The Game Awards
DJ Hardwell to play Ocarina of Time remix at The Game Awards
By on December 2nd, 2015 1
DJ Hardwell has announced he will be performing an Ocarina of Time remix at The Game Awards! Hardwell has comfirmed his appearance alongside other famous artists, such as...
The 2015 Game Awards will once more take place in December
By on July 2nd, 2015 0
The Game Awards, produced by Geoff Keighley, will be returning this year in December. A few days after E3, the Game Awards's official Twitter account remarked on the "epic"...
Zelda U Game Awards presentation came through late, according to Geoff Keighley
By on April 7th, 2015 1
According to popular gaming journalist Geoff Keighley, the Zelda U presentation at The Game Awards came together rather last minute. American rock band Imagine Dragons showed...
GameXplain posts a zoomed-in version of the newest Zelda U footage
By on December 6th, 2014 20
GameXplain has posted a zoomed-in version of last night's gameplay footage of Zelda U, which premiered during The Game Awards.  When watching the gameplay in fullscreen, there...
Miyamoto and Aonuma show off Zelda U gameplay at The Game Awards
By on December 6th, 2014 39
At the end of The Game Awards held in Las Vegas tonight, Reggie Fils-Aime introduced Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma in a video, with the pair casually playing the new Zelda game...