Secret Seashells

Seashell Checklist

  • Cut the grass in front of the first shop (in the middle).
  • Dig in the center of MeowMeow’s dog house.
  • Bomb a wall on far west side of the Tail Cave (the first dungeon).
  • There is one under a rock in the mysterious forest, it’s near a treasure chest.
  • In the grass, just south of the lonely grave.
  • Once you have the first five, enter the Seashell Mansion and you will get another!
  • Dig in the center of the cross at the Key Cavern.
  • In Ukuku Praire, underneath a rock.
  • Dig in front of the owl on top of the plateau.
  • Cut down all the bushes east of the Seashell Mansion. There’s one in there somewhere!
  • Once you have ten seashells, enter the Seashell Mansion once again, and you will get yet another.
  • A bush by the statue of Martha.
  • In one of the chest’s in Richard’s Villa.
  • South of Mabe Village, there is a tree. If you ram it, you will get another
  • Ram the tree near the phone booth at the Signpost Maze.
  • Dig near the owl in Martha’s Bay.
  • There is one under a rock in the Varna Desert.
  • Under an Armos Statue in the face shrine.
  • On an island with a single bush.
  • On an island just south of Martha’s Bay with a single bush.
  • In the ghost’s house. Lead the ghost first.
  • In Tal Tal mountains, look under all the rocks.
  • Lone chest on the mountain.
  • On the island within the rapids.
  • Use the rooster to get the one that is just outside of Konolit Castle.
  • Outside the northern exit to eagle tower.
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