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    Aaron looked surprised as she left. Though he never tried to separate his life from movies, he knew full well an avenging angel would not come down to play hero. Clint Eastwood was just an actor. Once the camera turned off he was just a regular person. It doesn't make a movie hero any less spectacular! Apparently someone has not seen enough westerns to appreciate his comment.

    He furrowed his brows a bit before lowering his head down to suck up some coffee without actually lifting the cup. He sighed and closed his eyes to rest his head on the table. (The pain was still throbbing, you see.) Why does he even bother trying to talk to girls? He'll just leave talking to dames to the smooth talking, jazz age detectives.

    An eyebrow raised, though his face was mushed into the table. Ah, now he can see what she was getting at.

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    And there goes the remorseful Shiki, Tyson mused. He took this opportunity, picked up his guitar case and walked over to where the boy was sitting then sat down himself. He turned to the boy and said "Hajimemashite, watashi no namae wa Mills Tyson desu. Anata no namae wa?"

    OoC: Translation- Hello, my name is Tyson Mills. What is your name?

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    Aaron turned his head to see if the voice was talking to him or someone else. When he saw it was in deed him, he sat up straight. "Um, Aaron. It's nice to meet you Mills." He thought Mills was a strange first name, but did not question it.

    OoC: I love writing moments of cultural confusion.

    Rawr rawr rawr!

    Tyson realized soon that Aaron was American then said in English, "oh, your American, that makes two of. This will be easier on both of us." He sat in silence for a second, "So I couldn't help but notice your little ordeal with Shiki. What was that all about." he stuffed his face full of fries which finished them off while he waited for a response.
    Tyson decided he was probably done small talking. He swallowed his mouthful of fries then said "No I don't need an apology. In fact it's probably good that someone bullies her a little. Anyway, that's not even what I came over here for. I saw you on Halloween and I've been meaning to meet you. You are a digidestined, am I correct?"

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    Aaron leaned in really close. He was fighting the urge to take it and examine it, but thought better of it. "No, mine is different." If he had the device with him he would have been kind and shown Tyson it, but he never found a reason to keep it with him.

    He pointed to the card slot. "Shiki has this on hers too, what do you use it for? Do you know?" His tongue began to sneak out again. Digivices, how do they work?

    Rawr rawr rawr!

    Aaron's face brightened up at the sight of the deck. Of course this created more questions than answers, but at least it was another step ... in some direction. The first sign of being able to input information and it's through cards. Maybe there was a way to manipulate cards?

    Aaron's mind was racing through all the possibilities of anything digivice related. After some time of staring at the digivice with interest, he looked up at Tyson and gave a nervous smile.

    He was doing it again.

    "Sorry." He coughed and sat up straight. "So why are you so interested in me as a digidestined? I honestly thought all of this was just a video game until, well ..." It was embarrassing to admit he didn't think of the Digital World as something real until Leomon gave him a real blow to the chest. Pain does a lot to affirm reality.

    "-Until I had some sense knocked into me." Aaron grinned at his pun.

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    Aaron nodded. The reasoning sounded good enough. "Well sorry to disappoint you." He got to his feet and tapped his knuckles against the table a couple times. "It was nice to meet you Mills, but I can't help you. Perhaps we'll run into each other again."

    He stuck his hand out for a handshake. It was nice to meet another American, just for this moment. Finally, a cultural gesture he couldn't screw up.

    Rawr rawr rawr!

    Aaron left the restaurant and headed straight home. He was clutching his side with his hand most the way, but straightened up when he was right outside his house. His mother would have been home by now for dinner and she would be furious enough he went outside. She didn't need to know he managed to get hit again in the ribs.

    When he opened the door he could see no sign of his mother. "Hello, I'm home!" He closed the door, hung his keys, and took a few steps in to the house. His mother should have been home by now. Concerned, he called out in a meek tone. "Mommy?" He turned towards the kitchen to see if she left a note.

    It was unsatisfying, but there was a note. It was attached to a container of spaghetti sauce.

    Dinner is DIY.
    Will kill you when I get home.
    -Love, Mom

    Aaron frowned. Work was taking up too much of her life; her home has become nothing more than four walls protecting her bed. He sighed and turned on the stove top to boil some water. He fell into a dinning chair and watched the pot intensely.

    Rawr rawr rawr!

    Ari woke slowly, unsure at first why he was waking up. He'd lost track of how many days they'd been in the jungle, and he and BlackGuilmon and set up camp beneath a gigantic tree in the thick of the jungle. BlackGuilmon had been unsure of the site, but Ari had noticed the lack of Digimon in the area and quickly decided it was ideal. He had no idea how many fights they'd been in, but BlackGuilmon was getting tired, and so was he.

    As he woke, Ari instinctively reached over to turn off his buzzing alarm, only to find his hand in a patch of wet moss. The buzzing only got louder after that, and Ari opened his eyes to find a giant pair of red insectoid ones looking right back. As he stared at the giant insect, Ari felt a chill go down his spine as he realized he was looking at the creature responsible for the lack of Digimon in the area.

    The green creature moved its giant armored limbs, its head turning slowly to the side as it lowered two spiked arms to Ari's head. The arms moved up suddenly, and Ari could hear a light voice rasping from the creature.

    "These are my trees, foolish boy. Now you will pay the price for intruding on the home of a Champion with no Digimon to defend you."

    As the creature prepared to attack, Ari flinched. Maybe now the nightmare was over...he'd wake up, and all this Digimon nonsense would be over. With a hiss, the Champion slashed the spiked arms at Ari, its red eyes glowing in the darkness.

    Suddenly, the Champion screamed as a dark shape grabbed it's arms. As Ari stared, BlackGuilmon strained to hold back the insect as it tried to attack both of them with its massive clawed arms. As the monster started to escape BlackGuilmon's grip, the black dragon looked at Ari pleadingly before yelling at him to run.

    As the massive creature broke free of Orange-kun's hold, Ari ran for the outer layer of trees. He could hear the pair of Digimon fight behind him, but he couldn't dare look behind him. He could hear the insect Champion's spiked arms moving with such speed that he knew BlackGuilmon couldn't dodge it, but he didn't turn. He knew what he would see if he did.

    Eventaully, the light came and the sound of the combat ceased. Ari stared blankly at the tree next to him, afraid to go back. It's only a dream. It doesn't matter. It's only...a dream. A painful groan came from the distance, and Ari began to run towards the source. He had to get there before that Champion came back...before it was too late.
    Shiki was late. Jensen had been waiting for her for seven minutes at their usual lunch table. Shiki was never late and Jensen was starting to get worried. He withdrew his black cell phone and checked the time. Eight minutes. Jensen stood up and made his way inside the school. Maybe she was still in class. Jensen walked down the hall towards the 1-3 classroom, the class that Shiki said she was in. As he got closer to the classroom, he saw a figure he recognized as Shiki having a heated exchange with her sensei. Jensen did not want to interrupt the conversation, for fear of being dragged into a situation where he didn’t belong. So he stood by a row of lockers a safe distance away, waiting for Shiki to come out of class.

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    This party is logical as fuck.

    ooc: So, I had this all typed up on my I-pod. Then it crashed and I lost everything. I rage quit and decided to wait until after classes were done. But here it is. Oh, and I left who the idiot is vague on purpose.

    bic: Shiki was irritated beyond belief. She had been arguing the same moot point for the last 10 minutes, and sensei still wasn't listening.

    "Sensei, I can't tutor," Shiki insisted, the calm level manor she had been addressing her teacher before gone five minutes ago. "I have my own school work, cram school, track and field and helping out my parent's music store. I literally cannot fit anything more into my schedule what I have now."

    For various reasons, Shiki didn't include her helping out with Dorumon. Besides, why should she be burdened with teaching this idiot who had no qualm about doing well until he learned he was going to fail if he didn't raise his grades? She had enough on her plate without having to cater to each idiot in the school.

    This is why she hated stupid people. They don't try anything until they realize they are fucked, and then when they are they make a big fuss and force those who have been working hard themselves all this time to pull them out of the hole they dug themselves into without trying to do anything for themselves.

    "Are you sure?" Sensei asked, frowning a bit.

    "I'm positive," Shiki said firmly. "Besides, I'm sure there are other students you could ask that have a lot less on their plate then me." She noticed Jensen by the doorway out of the corner of her eye.

    Shit. Talking about this stupid matter made her late for lunch.

    "Listen Sensei, my friend is here," she told her finally. "I'm hungry, and I'm going to get lunch. I can help you find someone else who would be able to do the job before track after school."

    Her teacher sighed and nodded her head, and Shiki walked away towards Jensen.

    "Sorry," she apologized. "Dealing with a stupid matter."

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