The Deadliest Illness

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      The Deadliest Illness

      The Deadliest Illness

      Your pulse quicken, images forgotten, you look to me with forgotten eyes
      Your gentle smile, thriving for miles, through hurt and pain, never again will be the same
      Your hand rest in mine, Such little time, your fragile,
      Your name whispered amongst the tongues of angels, its your time.
      From the silver velvet of your hair, from the wisdom you carried remains heavily scarce.
      The illness you carried, would alter the pain remained buried, your life slipping with each verse.
      Before you go, to the paradise promised, would you like to know,
      the impact you brought within my life, symbolized as an angels light of life and love?
      Would you like to know, that begotten wisdom you thrived to instill in me, has taken forth?

      Before you go, on the journey there after, to which I cannot commend
      I beam with glory, as God held his heart dear, to this journey you shall begin
      Watchful eyes as of pouring moonlight, there he'll stare never leaving,
      He'll be there to guide you through, smile though your last moments, breathe without fearing.
      Beside your bed, watching your breath arise, slowly as a token of momentum, a sacrifice
      The presentation of past actions, pain, envy, jealousy, happiness, enrage, ring forth to your eyes.
      In your last moments, the actions you bestowed in life you neither cared for worthless stress of life's lies.

      The moment your life was poured within your lifeless shell, this illness remained withheld,
      from the first breath you allowed, to the last breath, your illness rebelled
      This illness taking your life, just as the clock of life hums its sadistic tick,
      This illness we all carry, its never buried, it never fades, like timeless wine.
      This illness is the illness of "life", to which we all suffer
      Never missing a soul born onto this earth, look within, you carry this trait!

      Now here you lie, time has abide by the battle you fought yet never succeed,
      the sadness rang, as death bells alongside your soul, its your time, it's you who the angels need
      The illness has won, life has worn you to the limit
      The life has slipped from your breathless shell, in awe I stare, with tears I weep
      Here you lie with The Deadliest Illness, the illness of life a battle never to be won.

      Navii_ ©2007-2012

      I wrote this in 2007 for my friends Mothers funeral, I didn't realize how much death affected me until I re read this Poem, an I'd like to share it with you all :3nod...
      Its a sad thig to know that eventually we'll expire. Death is a sickness we can't even conquer.
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      That is some pretty powerful material. You deal with very tough subjects. Do you plan to write more poetry?
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      BEASTJAZZ wrote:

      That is some pretty powerful material. You deal with very tough subjects. Do you plan to write more poetry?

      Thank you!!
      I know, there are some heavy things that
      I tend to deal with very heavy subjects
      because thats really what ive been exposed too....
      But yes actually im posting another poem quite soon
      sensitive material though but thanks for posting!!
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