Welcome to another addition of the ZU mailbag. This week, I address questions about the new Zelda, several timeline theories, and more.

Every Jim, Bob, Jan, and their mothers asked:
Where’s the Fanfic section! We want fanfic back! And while we’re at it, where’d my old fanfics go?

Scott says:
Don’t worry. We’re working on it. It takes a bit of effort to get completely different systems to work with each other well, and that’s precisely what we’re doing. It should hopefully appear within a few weeks.

As for the old fanfic database, it is still online, and can be found here.

Andy Howard wrote:
Over the several years since the release of OOT I have always wondered about how the including voice actors ( besides the occcasional grunt, moan,laugh ect since OOT) could effect the series. It worked wonders in FFX except for the fact that the main characters name was never mentioned, but could it actually seal the Zelda series legacy for good or produce a lump( for a zelda game)even worse than the Wind Waker. Also I have noticed that the WW Link sounds quite similiar to OOT/MM Link, though they have have many diferences and a very distinct similarity between Link 05 and OOT adult link. Could this be a true clue to a OOT sequal/ WW prequal?

Scott says:
Voice acting is often a very nice touch to a game, but the trend of Zelda seems to be avoiding the voice acting. No voice acting is fine, I think, for a couple of reasons. First, all those recordings take up bunches of space on a disk, and so the more speach you have, the less other stuff you can fit. Other stuff like more levels, enemies, items, and whatnot. The other reason is for the style. If they were to implement voice acting without having it sound very strange, they would have to have Link say things. In all of Zelda, Link’s words have never been put to text, so that the player can imagine what he says, and feel more connected, or something similar.

As for the sounds and a possible connection between games, I don’t think the sound of things, even if it is the voice, is a good indicator of a relation between games. They can reuse sounds, or the voice actors, without actually intending a connection.

Frodo wrote:
Dear ZeldaUniverse,

I was wondering what you personally would like to see in the new upcoming Zelda game scheduled for Q2 of this year. Thanks!

Scott says:
What would I like to see? Hmm… the first thing that comes to mind for me is more dungeons. I don’t think there were enough in tWW. I would also like to see a good amount of depth (meaning sidequests) in the various characters that will inevitably appear in town. I don’t really care where the new Zelda ends up being in the timeline, so I won’t say something like “I’d like to see OoT Link back.” As long is the game is entertaining, it’s all good.

I’d like to see how the horseback combat is implemented, as well…although that doesn’t really pertain to the question at hand.

Nathan wrote:
In your short description of what you know so far of the new Zelda game, you sounded surprised that even though the new game was supposedly a sequel of WW, it takes place on dry ground.

If you forgot Ganondorf’s final words in WW, play through the game again (it won’t take long).

As he was fading away for the last time, he laughs and says that it was no matter, the dark wind had started blowing. Wouldn’t it follow that the wind dries up Hyrule? It makes sense. I have a feeling Ganondorf’s final words in WW will have more of an impact on this new game than anyone realizes.

Scott says:
I always took the “dark wind” line to mean that Ganondorf set in motion the rise of evil which will continue with or without him active. I don’t think wind would be enough to dry the oceans. However, with Ganondorf turned to stone, the Goddesses may see it fit to drain the sea and return Hyrule to its former state.

However, if you remember from the very end, after Ganondorf is defeated, Link and Tetra set off to search for a new land. Therefore, I think that any large landmass that exists in a Zelda game after tWW is simply a new land, which they name Hyrule. This, along with the presence of castles and such in the new Zelda, implies that either the new Zelda is much, much later, or it is before. I saw a theory in the forums that it may be after OoT, following Link returning to being a child. This seems plausable… but I don’t know that it means it will be the OoT Link, if that is the case.

buckeyes1186 wrote:
To the powers that be at Zelda Universe,

First of all, congratulations on your successful relaunch. The new design is wonderful!

I have two questions for you. The first is in regards to the timeline of the series. Although it is vague (and rightfully so), I am annoyed by constant references by gamers and reviewers saying that “The Wind Waker” takes place only one hundred years after “Ocarina of Time.” That is not remotely possible.

First of all, a civilization isn’t almost completely forgotten in a mere century. The residents of the islands have a very limited knowledge of Hyrule, making it obvious that several hundreds of years have passed. Also, as pointed out on ZU, the Kokiris evolved into the Koroks and the Zoras evolved into the Ritos. Even if they were aided by magic (via the Deku Tree, perhaps), it seems unlikely that their complete transformation would be completed in 100 years.

If this is asserted on your site, I apologize for wasting your time. However, this is one aspect of the Zelda timeline I would like to see cleared up once and for all.

My second question is in regards to Link from TWW. Although I have seen several statements saying he has no connection to the Hero of Time, it seems obvious to me that he clearly is. I base this on the presence of the Hylian shield in their house on Outset Island, allegedly used by the Hero himself. Am I correct in this theory, or is my assumption baseless?


Scott says:
Thank you, and there’s no need to appologize for asking a question. This sort of thing is what the mailbag is for.

There are a couple of possible explanations for the apparent issue with 100 years. The first explanation is it is a translation error, and they said ‘hundreds,’ not ‘one hundred.’ The second explanation is that the creation of the Great Sea, as well as the transformation of the Kokiri and the Zora, was done by the Goddesses. As goddesses, they can do basically whatever they want. The switch from Kokiri to Korok may very well have happened over night, and the same goes for Zora to Rito. The background story of The Wind Waker says that the Goddesses selected people to continue life above the sea. It is quite possible that they were either forced to forget about things, or they were children.

Personally, I lean more toward the explanation that it was a translation error. However, the other possiblility is just as likely.

Apart from the name Link, and the green clothes that he wears on the adventure, there isn’t a connection between the Hero of Winds and the Hero of Time. The Hylian Shield was by no means unique to the Hero of Time. It was a shield for the knights of Hyrule, so it is quite possible that it isn’t the same shield. Time passes, and truth becomes legend. “A hero of the war” could turn into “the hero himself” quite easily. It could have also been a gift to the family, or simply a lie that it has anything to do with the hero.

Luigi37 wrote:
Hey Zelda Universe,
I was just recently wondering, while browsing ZU…Do you guys have any specific thoughts towards the new Zelda that’s being released? I mean, I’ve seen the content and news you have on the site, but what are your personal thoughts about the new game? Also, while on the topic of future gaming, what do you think about the Nintendo Revolution? I believe that the new Zelda will be great and the info (and screenshots) that’s available to us now is just making me want it more and more. However, I’m a bit leary of the Revolution. Some of the information given right now is making me nervous as to whether it will actually “revolutionize” gaming or if it will just be a giant red beach-ball. Oh, by the way, the new version of the site is VERY good. I like how you kept a similar layout to the previous version, but made it better. Mambo is a great CMS, too.

Thanks for all your time! I hope this message isn’t too confusing…I’ve been known to change what I’m thinking when I put it into words. 😉


Scott says:
The new Zelda is a new Zelda. Therefore, it must be cool.

From what I have seen about the Nintendo ‘Revolution,’ there isn’t much information released. Most of the things about it online are speculation. I think it is too early to worry or not about the system, since there is nothing concrete out about it, apart from the fact that it is coming. However, I think Nintendo knows what it’s doing, overall, so it should be just fine.

davidsmith wrote:
Dear ZU,
This isn’t really important but is Termina right next to Hyrule?
The Same volcano is in the two games and that Mountain is also in both games.
If this isn’t an important question good enough to be answered you don’t have to respond, but I was just wondering. It’s all right to wonder, isn’t it? davidsmith Your site on 1 to 100 is infinite times and much better than zeldapower!

Scott says:
Termina is an alternate reality from Hyrule. That’s the reasoning behind all those similar characters. As such, I don’t think that Termina can be right next to Hyrule. Similar terrain features goes along with the alternate reality idea, so I think that answers the question.

Akito Fanel wrote:
Dear Mailbag,
why does everyone seem to think that there is a timeline in Zelda ? I always asumed that they were unconnected or loosely connected at best , so why all this stringing of games together ? Did I just not pay enough attention to the story of the different games ? I guess it would be okay if they were all connected , but it seems so much easier to assume that they are not connected , with the exception of OoT and MM along with the first couple games. I don’t know to much about the fist few games so I’m sorry if I got that wrong. It’s just the idea of Gannon or Gannondorf repeatedly coming back from death , seems to kind of make the games endings pointless. It reminds me of the original Super Mario Bros. for the nes , “sorry Mario , the princess is in another castle”. Sorry Link , Gannon isn’t really dead , just kind of dead. Thanks for your time and I’m sorry for any typos.
Akito Fanel

Scott says:
The main reason why there are all these complicated timeline theories is because people, the fans, decided that there should be more of a connection between all the games.

There are definately connections between the games, though. The most obvious connections are Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker.

Joe wrote:
Dear Mailbag,
I have been going to this site for a month now and I like the way you guys run it. I just have a few questions on the new Zelda coming out for the Gamecube. Is it true that the release date for thise game is June 1. And could you tell me what the ESRB rating is. Thankyou very much and I will continue going to this site.

Scott says:
As far as I know, there is no release date for the new Zelda yet. ESRB ratings are not decided for games until they are nearly released, and this one doesn’t even have its title released yet, so it certainly doesn’t have one. However, I have heard rumors that it may recieve a Teen or higher rating.

True Fan wrote:
I recently became a Zelda fan and quickly became adapted to its cool storyline and great gameplay. I now own every zelda game made by Ninendo. The game I like the most in the whole series is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time but I also find it confusing. As the player beats Ganondorf and he is sent to the dark land he created, why is his threat erased? Link defeats Ganondorf in the future but that doesn’t mean he was defeated in his time. Even if he was sent to the dark land, Link will still have to go back to his time and fight him all over again making his whole journey useless. I hope you have an answer…

Scott says:
Well, that’s the fun of time travel, isn’t it? In an interview with Miyamoto and Aonuma, they implied that they didn’t really know.

I would say that the answer is his threat isn’t erased. My thought on the timeline is it repeats as before, and in seven years, Link awakens. Link, after completing his journey simply went off to stay out of the way. There’s also the possibility that the whole time travel thing doesn’t apply to the realm where Ganondorf was sent, so he was simply removed from time, and that would remove the threat.

VJ wrote:
I have a theory that explains the whereabouts of the royal family’s messenger in OoT [I am not referring to link]. I believe that the messenger was acctually the wandering running man.

Reason: If we compare that character with his identical looking self in Majora’s Mask [the postman] we notice that they are exactly the opposite, in other words, he’s a work-aholic in Termina, but in Hyrule he’s this weird guy who wanders around in a field. I guess all work and no play made him a dull boy, hehehe [bad joke I know. :P] As I was saying, the messenger of the Royal Family, who I am referring to as the wanderring running man, decided to quit and wanted to live a new life beyond the castle gates. this might explain why he was a no show in goron city because Darunia kept asking for the Royal Family’s messenger during the goron food shortage caused by ganondorf at that time. This could also explain where the running man got so much money when you sold him the bunny hood [he sure was crazy huh??].

This is my theory. I don’t know if it makes any sense to you guys, but i just want to know what you think of it. later!

Scott says:
Well, that certainly is an interesting theory. It is quite possible. I never really gave much thought to the problem of a missing messenger, and I assumed Ganondorf had simply killed him.

Michael Neal wrote:
First off, I really appreciate you guys (Lars, Scott, etc., etc.) for making this site what it is. Because of you guys, I don’t have to run around 3043587 Zelda sites; this is my one-stop shop. 😀

Anyway, I’m not here to suck up. (Whoops, did I say that out loud?) I was just wondering if any of you would have any faint idea about what the GC Zelda plotline MIGHT be about based on the full minute of video we got. What do you think we’ll experience in this new Zelda? Anything like what we experienced in any of the other Zelda games, or is it in a class of its own…I’m just curious what you guys think, really.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Neal

Scott says:
We’re quite happy to work on the site, and are glad you like it.

I think the only way to get a possible story line out of that trailer would be to use divination or something similar. There is simply not enough information there, or anywhere, to accurately speculate about a story.

I would guess, however, that there is probably a war of some sort during the game.

Nintyboyuno wrote:
A harmless bit of speculation never hurt anyone right? So today I have been mostly speculating about cool new weapons and items that could appear in Zelda 2005.

Weapon: Something like a Morningstar would be good, you know, a pointy lump on the end of a swingy chain. I could forsee a boss fight where you would have to stick your Morningstar into the back of a beast and then hang on while it drags you through avoidable obstacles…:)

Item: Would it be likely to see a console version of the Mole Mitts? You could keep digging a large pit into the ground for rupees, and would have to judge it just right not to get stuck in a too-deep hole.

So those are my ideas, what do you think?

Scott says:
A morningstar? Hmm… That might be interesting, although I don’t know that it would be used in quite that fashion. More likely, it could be used in horseback combat, or removing someone from a horse even…

I don’t think that the mole mitts would fit with the style of the game, judging from the appearence so far. Imagine that link putting on digging gloves and jumping into the ground…

Jaseem wrote:
I looked up the bosses in the bosses page of Minish Cap. I got the figurine of the boss in Fortress of The Winds and his name is Mazaal, although he looks like Gohdan. Is that a different name unique to the American version?

Scott says:
Since I’m not familiar with The Minish Cap, as I have not had the opportunity to play the game yet, I asked our resident expert & walkthrough maker, GoldenChaos. He informed me that it is a different thing completely from Gohdan.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the ZU Mailbag. Join me again next week for more mailbag fun!