Erato (the seiren)

      Erato (the seiren)

      Just a note: This character may resemble some or one of my existing characters and does in fact share one of their names, but is an independent creation. Just so ya knows.

      Name: Erato
      Nickname /Alias: Pearl
      Age: 24
      Apparent Age: N/A
      Sex: Female
      Race: Seiren
      Height: 5'6''
      Weight: 140lbs
      Eye Color: Aqua Marine/silver
      Hair Color/Style: Platinum blonde
      Skin Color/Complexion: Pale peach

      Appearance: Erato has a small, curvaceous form. Her skin is a tainted ivory with pastel, blue-white scaled patterns on various parts of her body. They take a circular, spiral-like pattern on her palms with thin viny strands that reach up her arms and to the shoulders. The scale patterns on her back become thicker and viny, but concentrated only on the spine. The tailbone is where this line of scales abruptly splits and thins, weaving down the outer area of the thighs and calves and ending in the bridge of the foot with a similar viny pattern that is on the hands. Somewhat independent of this stream of scales are the scaled gills at the bottom of her neck.

      What is most important to note about the scales is the pattern on her face. It does not appear to be interconnected with the scales on the other parts of her body and is pure silver in color. There is only a single viny splosh above the left eye, an arching pattern of curves and spirals that begin at the cheekbone, run above the eyebrow, and end before the middle of the forehead.

      Erato’s eyes are a vibrant aqua marine, her left eye having a minor discoloration to make a slight silver tinge. Her snowy blond hair is fine grained and silky, long enough to reach the shoulder blades but usually tightly tied up in braids. She keeps her nails well trimmed and is very well groomed, always taking care to wash the slight webbed skin about her fingers and toes. For the sake of some discretion, Erato generally parts her bangs to conceal a good portion of the left side of her face.

      Erato's ears do not have human lobes. There are distinct holes on either side of her head and a fin-like membrane that resembles the shape of a human ear, but they are able to close over the holes when needed.

      She originally adopted airy silks for walking about on land, but living conditions forced her around water; she takes on short cotton dresses in pastel colors (these are never white) with short capped sleeves and prefers to have some manner of flourish on them, be it ruffles or embroidery. Beneath the dress,rather than traditional undergarments, Erato wears what could only be referred to as swimwear, a sleeveless and legless unisuit made of thick cotton that is dark blue in color and ties about the shoulders with thin leather cords.

      Weapon(s): None.

      Armor: None.

      Carried Possessions:

      Herbal Stock- Erato always keeps a leather purse containing salves, tinctures, dried herbs, and tea bags organized into pockets and pouches. These are extracts and mixes of various plants, namely: chamomile, thyme, cayenne, willow bark, coltsfoot, passionflower, marshmallow root, aloe, wort, ginger, calendula, spearmint, basil, comfrey, horsetail, shepherd’s purse, marigold, sage and sorrel. This was acquired merely from years of being a healer among the Sirenes.

      Healing supplies- Erato also carries needed supplies in healing, including tweezers, small pincers, silk suture, a needle, gauze, white vinegar, cleaning cloth, and a soothing honey-herb mixture for cleaning. There are also tools for gathering herbs (namely gloves and a small trowel), cleaning them, and using them. This entails a cheesecloth, ceramic cup, mortar and pestle, and small knife for cutting. This is carried in her pack that includes her other traveling items.

      Ink, Quill and Field Journal- A book kept and written by Erato containing detailed descriptions of used herbal remedies, healing techniques, and known herbs.

      1 Set of Clothing – Erato wears a pastel-blue dress that is sleeveless, tying about the shoulders and upper arms with cords beaded with white perals. The skirt runs halfway down her calves, artfully pleated to make graceful folds. The bodice and hem of the dress is embroidered with white flowers with tiny pearls sewn into the center of each one. Though she avoids wearing shoes as much as possible, she also has light leather slippers that cover her heel and toes. She also carries a full-length, dark blue cloak with a hood that she wears when seeking discretion among crowds.

      Lyre of Pearls- Crafted after the Seiren style, Erato carries a lyre crafted from the wood of her homeland's white teak trees and a variety of polished pink and white shells. The wood base makes up the majority of the frame with the pearls complimenting it in long curves, and the scattering of shells add minor decoration. The strings are made from fine silk and the musical quality is among the finest of Seiren designs, giving the instrument a soft, yet resounding sound.


      Erato has a Seiren “gift” from Videre (a goddess of her people), which gives her particular insight into the potential danger of an area. It’s a gut feeling more than anything else, not coming in visions or even direct thoughts. She can sense the approach of both emotional and physical damage to herself (not to others unless their demise would cause her pain) if it is within her relative proximity. She can even tell the direction in which danger is headed towards her, though the reason or source of it may not be clear.
      Limits: The actual cause of danger may not be determined, and the radius of personal danger is limited to around 100 feet. There are some exceptions, but no particular time frame of premontion before the danger occurs. The stronger the sensation, however, the closer danger usually is.
      Side-Effects: If Erato is in a place where even minor danger surrounds her (like a city where many accidents are prone to happen), she can easily be overwhelmed to the point of being disjointed, paranoid, and frightened.

      Oceanus' Gift: Erato can breathe underwater, adjust her air pressure to sink or float, and has special ears and an additional set of eyelids that protect the eyes underwater.

      Battle Strengths: Erato is an excellent swimmer and physically fit, so the one thing she might be able to do is run when she senses a fight approaching.
      Battle Weaknesses: Erato has no formal training or particular strength on her side in the case of a fight, so she can easily be wounded.

      Other: Erato is a maker of poetry and music, which means she is skilled in singing, writing in verse, and playing her lyre. She also tends to smell like the water she's nearest to, which could be anything from grass to moss to sea brine.

      Personality: Erato is a quiet and gentle soul, but is not particularly naive. She prefers a peaceful atmosphere and takes no joy in exploiting others, but often has a rather satiric sense of humor. Her power of sight that is a gift of her race causes a great deal of confusion within herself and a resulting need for solitary reflection, but she still feels a need for others' company.

      Erato is also born of a race that is entirely female in composition and that lives in a matriarchal society. The result is a strong enigma for men of any race, respect for children, and love of arts. She is a pacifist that eats only fish for meat and is used to clean and well-kept environments, which in her case means unpolluted as opposed to bare and unnaturally tame. Her strong religious beliefs tie to three main gods: Oceanus, god of the ocean, Videre, goddess of truth and prophesy, and their daughter, Formosa, goddess of philosophy and art.

      Because Seirens are the literal descendants of Formosa (who mated with a human male to form the first of their race), they consider themselves above the “primal lessers” that live beyond their peaceful island. Erato shares this view, both fearing and looking down upon those outside of her race that do not share longevity in age and the “gifts” bestowed from her divine heritage.

      Likes: Erato has a love of nature, particularly the sea, warm climates, and philosophical discussion.
      Dislikes: Outsiders, adventure, physical excertion.
      Fears: Erato does have a certain fear of strangers not of her own race, having heard of a great deal of slavery, exploitation, and violence beyond her home island, Silva.
      Virtues: Erato is well learned and well spoken, profound in her thoughts and generally willing to help others.
      Vices: Erato is prideful to the point of disdaining others not of her race or even poetic interests, easily frightened, and fairly uninvested in her relationships with others, even those close to her.

      History: Erato lived with her mother and sister during her childhood, but never quite seemed to make strong ties with either. She took to the study of healing early in her life and instead spent considerable time with one of the Shrine of Pearls' (a sanctuary of healing and study within the main city of Silva) former students, of which she eventually became an apprentice. Later in her life, she chose to further her studies alone near one of the harbors, exchanging her healing service with local craftswomen for information and money. Her gift has made it difficult to grow close to others, but she finds great peace in tending to the weak and weary. Her personality has grown to be a very autonomic one, but she does feel afraid when out of the presence of living beings. Despite her fears of the outside world, she continued to feel a nameless need to leave her home and venture out to learn more and perhaps fill the loneliness she felt within herself.

      Thus, with great faith in her innate gift and blossoming desire, Erato left Silva for the first time when she was barely 24 years old.

      Racial Background: It is not clear whether Oceanus came from the ocean or if the ocean came from Oceanus, but they are often inseparable as far as characteristics go. Sometimes Oceanus is depicted as a man with blue skin and a beard of seafoam or a cross between man and fish. Some deem him a giant whale while still others say he is part of the water itself, a soul in the waves. Even the seirens know little of his true appearance, seeing him only in dreams and visions.

      It is said that the seirens gained aspects of the ocean from Oceanus, namely their gills, scales, and organs that allow them to hear, see, and move with ease in water. While all seirens share these basic attributes, there are variations of build and skin/scale color among the race. Smaller seriens are generally pale with pastel colored scales, ranging anywhere from light blue to a faint purple. Seriens of larger build are generally more fit for land, having little to no webbing between ligaments, thicker scales, and dark skin color that ranges from vibrant red to deep blue.

      All seirens also receive a gift from Videre, which is formed during pregnancy and finished just after birth. The spectrum of this gift is vast, its consequences far reaching. It can be as simple as an innate ability to know the favorite animal of any person or knowing whether someone is lying or not. It may be a gift of prophesy in regards to mortal fate or an uncanny ability to predict weather days in advance. At any rate, each gift pertains to seeing truth in the unseen or in uncertainty. Sometimes this gift can be seen in specific marks, which are subtle, but significant. Seriens with abnormal scale variations, eye shape and color, or other such things indicate a gift that is closely related to its location on the body.

      It is believed that Formosa carried these two sides of herself into her children. Her immortality, however, was not passed on. She is able to shape shift between the form of a fish and woman, sometimes mixing the two to become the famed mermaid. There are rumors that she mated with other creatures and gods to form other beings, but these are not known to the seirens. What is known is that they descended through a human male who was nearly lost at sea.

      Formosa and the human male (Caern Elnea) lived in a jungle sanctuary Formosa had happened upon in her travelers. She was a constant wanderer who loved to hear the music of mortals, bestowing her gift of insight upon musicians and philosophers of the ancient ages to give them law and art. While drifting over the sea, she saw Caern weakly clinging to the remains of a ship. He had been only a simple fisherman who had drifted far from home, but his brawny form and deep voice pleased the goddess. She bore him up in his arms and whisked him away to a nearby island, greatly amused when he awoke to behold a woman with a fish's tail.

      Formosa was enchanting to the man, who eagerly accepted her care and the island as his home in exchange for the songs and stories of his people. His simplicity and humility continually won her affection until they both gave themselves to one another. It wasn't long before Formosa found herself with child, and three daughters were born.

      The result was horrifying to Caern. Daughters with hair white as seafoam and eyes of sunlit water he held in his astonished arms. One of them had skin white as ivory, another of deep blue, and the third was peach in color. Each were delicate in form with all the gifts of Oceanus, but none of them had any semblance of their father. He thought he had given life to a set of imp fish, having only the remote resemblance of a human. There and then he declared Formosa a seducing monster and made to throw the children against the rocks.

      Formosa, being the daughter of the ocean god, caused the sea to rise up and save her children, which he lost as a vast tide swept him up and offshore. Formosa could not bring herself to kill the man even in her fit of anger, but took the reason from his mind as the ocean carried him back to his village. As a rambling madman he returned to his people, telling tales of exotic fishwomen and talking rocks.

      Formosa then returned to her island with her children, raising them in the warm coastal waters and teaching them of the world. For three centuries she remained with her children, who came to be known as the Founding Mothers. Through their mother they learned the languages of many in the world as well as the nature of plants and the power of law. They also received insight from Videre, who made known unto them the wonders and dangers of land outside of the sea, which they were destined to journey upon. By her guidance, they were also to find men and return the following children to safety.

      This process of finding a mate is known as iter itineris, a sacred rite to becoming a mother. Each serien is believed to receive a gift that will help them find their destined mate and return home. The time at which this happens is unique to each seiren, some being very young in age while others only leave the island after hundreds of years. While seirens do not generally age over their 800th year, the founding mothers are believed to have lived for up to two thousand years.

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