Trading Sequence

Yoshi Doll

This doll can be first acquired right in Mabe Village. Head over to the Trendy Game and the Yoshi Doll is smack in the middle. Remember that you can only move the crane twice, and you will have no trouble snagging it.


Take your newly acquired Yoshi Doll and travel to the northern part of the village. Visit the newly wed couple, and give the doll to the mother, and she will present you with this Ribbon.

Dog Food

Take the ribbon you have acquired and visit the small left room of Madam MeowMeow’s house, to find a small chomp. Give her the ribbon and she will offer you her prized possession, some Dog Food!


Take the Dog Food to the shores of Koholint Island. Along the northern edge of the sands you will find a small house with a Crocodile as its owner. He happens to be a can collector, so in exchange he will offer you a bunch of Bananas!


While on your quest for the Golden Leafs, you will stumble across a small monkey. Give the monkey your Bananas and he will proudly trade you this stick.


After you finish your adventure in the Key Cavern, you will find that Tarin is away from home. He is actually near a tree with a Honeycomb stuck up there. Give him the stick and he will let you have the Honeycomb when he gets it down from the tree.


Take your brand-new Honeycomb to the Animal Village. Take it to the bottom right house and visit the Bear Chef. Give him the Honeycomb and he will present you with this Pineapple.

Hibiscus Flower

While exploring Tal Tal Heights, you will notice a starving man wasting away. Offer him your Pineapple, and he will give you the rare Hibiscus Flower.


Travel back to the Animal Village and visit the Goat lady. She will gladly accept the flower and ask you to deliver this Letter.


The letter goes to no one else but Mr. Wright, who lives north of the woods near Mabe Village. Take the letter to him and he will give you one of his only possessions, a Broom!

Fishing Hook

Travel to the bottom left of Mabe Village to find the women who is always sweeping. Give this Broom to her and she will give you an odd item, the Fishing Hook!


Once you have the ability to swim, travel to Martha’s Bay and swim near the bridge by the Mermaid statue and dive under it. Give the hook to the fisherman and he will give you this beautiful Necklace.


Bring the shiny necklace the fisherman just presented to you to the Mermaid in Martha’s Bay. She will then let you pick a Scale off her fin!

Magnifying Glass

Travel to the other side of Martha’s Bay near the bridge where you received the Necklace. Find the Mermaid Statue and place the scale on it. Travel down the cave and find the Magnifying Glass.


In the bottom right part of the beach near the shores of Koholint, find the crack in the wall and bomb it to reveal a cave. Now you can see the invisible being and he will offer to trade your Shovel for the Boomerang! What a nice trade!

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