Fantastically bearded man sings Zelda a capella
By on February 28th, 2013
YouTuber Smooth McGroove and his beard have been making extremely well-done a capella music videos for about two months now, and a majority of them are songs from The Legend of...
“Princess of Destiny” is the sweetest Zelda love song you’ll ever hear
By on January 22nd, 2013
There’s been a significant amount of musical talent featured on the front page of ZU recently, and this young lady is no exception! Ukulele in hand, YouTube user...
Zedd does The Legend of Zelda theme
By on April 9th, 2012
Famous DJ and producer Zedd has recently put out a remix of the original Legend of Zelda theme, which he has simply titled "The Legend of Zelda." It was featured at the Ultra...
Uncovering the “Song of the Hero”
By on March 2nd, 2012
LetsongaAkemi, known for her recorder/flute renditions of famous tunes on YouTube has recently released a video that helps us "uncover" the Song of the Hero from Skyward...
Three new Spontanius videos
By on April 6th, 2011
[YOUTUBE]nW6_QyOMOvQ[/YOUTUBE] You guys remember the Song of Healing on wine glasses?  Well here's three new videos from the same guy, Sp0ntanius.  The first one, which you can...