Staff Openings

There’s a lot of work to be done around the Universe – we’re always looking for more people who want to help keep Zelda Universe the best and most informative Zelda site there is.

Although the list of positions below encompasses most of what we’re looking for, don’t think you’re stuck to one of them – you can do whatever you want, so long as it helps ZU!

Before You Apply

Although Zelda Universe is (literally) all about fun and games, we follow a very rigorous approval process to add new members to our team. Before you consider applying for a position at Zelda Universe, please be aware of the following:

  • Zelda Universe is run entirely by volunteers. That means we don’t pay our staff. However, we have plenty of perks: free games and consoles, trips to E3 and other gaming industry events, and more.
  • We only look at serious applicants. If you think you just want to work on one page, or work for just a month or two, please don’t submit an application.
  • It may take us several days to respond to your application. We need to talk amongst ourselves about a lot of candidates, so just hold tight while we lick our stamps.

Staff Positions

News Reporter

Zelda Universe is a huge media and news outlet for all things Zelda, so we’re constantly looking for talented journalists and writers to help scour the internet for news about Nintendo’s franchise. News Correspondents put up all of the news you see on our front page, as well as participate in and moderate the comments system.

A News Correspondent should minimally:

  • Be able to quickly find the latest news and updates about Zelda and Nintendo’s other major franchises
  • Have a strong grasp of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Be able to respond to comments by users and fuel friendly discussion
  • Be able to work with others to coordinate news posting

Previous journalism experience is a plus, but failing that we’d like to see examples of your writing ability. This could be blog posts, fiction or college assignments. Please be sure to attach at least one sample of your work with your application.

Guide Writer

These folks are the lifeblood of Zelda Universe, and create the content that populates the side from day to day. When new Zelda games come out, they write all of Zelda Universe’s guides and pages. In the meantime, they spruce up our current content to make it better and more informative.

A Content Manager should minimally:

  • Have extensive knowledge of one or many of the Zelda games
  • Have a strong grasp of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  • Be able to work with multiple people, including Graphic Artists, to create guides, walkthroughs, and informational pages about the Zelda series
  • Be willing to proofread teammates’ content for quality and consistency

No knowledge of coding or formatting is necessary to become a content manager – if you’re passionate about writing and Zelda, this is the position for you!

Graphic Designer

Designers keep ZU’s content looking spick and span by finding the highest quality images and artwork to accompany the Content Managers’ guides and the News Correspondents’ posts.

All the enemy, item and character artwork around the site, the contents of the gallery, the images that go along with the news on the site, and pretty much everything else made of pixels are all the products of our Graphic Artists. They also maintain Zelda Universe’s extensive image gallery.

A Graphic Artist should minimally:

  • Have very strong skills with recent versions of Adobe Photoshop or another powerful image editing tool
  • Be familiar with recent versions of Adobe Illustrator
  • Be able to coordinate with Content Writers and News Correspondents to provide the right images for their guide or post
  • Be able to both crop official artwork and create original graphics for special news posts, articles and guides
  • Be able to manage a large image gallery and keep it up to date with the highest quality Zelda images on the net
  • Help design and implement new skins on the forums and main site, and make adjustments to current designs

Being a Graphic Artist is one of the more labor-intensive jobs on the site, so make sure you have a passion for graphics work before you apply!

Features Editor

We are looking for a dedicated group of the most talented writers who enjoy thinking deeply about Zelda and its themes to create lengthy, detailed articles that reveal eye-opening aspects of Nintendo’s franchise.

An Article Writer should minimally:

  • Possess masterful linguistic abilities and have a deep passion for writing
  • Be able to think deeply about the Zelda franchise and articulate those thoughts clearly
  • Be prepared to write entire article series
  • Be able to work with Graphic Artists to gather the proper images and screenshots to be within your articles
  • Work with other article writers to produce roundtable discussions about new trailers, media and plot elements of Zelda Wii
  • Work with other article writers to produce jointly written articles

Being an article writer is a serious endeavor, and we’re only looking for the most talented and passionate writers to join the article team. If you think that’s you, send us an application!


Whenever Zelda Universe implements a new feature on the main site or forums, it’s got to be coded by hand. Most all of our features are custom or modified scripts, and very often our Code Wizards are out and about tweaking existing code to make it better, more stable and more compatible with multiple browsers.

Without Code Wizards, Zelda Universe wouldn’t even be here today – our developers have created everything from forum plugins to IRC bots to web layouts, and work very closely with our Graphic Artists to create usable, beautiful web interfaces.

A Code Wizard should minimally:

  • Have extensive knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS, including emerging standards
  • Have knowledge of PHP, JavaScript (including AJAX), and MySQL
  • Be able to identify and troubleshoot code issues on the main site and forums
  • Be able to implement cross-browser CSS fixes
  • Be willing and eager to add exciting new features to ZU that benefit everyone
  • Be able to work very closely with Graphic Artists to create usable and good-looking web interfaces
  • All work MUST pass W3C validation tests

Being a Code Wizard is an administrative position – it requires higher level access to parts of the site that we do not normally give other staff members. Therefore we are slightly more selective in choosing our Code Wizards than other positions. This is also an incredibly intensive job, so make sure you have a passion for web development before asking for this position.

How to Apply

If you want to apply to Zelda Universe, please send an email to with your application.  An application should be sent from your primary email address and consists of:

  • Your name
  • Your username on ZU or Zelda (if applicable)
  • Your age (don’t worry, there’s no age requirement)
  • IM screennames we can use to contact you (Skype, preferably)
  • What position you’re applying for
  • Your past experience working on a website (if applicable)
  • A detailed description of how you want to help out Zelda Universe
  • Any other information you’d like to add

Please note that we’re only looking for the best applications. Before you submit your application, you should thoroughly proofread it for spelling errors, grammatical errors, or any other errors of any kind – most of our positions rely on writing skill, so we consider this one of the most important qualities an applicant can have.