Legend of Zelda: Menace of Time

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      Legend of Zelda: Menace of Time

      Long time ago, Hyrule prospered under the Council of the Seven Sages, the land was made rich and justice caused crime to disappear...... but then in order to restore balance to the world a terrible Being manifested like a flame and reeked havoc upon Hyrule. The people scorched the sky with smoke in an effort to burn it down, as the world seemed to be coming to an end, the Sages sent the People of Hyrule below the surface into a vast underground sanctuary and sealed it for a great time, in hope that when the seal broke that the Beast would have past on.... what became of the beast, none yet now.....

      Link (14)wakes up at Niko(the tenth)'s Power-Plant (where Link works) and goes though a basic game play tutorial, then the mail arrives and you receives a letter from your friend (future wife but 14 now, psychic but very few people know, haven't thought of a name yet)

      Hi Link
      Wanted to say Happy Birthday
      just in case Mr.Niko doesn't give
      you the day off, I have a present
      I want to give you next time you
      come Home.

      Hope to see you soon
      <3 (Name)

      Niko appears behind you after your done reading and says; Oh, I forgot today was your Birthday, well I guess I can give you the rest of the day off. You go home and your friend gives you a small wood figuring called

      (Friends last name) Figuring;
      Only members of the (last name) family
      know how to make these, supposedly
      these carry mystic powers

      When you leave the house a Royal Guard is standing there and tells you that; Her Majesty, Zelda and her council have summoned you to a meeting.
      :D Beat the OoT, TP, WW, and ST 3-heart Challenge and died less the ten times :D

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