I would like to see a future game where you travel and play as Zelda. I think that while Link is doing his things Zelda has to over come hardships herself. I think this would appeal to a lot of girl players like myself.

      Maybe a more detailed Ocarina of Time or add new features like swimming (Like in Majora's mask because my opinion is that is the best swimming in all gamedom), or add more stuff like side quests.

      Something that does a little bit of every game to show the time line.

      And that's all I can think of...
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      I normally shun stuff like this.....but after seeing Skyward Sword, I must agree. Zelda needs some gametime, and no, if someone reccemends the CDI games...I will begin to kill kittens...

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      I have often wondered what it would be like to play as Zelda/Sheik in a game taking place during Ocarina of Time. I think it would be really cool to see what she was up to while link was awakening the sages.

      I would also be cool with seeing a completely new story where we play as zelda! Anything would be better than that tingle game fail O.o
      Personally I'm pretty much against something like this. I mean even though the name of the series is misleading, the games pretty much revolve around Link, and follow his quest to (in most cases) save the princess. Having someone take over for parts of the games just doesn't seem right for the Zelda games, and especially not if it's the helpless princess we get to control. I've only seen one instance of this in the games, and that was during the Kafei quest in Majora's Mask.

      But then again, it's probably because I'm such a nostalgia freak, and way too opposed of change, and the games has gotten a lot of new mechanisms, where I've actually liked a lot of them.

      So really, if this was too be implemented in one of the later games, I'd say it'd have to be another type of main character or some kind of important side character we'd get control of, and not Zelda. She may've had her own little quest during Skyward Sword, and have general been quite a bit tougher than in other games, but I still don't think being a controlable character would suit her.
      I wouldn't mind playing as Zelda but I wouldn't want her to be the main controllable character. I would like to see something like playing as Peach in Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, where you get to play as a different character for a short time after defeating a boss. Just to see how Zelda is holding up while Link is killing all the bad guys.
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      This does sound like an interesting concept that might actually add a little bit more diversity in the series. We have played as Link enough, and Link in the forms of other things like Gorons or Zoras. I loved the parts in Wind Waker where you could control Medlii and Makar and I have wanted a little more of that in future games.

      I'm wondering what exactly Zelda gameplay would be like. Somehow I keep thinking that her parts of a game would be much much more puzzle heavy and lighter on the combat. Mot so much in any sexist sense but mostly from the ideal that Zelda represents wisdom while Link represents Courage. It makes a little bit of sense for her to be the smarter one that takes on the various mysteries of the dungeons.

      We have seen in a few games in the past that Zelda often knows her way with a bow although using a bow as a main weapon might be a chore after a while. But I would like the Zelda Gameplay to be separate from the Link gameplay. Is she was just a clone of Link then it brings nothing new to the game at all.
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      I beg to differ.

      Japan has the tendency to make females armor/combat clothing the most ridicules thing you could ever wear to combat. It's either an armored bikini (Queen's Blade), short shorts and a high cut shirt (Lightning) or a huge, pointless dress.

      U MIRIN' BRAH?

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      I would love to play as a Zelda, but the said Zelda should be wearing a green tunic. What I mean is, the said Zelda is a so-called 'Link' (the somewhat fake name that applies to any Hylian-born hero who wears a green tunic). It would be interesting to have, as revealed in Skyward Sword, a woman born with both the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero. I mean, why can't we have a Zelda who is born destined to be a hero? Aka, what we call a 'Link'.

      Instead of having a descendant of Hylia and a random male with the hero's spirit, merge the two concepts.
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      I always thought something like this would be interesting to try in a game. Not getting rind of Link as the playable character altogether but have areas where you can switch between the two. The ideas a bit like how switching between Medli and Link in WW, except she has a full set of her own moves, not just run and fly.

      Basically I think she should go on the adventure with you, kind of like ST, but she alive and well this time. Most of the time you can switch between Link and Zelda. Each of them have different abilities. You'll have to move between the two in order to overcome different obstacles which normally can't be soved on your own. If you think about it, it would really give them a ton of different ideas in order to create puzzles in the world as well as making Zelda earn her place on the title. Also, if Nntendo really wanted to go the extra mile with it, they could try adding like a coop option with something like this.

      So I guess I'm mixing in ideas from WW, ST, and FS/FSA here, but I think something like this could really work out well. Plus if they wanted to do another romance thing between Link and Zelda, they could go crazy with it on this one.
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      Symbiotic: I can see it but it wouldn't be enough for me.
      Jin: I concur, what is she going to do to the monsters? Harp them to death?! tee hee.
      She has become more "bad ass" Example: Pushing Link off of Skyloft and "telling Groose off" by pointing at him and saying back off he's my betch. And yes there is the whole Sheik thing.
      If there was going to be a game where Zelda was the main character they could call it: The Legend of Link: Link... Yeah dumb but it goes with what Olli97 said about the game title already being misleading.
      Hmmm maybe she could harp them to death... >.>

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      Red Shadows wrote:

      I beg to differ.

      Japan has the tendency to make females armor/combat clothing the most ridicules thing you could ever wear to combat. It's either an armored bikini (Queen's Blade), short shorts and a high cut shirt (Lightning) or a huge, pointless dress.

      Yeah but save the making of Zelda slutty for the internet. It would be huge, pointless dress or her master of disguise Sheik look, or any other outfit she wore in the past.
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      Honestly I do not see why it could be an issue. Zelda actually goes through more variations and appearances than Link or Ganondorf. Plus she has twice been an adventuring type of character before in Tetra and Sheik. This shows us that Nintendo is perfectly willing to be a little more imaginative when it comes to creating a unique Zelda for a future sequel. Plus they do not mind making her another adventure type of character as well instead of the same old damsel in distress. So long as she does not take any gameplay away from Link and much of her help is more behind the scenes.

      Which is sort of how I would see a Link/Zelda game. Each would have their own missions independent of each other. And only occasionally one would find the other and temporarily help the other and then go back to their own mission.