Things you wish made it into Skyward Sword (aka, what would you add or change?)

      ...this relates more to story, and a lot of things I would have liked to have seen gameplay and mechanicswise have already been said by others.

      The Invasion of Skyloft. Seriously, three big friggin holes in the cloud barrier, and Ghirahim WOULDN'T go "Wait, those morons just opened up THEIR world to me to get down here...and the Triforce is...up there...WHEEEEEE!"? That would have been an epic story moment, and a place for some of the secondary characters to get a chance to shine as well. Not to mention an awesome place for a "last battle before his end" With Ghirahim, or in place of the Fire Sanctum fight, which honestly felt like it was put there because they almost forgot to have a third Ghirahim fight. That, or replace one of the Imprisoned fights with this moment. Who else could see a total storming of the last bastion of hylian civilization by Ghirahim's hordes?
      "Look to the Skies...a Hero will come."
      ^^ Yeah, that is massively awesome, I can't believe Ninty didn't think of that. It would have been awesome as they could have shown all the knight academy dice up some Bobkoblins, and those bird squad people dive on them. It could have ended in this cool boss fight where Ghirahim comes and stops the hordes of enemies and asks for Link and then after a fight where you push Ghirahim towards the edge of the courtyard area and then he turns it around and throws you off the cliff and you get into a bird boss fight with Ghirahim just using his magic to conjure up a harlequin dragon and you fight him in the sky and eventually you dive off your bird and onto his dragon and throw Ghirahim to the surface and you jump after him and enter a mid air fistfight and as you get close to the surface Link opens the sailcloth and Ghirahim falls to the ground and you close your sailcloth and hold your sword to Ghirahim throat as he lays on the ground but he teleports and escapes.

      The only thing I wanted was for SS to have a large, densly populated sky. It felt so empty with only one place to visit. They could have put in different towns and made a sort of town rivalry competition where Link can compete in various sports for Skyloft. They might of added a whole town alliance system in which you can forge friendships or make enemies of other towns.

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      DasGroose wrote:

      or you could sleep in random people's beds...

      I always think its humorous how you can just sleep in some random person's bed and they don't seem to notice or mind, yet you open up their cabinet and you get the lecture about not opening someone's cabinet without permission.

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      Actually I found the tadtone part to be very fun myself.

      I think we can all agree that the escort mission with scrapper up Eldin volcano was the worst part in the entire game... It was completely unneeded and annoying.

      Disagreed. The justification for it was stupid, but I actually enjoyed it. Gave me another chance to scale Eldin Volcano with new enemies and a twist. And it provided an opportunity to get in some archery game-play after getting the bow so late.

      Tadtones only highlighted the wonky swimming controls and took the place of what could have been a much more worthwhile quest (the possibilities were numerous). And the "justification" (that Faron needed to test you one more time) was every bit as ridiculous as the one for protecting Scrapper.

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      In no favourable order, here are a list of things I really wanted there to be:
      The Ancient Sages (there symbols alone wasn't enough)
      Zoras (they were placed by Parella! WHY?)
      More Sheikah, their history, the Hidden Village (it would explain where they were hiding)
      Connected overworld
      More towns (there was only one, the other races were scattered without homes)
      The sky to have been like the Great Sea, with lots of civilized island and secrets
      The secondary characters of Skyloft (the ones at the Knight Academy) to have had a special involvement in the story later in the game in the same way that Grosse did
      No tadtone quest (I might never forgive Faron for how long it took me even with dowsing)
      No Scrapper!

      Despite the flaws and downgrades from the previous games, it was still a brilliant, beautiful game.
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      More sky islands...inhabited by other Skyloftian inhabitants of course...At least have Four islands total that are "Heavily" inhabited..Three residential And have three historians who later help you in your Triforce Quest..and one more island for community interaction like the schools,Bazaar and separate shops etc......The Skyloft in the could've filled that role....Besides these four Islands I think the Loftwings should've had an isle of origin...More Isles like the Lumpy pumpkin would've been nice...Give Beatreaux monster living beneath an origin isle where more of his people live...side dungeons in the sky and More to do in ThunderHead...Make the sky worthwhile to be...More minigames with Loftwings and Sidequests with Loftwings to earn new attacks etc....(Skyfarms)

      Guardian Cubes:complete opposite of Goddess cubes..they are found in the sky and activate isolated areas on the ground..

      on the surface more areas within the three areas would've been nice,,Ghirahim should have been placed in side temples and give us two new bosses for skyview and fire sanct....Trading sequences are a must...Something to do in the Past...3 or 4 more Surface temples....Or like skyview makes us Revisit temples with new areas unlocked the next time area....Connect the surface areas somehow..use secret passages...anything is better than being asked if you'd like to return to the sky....again and again.....also..populate the Sand sea with more isles...
      A better Skyloft/Surface transition. Instead of having a small circle available, make the whole region available! Then we can fly to the surface and over it, but certain things (like Bokoblins shooting cannons at you for example) will disable you from landing there. After clearing that hazard/multiple hazards you can land anywhere in the region.

      What do you think?
      I think that the Lanayru Province should have reverted back to it's vast green landscape whenever you revived the Thunder Dragon. The reason why Lanayru was a desert in the first place was because the Thunder Dragon wasn't there to protect it, I believe. So why didn't it return to it's former self upon the Thunder Dragon's resurrection?
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      Hotkeys and sword moves/techniques.

      No idea why they took out the extremely convenient hotkeys and put in the crappy circular select system.

      Also sword techniques was one of the best points of Twilight Princess. You felt badass pulling out a helmsplitter or even more badass doing a Mortal Draw.
      1. I would have liked a suspenseful chase scene - kind of like how the guardians chase after you, but between Link, Ghirahim, and Zelda instead. Ghirahim could be chasing Zelda, with Link chasing him as Ghirahim, and Link has to stop him before they reach a certain place, or before time runs out, because Zelda gets caught.

      2. More about the Dominion Rod. I was expecting SS Link to be the "messenger of the heavens" as Impaz said in TP, but it wasn't even mentioned.

      3. Like Link Harkanian said, I would've actually liked if Ghirahim had attacked Skyloft. I remember before SS came out, some of us thought that he actually would because of some of the trailers. This would have been awesome, because then the fight against Ghirahim would suddenly get much more personal, because he just destroyed your home. I was really excited about this, but it never happened, of course...

      4. I would've absolutely loved if the Gerudo had been in it. When the robot was talking about pirates taking his ship, my excitement exploded. But... I was disappointed again. :(

      5. The creation of Dark Link. It wouldn't necessarily have to be like this, but before SS came out, I was thinking that it would've been cool if Ghirahim ended up turning into Dark Link somehow...
      - Make the small islands of Skyloft have a purpose.

      - Have more towns. It was disappointing to me where there weren't many towns, but instead, minor areas that didn't feel like towns, but just a "safe" area if you know what I mean.

      - Make the puzzles more thought provoking. Good god, I loved the puzzles, but they could have attempted to actually make them challenge the player instead of it being straight forward.

      - Make the dungeons bigger and have a more confusing layout. Past Zelda games had far bigger dungeons and simply having a confusing layout can challenge the player. Great Bay is a great example. It was linear set in a non-linear way.

      - Would have loved to see the Shiekah tribe and the Zoras.

      - Would have liked to know why there were hardly any Gorons and why they hardly have any knowledge of the Sky and The Surface (to an extent) until they research about it.

      - And would have liked more connections between Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time. For example like if the Goddess Statue's location is the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time.

      - One last thing, take away the dang Imprisoned Battles. One was enough. The 2nd and 3rd ones (Mostly the 2nd one) was cheap as fuck! I'm glad they gave you a bit of an easy way to kill him the 3rd time.
      •Needed more sidequests.
      •Needed more boss battles.
      •Needed more with the harp. You just kinda swish your hand and...that's it. No specific songs like in past games. Nothing to warp with (Fi did that). Songs don't open doors up. The music needed a bigger role. And the harp should have gone through more. Like, begin with a heirloom of Zelda's. By the end of the game, you either get a new one or it transforms into a holy harp.
      •More CLOTHING! Unless I missed any new tunics.
      •Zelink interaction.
      •Ice cavern.
      More little nooks and crannies in the world below the clouds. There wasn't much to explore. And I couldn't stand how can't exactly travel from each province to the other without going to Skylift first.
      •Fairy fountains.

      That is all.
      The dowsing ability was an alright idea, but for a Zelda game, exploring by yourself and finding new items and quest items is a big part of it, even definitive for a Zelda game. It is not mandatory to use the dowsing ability, but they could have used the time they took to make the dowsing ability instead for implementing a real-time system so you would not have to sleep in a bed for it to turn to night or day, let you fly at night, and have more and better side quests.
      Apart from more towns and areas to explore, I would've wanted them to make the silent realm challenges more diverse. Initially I thought the whole "getting orbs while avoiding enemies with no items to defend yourself" was only unique to the courage trial, and it made sense. It would've been great if for the wisdom challenge they gave you some puzzle and for the power trial have you fight some enemies.