Perhaps the most well-known font of all, Triforce is commonly known as the logo font for The Legend of Zelda series. If you’ve ever played any Zelda game – or ever seen the logo for a Legend of Zelda game – then you’ve seen the Triforce font. Triforce is notorious for its overuse in representing anything and everything Zelda-related. Needless to say, it has cemented its place as the single most important Zelda font to have in your repertoire.

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Charlemagne is probably the most inconspicuous of fonts used in the The Legend of Zelda logo. Although you’ve probably never thought about it, you can catch Charlemagne in use in the “The Legend of” part of the logo, just above the “Zelda” name we know and love.

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Hylian Symbols

The Hylian Symbols font has been used across the web as an easy way to display and manipulate various recognizable symbols from the Zelda series. There are nineteen different symbols included in the font, not the least of which includes the Triforce, the Zora symbol, the Sheikah symbol, and the Royal Crest of Hyrule.

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Nintendo Fonts


Pretendo is a faithful recreation of Nintendo’s logo font. Perfect for anything you want to look Nintendo-esque!

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Continuum is a recreation of the Wii logo font. Although it’s not perfect, it’s great for anything that needs the modern, sleek typography of the Wii brand.

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Gamecuben is a recreation of the font used to create the GameCube logo. It’s quite faithful to the original GameCube font, though not perfect, and can be used to supply the angular, exciting look of the CameCube brand.

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Skyward Sword Fonts

SS Ancient Hylian

SS Ancient Hylian is the Hylian type style used in Skyward Sword, making it the earliest known version of Hylian. This Hylian language is based on English; each character corresponds to a letter of the English alphabet.

Fans had tried to crack the code, but were stumped as it seemed some of the letters were missing. It become clear that Nintendo intended for this typography to remain unreadable after Hyrule Historia claimed that the lettering is “too ancient to translate.” However, they underestimated Zelda Universe forum member Sarinilli who not only cracked the ancient Hylian language, but also turned it into a font. Sarinilli discovered a sign in the Lanayru Province (a region in Skyward Sword) that shows the full alphabet from A to Z. Her discovery revealed the reason why it was so difficult to translate: Nintendo reused three of the symbols to represent various letters.

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Twilight Princess Fonts

TP Hylian

TP Hylian appears in Twilight Princess. Each letter corresponds to a letter of the English alphabet. Unlike some of the other Hylian languages, many TP Hylian letters look similar to letters in the English alphabet. This makes TP Hylian (at least, the original version) fairly easy to read without a translation guide.

There are two forms of TP Hylian because Twilight Princess was released on both the Gamecube and Wii. The original (and therefore correct) version of the font is “TP Hylian – GCN”.

The Wii release of Twilight Princess mirrors the entire game, including the Hylian language. All of the characters are backwards. The mirrored font is “TP Hylian – Wii”.

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Ravenna is used to write the words “Twilight Princess” in the logo for Twilight Princess.

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The Wind Waker Fonts

Ancient Hylian

Ancient Hylian is the Hylian script that appears in The Wind Waker. The type style is used in a few cut scenes and is spoken by Valoo, the Great Deku Tree, and Jabun.

This character set is based on Japanese. You will have to learn to write in Japanese before you can accurately write messages with this font.

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American UncD is used in the logo for The Wind Waker. It is used only to write the word “the.”

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Sherwood is used to write the words “Wind Waker” in the logo for The Wind Waker.

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Ocarina of Time Fonts

Hylian 64

Hylian 64 is the Hylian text that appears in Ocarina of Time (it also appears in the sequel, Majora’s Mask). This was Nintendo’s first attempt at a Hylian language.

The characters in Hylian 64 correspond to Japanese hiragana. You will need to learn to write in Japanese to use this font correctly.

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Gerudo Typography

Long overlooked by most fans, the Gerudo’s Typography was seldom noticed. It only appeared in Ocarina of Time within the Spirit Temple (on the door, the snake statues, and in the boss room). Thankfully, Hyrule Historia provided a chart, unraveling this mystery. Zelda Universe forum member Sarinilli used the published information to create a font.

The letters of the Gerudo alphabet each correspond to a letter of the English alphabet.

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Link’s Awakening Fonts


Zelda DX TT BRK is the slanted pixel font used for dialogue throughout Link’s Awakening.

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A Link to the Past Fonts

Return of Ganon

Return of Ganon is used throughout A Link to the Past for all of the text in the game including dialogue and menu items. The font also includes the characters used as the “Hylian language” in North American release of A Link to the Past. These three characters have no meaning and cannot be translated or used to write meaningful messages.

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