It has been a while since the last I wrote an article for this section of the site. However, after recent discoveries I have made after talking to and debating with various Zelda fanatics at different message boards and chat rooms, I feel that it is not only in place, but also needed for someone to speak about this.

The Issue

Obviously something has affected me enought to break the monopoly Trahald has had over the article section for the past few months, and without saying anything further I think both you and me understand that this must be something I react to and feel strongly about. Like I said I have been communicating to many a Zelda fans ever since the release of The Wind Waker, and it has occured to me that there seems to be a diverson between Zelda fans. Aparantly there are two kinds of Zelda fans nowadays. The first group consists of those who love Ocarina of Time more than anything else in the world, and they are still furious about the cel-shaded look seen in The Wind Waker. It won’t take much of a brain to realize who the second group are, namely those who prefer the newest installment to the series over Ocarina of Time.

It is nothing new to see those morons who have decided to see The Wind Waker as a childish game without even playing it, and with their opinion sorely based on the new colouful, and beautiful cel-shaded graphics. What is more concerning is the new group of Zelda fans that seems to represent the opposite of those who hate The Wind Waker — Yes, the aparantly have decided that The Wind Waker is infact the “true Zelda”, while Ocarina of Time is nothing but over-rated. I especially noticed this after IGN named Ocarina of Time “Second Best Video Game Ever”, only beaten by Super Mario Bros, while The Wind Waker did not even reach the list.

Ocarina of Time: Still a Great Game

Yes, you heard me. Do not get me wrong, I simply loved The Wind Waker, and I also felt that the choice of style fit the series perfectly. It really made the world of Zelda more of a fantasy world, and a world you could dive into when you want to escape from reality. But, to me the experience offered by The Wind Waker simply did not match the one I got from playing Ocarina of Time, and you can read my full review of the game to find out why, because I will re-write the review here. What I want to put my finger on now, is that after the release of The Wind Waker, not one or two, but many Zelda fans are all of a sudden putting down Ocarina of Time by stating that it is infact a mere over-rated game, and that it does not match up to the excellency of The Wind Waker.

Of course The Wind Waker is a better game. It was released more than half a decade after Ocarina of Time, and anything else would have been a huge disappointment. But lets not forget, The Wind Waker uses so much of the elements that was first introducing to the 3D gaming world by Ocarina of Time. Take the Z-Targeting battle system for instance. Up until Ocarina of Time nothing even remotely similar had been seen, and now all this time after the introduction of this excellent addition to the gameplay was introduced, the newest and most revolutionizing game of todays uses basicly the exact same targeting system, with a few minor improvements implented. It is called evolution.

This but one out of many revolutionising elements introduced by Ocarina of Time, later to be re-used and perfectionized by The Wind Waker.

Conclusion, and Solution?

We are all Zelda fans, and that is what we must never forget. Even though each and everyone of us has a different vision of what is the perfect Zelda game, and what is not, there is no need to put down the games which happen to be loved more by someone else.

In my opinion the new group of The Wind Waker Fan-Boys as I like to call them, are just as bad as those who hate The Wind Waker simply because of its cel-shaded look. Like I already stated; I love The Wind Waker, and it is in my opinion the best game released on any of the current consoles. But the fact of the matter is that no matter how great this game is, there is no need to attack the older classics like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and A Link to the Past, simply because someone favour them over the newest game. This also apply the other way around, there is no need to say that The Wind Waker is a bad game based of the fact that it looks different that for instance Majora’s Mask, because it is a great game, and saying something else only proves a lack of the ability to see things from an objective point of view.

We are all Zelda fans, and we should always stand tall together against all of those who love to put down our beloved characters which includes Link, Ganondorf and Zelda. That we must never forget …