related things have stumbled across this hilarious animation, but to those who haven’t, I wanted to tell every one here about the animation The Return Of Gannondorf. It’s hilarious, and I didn’t know how else to tell everyone except through the mailbag. So umm, yah.

Scott says:
Are you refering to the flash animation about Ganondorf being a nice guy? Yeah, I’ve seen that. I don’t know where it can be found, though.

Mark Pare wrote:
I was wondering, have you guys ever thought about taking your honoured members and interviewing them online and posting it in a page? If no, I just gave you an idea. If yes, I tried but didn’t look hard enough on your site.

Anyway, I hope you answer and I hope my idea is thought about for some time.

Mark Pare (NEPats16)

Scott says:
I’m not quite sure I know what you mean. Interviewing about what?

Most everyone’s (from ZU) thoughts can be found in the forums.

Mea wrote:
Dear ZU,

Have you noticed that the most recent zelda games (from OoT up) are kinda theme based? For example OoT, MM, OoA all are based on Time travel and it seems they moved on to Wind with the Wind Waker and I dunno but the Minish Cap seems to have a theme on Wind. Some of this theory comes from the colors of the elements. Earth is Purple and Wind is Green. I thought this was pretty weird because Earth is always green and the reason I think wind is green is because that is the hero’s color Link has always corrisponded with green. And there is the wind ocarina, and the wind element is the only element lost, and Vaati is a wind mage.The four swords also has a partial theme on wind since Vaati is a wind mage.
Seeing it looks like Nintendo is finished with time and my guess is they are also finished with wind what will the new theme for the next couple of games be? I doubt it will be an element (earth,wind,water,fire) sice they already used one. And is probably has an adult like theme, not at all kiddy like judging from the trailer. Its too hard to guess what do you think?
Thankyou for your time,

Scott says:
The next theme? Hmm… horses, maybe? I don’t know. I wish I did know though… thinking about the game makes me want to know, and, well, answering these mailbag questions doesn’t help subdue that want, I must say.