Welcome to the first edition of the New ZU Mailbag! This will be, provided there is no nuclear war or any other impossible occurance that could keep us from doing so, a weekly thing here.

This week, I address a few questions relating to the site, and several questions relating to our real purpose here – Zelda.

Harman Stalefish wrote:
Over my many years of being a true nintendo gamer, I have seen the best games from each generation belonging to Nintendo. But during this generation of home consoles, and even the last, I can only see that Nintendo is losing it’s edge. They aren’t producing the quality fun titles they used to. They are still good, they are just slowly waning in my opinion. Mario Sunshine, despite any rave review it may have gotten, is a poor game in my opinion. Vague notices of “oh, i need to
do this first” make it more a chance thing to know when a new level opens, or the super linear design with very few levels, and WAY too much water. there are other flaws, but I will save them. The Windwaker also, has many, not so much problems, but is obviously rushed, and anyone who wants to know what the populus thinks of it need only go to the forums.

I am just curious. why do you beleive nintendo is not the superpower it once was. is it image? or maybe the competition? or maybe they just aren’t that good anymore. either way, I would appreciate your opinion,


Harman Stalefish

Scott says:
Nintendo is ‘not the superpower it once was’ mostly because there is competition. In the past, there was only Sega, which was pretty good in its own right. Now, there is Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft vying for customers.

The problem Nintendo has is that it aquired the reputation of ‘kiddy,’ since their games tend to be slightly more artistic in style.

tpg1989 wrote:
Dear ZU,

*Spoilers for OoT*

Zelda is a sage right? Well, why didn’t she destroy Ganondorf, when she was looking through that window? Apart from the fact that the game would never happen if she did that.

Scott says:
Zelda awakened as a sage much later than that, I believe. At the time, she only knew that he was evil, but couldn’t prove it. It would not look good to have the princess randomly kill someone from another country, now would it?

lucastheboo wrote:
Will you be adding the Minish to the races of hyrule section? I’ve been wondering this since I learned of the minish race.

Scott says:
Yes, we’re rather buisy with all kinds of site updates, and that is part of it.

VJ wrote:
Is there an official title ready for the upcoming zelda gamecube yet? I read a while ago here on ZU that it could possibly be called “Legend of Zelda :Reign of Sorrow”. In my opinion, Nintendo should stick with that title, but it all depends on them. Anyway I love the new look and keep up the good work guys.

Scott says:
‘Reign of Sorrow’ was a baseless rumor. There is no official title yet. Also, thanks for the compliment.

Razorkatana wrote:
Dear Mailbag,

If we assume that the Wind Waker takes place about 200 or so years after Ocarina, then where did the minor gods come from? In Ocarina, they never mention any gods besides Din, Nayru, and Farore, but after Hyrule is flooded, there are many minor gods, like Cyclonus and Valoo. Where did these gods come from, and what do they represent?
Regards, Razorkatana

Scott says:
The minor gods existed in Ocarina of Time, but they weren’t all that prevelent. The only one in Ocarina of time was the Zora’s Jabu Jabu. The game did sa that they represent different elemental forces.

Earheru wrote:
What happened to the fan writing peices? i noticed you still have the fan art, but what did you do to the writing peices by fans in the old version? are you going to add them later, ir did you delete them? i was even thinking about submitting my own peice when it was done, but that might be impossible now…

Scott says:
We are currently working on a good way to integrate the Fan Fiction section with the rest of the site. It will be around soon, just sit tight.

It would be impractical for us to import all the current content, since the old system used a different user database than the forums. So, you’ll have to upload the pieces again. But don’t worry, we haven’t deleted the old one yet. You can find it here, if you’d like.

Enrico Bruno wrote:

Happy youre back!

Anyway, in this pic I found online you see that the big display is apparantly calling the new GC Zelda Gates of the Realm. See for yourself:


Scott says:
That is a hoax.

That was made by someone who is a member of Zelda Universe’s forums. In a thread he created about it, he also showed the original image in that thread.

Derek wrote:
I just have to say that I really do love how you made Zelda Universe ot what it is now. Thank you for doing this out of generousity, to give to the public. I have some questions that not only I would like to know, but maybe others would like the knowledge also. Okay, here it goes:

During your creation of Zelda Universe way back in year of 2000, I am sure you, like other webmasters, lost interest of keeping ZU running at points in the ZU history. My question is, is how did you regain your motivation in keeping ZU online? I mean, you have to be one of the small amount of websites that have kept a non profit fansite online for almost 5 years! How did you keep motivation during this time to not give up on the site?

Also, there is one more question I have for you, did you play all the zelda games you feature on Zelda Universe? Thank you for your time.

~ Otikeu


Scott says:
Since I personally never used the internet all that much back in 2000, I was sadly not a part of the beginnings of ZU. But I must say I agree that it is quite a feat to maintain such a place for so long. As for an answer to your question, Lars should be sticking one in here shortly…

Lars says:
Well thank you for your compliments, they are most appreciated. As for your question, well the first thing I said is partially the answer to that – Great feedback is always motivating, and helps me keep the spirits up. Now I’ll admit that there have been times, and many of them too, where my inspiration to work on the site has been pretty much absent.

However, for some reason it just keeps coming back to me. As I said, it’s awe inspiring to receive great compliments from the fans, and just knowing that I have been part in creating something that is seen by several thousands of people every single day, well that adds to the pot of inspiration for sure. Another thing is also competition – I always get inspired by other great sites – Not just Zelda sites, but fansites in general. When I see a great one, I always think “ZU has GOT to become as good as this site!”

Well that’s all I can think about right now, as I have been working on the game intro pages for the last five and a half hours, and I am already half asleep.

Branden the Kid wrote:
Do you at the ZeldaUniverse Network happen to be aware of the date of the next big industry media festival…. thingy, when nintendo might reveal more juicy Legend of Zelda GCN… stuff? Cause if you did that would be dandy. Also, what month is the game schedualed for release in Japan?

And finaly, have you seen that screensho where Link is on the horse (this nameless exiting rideable fighting-on-topable stalino) and he’s riding into the woods, and there are dogs. DOG! Like full sized real dogs! that could mean like there’s a hermit in the woods, or like A VILLAGE THAT COMES RIGHT UP TO THE WOODS! AND LINK IS RIDING INTO THE

Sorry, got exited ther *stay cool,(ICE COOLD!).

Anyways If you could answer my question that would be just a picnic in the sun.

Scincely, from the frozen Wasteland that is Canada, Branden “Sparky” Malloy.

Scott wrote:
E3 2005 is when Nintendo plans to show the new Zelda again. That is May 17.

And…um… You might want to make sure you’re taking your Ridalin.
And so ends this week’s addition of the ZU Mailbag. Be sure to keep submitting those questions, and I’ll be back this time next week with more.