I have studied the similarities and links between the Zelda games before but this in depth could lead to what they were based on. First off we all know who Skull Kid is from Majora’s Mask, the mask is obviously designed from Maori art, the colours and patterns are very close to aboriginal art and carvings.

CoinThis is a coin from New Zealand (origin of the Maori people) , it is an older coin but look how similar the face is to Majora’s Mask, could Shigeru Miyamoto have been in New Zealand on holiday whilst thinking up the story of the game?. Check this, the name of the mask on the coin is the head of ‘Koruru’, very close to a word we know as ‘Kokiri’, Mr. Links home ground.

Another Coin Image Image

Remember the stray fairy guys, the floating fairies you had to find to complete the great fairies?, well this coin which I think is the 20 cent coin in New Zealand features a small sitting guy, he was based on a carving on the gateway of Pa in the Rotorua region over there in the 19th century. It belongs to the Arawa people who gave their permission to use it. Anyway these little guys are seen all over the world now, they are known by many names, some call them ‘Kodama’ others call them ‘Heitiki’ ect., they have been used in films such as Princess Mononoke where they were tree spirits who protected the forests, friendly and cute, they bare resemblance to the fairies in Majoras Mask (except they float), hey were supposed to protect the land, but as always it’s up to Link to do that in the end.


We all know about the creation of Hyrule, from the story told in Ocarina of Time. The three goddesses descended form the sky and swept across the land creating the desert, the sky and the water. Well this guy here is called Lono, he is a Polynesian god of fertility and he came to Earth from the sky and created the people of the islands from Hawaii to Aotearoa (New Zealand), which are known as the Polynesian triangle. Mythology becomes reality, but I don’t think Lono left a triforce behind somehow.

SculptureThe Ikana Factor

– Igos Du Ikana, the ancient deceased king of Ikana when alive was in command of his huge armies and travelled deep into the forests to slaughter the Deku Scrubs for sport and accomplishment, being at war with them at that time. The Deku outlived him and vastly outnumbered his armies even though I can’t imagine any scrub killing one of his soldiers, anyway, this figure is a carving is of the personal god of King Kamehameha the great, its name is Kuka’ilimoku’. The king gave this god credit for his great success in uniting the Hawaiian islands, similar to Lono. This figure was especially made and passed to succeeding generations of the royal family to preserve it. It was said that the chief Kahunas (priests) went deep into the forests to find and bless the correct wood for this carving before returning to the village where the master craftsmen were closely supervised to sculpt their god. Only 3 of these exist today. It is only loosely linked but could Igos be connected with gods we are not aware of?

The Masks

The masks play their biggest part in Majoras Mask but only because they derived from Ocarina of Time. The Giants mask and the mask that Odolwa wears are particularly interesting, as is the Fierce Deity’s mask. The Giants mask seen here is very similar to these masks produced by Polynesians. It was written that the Polynesians made no masks but this is untrue, they were used mostly for decoration rather than to be worn. The grooves and Tattoos are clearly seen on both. The mask that Odolwa wears is a spitting image of the one seen here, this mask was worn during tribal performances in which young men entertained onlookers by impersonating animal behaviour. This mask was found along with approximately 30 others at a tribal dancing ground. You might have noticed that when you face Odolwa in the game he dances around and shouts war chants at you to intimidate along with his vastly decorated body. Could there have been a 20 foot tall jungle warrior for real many years ago?

Image Image
Maori Warrior Tiki Masks

Giants Mask

Maori Warrior Tiki Mask

The Fierce Deity mask when put on by Link as we know turns him into a god, he has tatoos on his face, another Maori fighting tradition. Many of the Maori have tatooed bodies and faces to both intimidate and attract, why Majoras Mask was based heavily on all these things still remains a mystery, but it just goes to show that someone has actually done a lot of homework to create it. So those of you who thought it was a copy of Ocarina of Time with a different land to explore, it’s time to think again.



The trance dancer — African mask. Remind you of the thin faced kamaro?


The batik flame mask — Bremen mask anyone?