[Forum] Sonic Universe

      [Forum] Sonic Universe

      Since I found out that Forumotion.com has many additional features to customize our website at no-cost, I decided to migrate to this forum hosting service. After a few good months of creating boards and tweaking the settings, I have now finalized it. I wish to ask of anyone who is interested in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise to come and try out the new forums. I have also made other boards that are open to subject matter that isn't in any way related to Sonic if you are up to more casual discussions (such as life, music, television, books, and other forms of entertainment). So, get on posting and have fun!

      Also, to anyone who is adept in the graphics department, we are in need of a logo to remember us by. If you have any designs or ideas for potential logos, post them in this thread. Thank you.

      Here is the link to the forum index: Free forum : Sonic Universe

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      I have always wanted to join a soinic forum with active members... but since this is brand new, ill just leave it.

      And I dont think its very polite to copy zelda universe and name it sonic universe.