Ace Attorney Mafia 2 - Day 5: The Victorious Turnabout!

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      Night 0: Turnabout Party

      "Must we have confetti every time, Detective?" This was Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth's complaint as he watched his main detective carry box after box of confetti into the courtroom.

      Come rain or shine, any time any victory came to one of his friends that was even half worth celebrating, Detective Dick Gumshoe would always ensure that there was always plenty of confetti ready to throw in celebration of their latest accomplishment.
      Miles wasn't even sure where he got such things in such mass amounts, but he had his hunches; after all, one night, he had made a stop at the Detective's home and found stack after stack of sheets of colored paper on the table next to a paper shredder, a pair of scissors, and a large empty cardboard box lying on the floor nearby -- very much like the box that Miles saw him carrying confetti in currently, in fact.

      Of all the pointless things to do. the Chief Prosecutor thought to himself, Surely, it would be easier and cheaper to simply buy bags of confetti from some party supply instead, if he must do such a thing.

      Or would it?

      "Of course, Mr. Edgeworth, Sir! What kind of party would it be without confetti?" the detective in question cheerfully replied as he placed another box of confetti on the table.

      That's the third box of confetti. Miles inwardly counted, Is he truly that bored and out of work that making confetti was the only constructive use of his time that he could think of, or was he just particularly excited for today's celebration?

      "A tidy one." he finally and dryly replied after watching the detective gazing proudly upon his work, "I truly pity the poor soul who has to sweep up that dreadful mess after every trial you or whomever you might send in your place attend."

      "Actually, Sir," the detective sheepishly replied, rubbing the back of his own head, "they usually make me do that, since I'm the one who usually makes the mess in the first place."

      Miles looked a bit intrigued and confused at that comment.

      And he still goes through with it anyway? he inwardly thought, He truly must be bored.

      Miles smirked slightly as he watched the somewhat clumsy but diligent Detective struggle to hang a banner in place.

      Or maybe he just cares.


      Another hour, and the preparations were already most done.

      "Well, I'm afraid I really must be going, Detective. I trust you can handle the rest?" Miles asked, looking back at the somewhat scruffy looking cop.

      "Yes, sir! Just leave it to me!" Gumshoe enthusiastically replied.

      Nodding in acknowledgment, Miles turned and started to head towards the double doors leading out of the courtroom.

      "I'll make you proud, pal!" The detective called out happily.

      Miles stopped a moment, not bothering to turn around, but actually smiling slightly nonetheless.

      "See that you do."

      And with that, he left the courtroom, leaving Gumshoe to his work.


      Rules for Both the Hub and Game Thread:

      - Typical ZU forum rules apply. Don't be a jerk. I understand Mafia can get heated, and that's fine, but don't insult or be rude to each other. Try to be respectful.
      - No speculation about the game or its roles outside of the game thread. Anyone is welcome to post in the hub to chat, but all speculation should be kept to yourselves until after the game is through.
      - Don't make commentary in the Hub that is likely to sway the players' feelings about the game (e.g., comments about "I knew [player] was a Mafia all along", etc.).
      - Absolutely no quoting of PMs in either the game thread or the hub.
      - Mafia games require commitment. If you do not think you will have the time to play this game for a reasonable amount of time each day (e.g., a few hours or more), then do not sign up. Inactivity hurts not just your teammates, but all players involved.

      Player List

      1. Axius27 - Kay Faraday: Thief (Killed Night 3)
      2. Orion
      3. HarmonicalHero - Athena Cykes: Faith Healer (Lynched Day 2)
      4. Knight Hawk
      5. Please Understand
      6. Ruki
      7. Xenovent/LeoBravo - Kristoph Gavin: 2-shot Lawyer/3-Shot Doctor (Killed Day 4)
      8. Kaylin
      9. Bolero of Fire - Matt Engarde: Thief (Lynched Day 1)
      10. Ana Claire - Manfred von Karma: Role Cop (Killed Day 3)
      11. Pennington - Dahlia Hawethorne: 2-Shot Framer (Lynched Day 3)
      12. Dr. Gazooks/HollowmanOfEoL
      13. English - Barok van Zeiks: Lynch-Activated Vampire (Killed Day 1)
      14. Jaime Lannister
      15. Foxhound
      16. Dark Link Reigns
      17. Kay Faraday

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      Story Quotes:

      Eiko wrote:

      I’m not a good person. I’ve done terrible things, and they haunt me every time I close my eyes. There is a darkness within me, and I’ve embraced it fully. If I can find a way to live with my past, then so can you.

      Orino wrote:

      How about we make a deal, ok? You stop complaining about how much this hurts, and I stop deliberately making this painful for you. Or better yet, how about I do make it painful, and you stop getting hurt altogether. That sounds like a win-win situation to me.
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    • Day 1: Turnabout Lockdown

      It was a bright, happy day in Japanifornia; a day when nothing bad happened -- a perfect day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and nowhere in the state was there someone crying bloody murder. No, instead, Phoenix Wright and all his friends and acquaintances were together in the Courtroom celebrating 15 years of bringing justice and law to the land. Nothing went wrong; no, everything went exactly according to plan, and everyone was at peace.

      Or at least, that's how it should have been. That's how Miles Edgeworth, Detective Gumshoe, and the Judge had envisioned it, anyway. ...Well, okay, maybe that was pushing it a little -- after all, that wasn't exactly how Miles had envisioned it; he knew that somewhere in the state, there was bound to be a crime occurring, but he never imagined it would be happening to any of them.
      Was that really how it went down, though, in reality? Well, you'll just have to see that for yourself.
      But this was a party -- just a simple party. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

      ...Or could it?


      August 3, 9:30 A.M.
      District Court
      Courtroom No. 2


      The shouts of many people filled Phoenix Wright's ear as he entered the Courtroom that Miles had sent him a message about yesterday afternoon, telling him he would be needed there today, at precisely this time.

      "Wha - ?"

      Phoenix had barely opened his mouth in shock before he looked up, noticing a banner congratulating him on 15 years of solving cases and courtroom battles.
      Yet, he knew that technically wasn't true; after all, there was that period of seven years when...

      ...Oh, but why would he ever interrupt such a kind gesture with cold hard facts like that? All that would do is make him look unappreciative -- and he definitely wasn't unappreciative.

      Looking over the guests, he saw at least 18 people or more there...and the Judge, ranging from close friends, to casual acquaintances, to people he barely even recognized but whom he assumed were somehow fans of his.
      Confetti fell, thrown from only the left side of the gallery, and --

      Wait a minute. "Fans"? He had actual fans?

      Reaching up to rub the back of his head, Phoenix blushed and smiled nervously, somewhat at a loss for words. "Thanks."

      "Only the best for you, Nick! Now come on and sit down!" his past assistant, Maya Fey, cheerfully exclaimed, ushering him over towards a chair, "Mr. Edgeworth bought us the best food in Town, and I'm starving!"

      "H-hey! Hang on! I didn't even get to -- "

      Phoenix had only just barely begun to object to Maya's forceful actions before a loud scream was heard ,coming from up in the practically empty right side of the gallery.
      Running as fast as his legs could carry him, the famous lawyer rushed up the stairs and into the gallery to find the source of the scream. And there, standing frozen with fear, was the young woman he recognized as Maggey Byrde, standing over the motionless form of...


      "H-he and I were supposed to throw the confetti from opposite sides of the gallery..." she said quietly as she watched Phoenix run over to the unresponsive detective, still in shock, "but when we got here, he never showed up to greet us..." Tears began to form in her eyes as she watched Phoenix check his pulse, wearing a grim expression; she could already tell by the look on Phoenix's now pale face that he couldn't find a heartbeat.

      "...He's...he's dead..."


      "Secure the area! I don't want anyone coming in or out of this place until they're found!"

      Miles Edgeworth's shouts were loud and forceful as he ordered guards to block all of the exits and surround the building; no one in this building was getting out until he said so. He was enraged; someone just took the life of his most loyal detective, and there was no way in hell that he was going to let them just walk out that door.

      Once he was satisfied that everything was under control, he sat down on one of the benches in the gallery, looking down a small card he was holding in his hand.

      "What've you got, Miles...?"

      The somewhat nervous voice of his childhood friend and rival shook Edgeworth out of his thoughts, though he didn't bother to meet his friend's inquisitive and worried gaze.

      "When I examined the Detective's body, I found this." Miles said, pointing down at the card, which had a strange sort of insignia printed onto it, unlike any Phoenix had ever seen before.

      "What is it?" the seasoned defense attorney asked, leaning over the other man's shoulder to get a closer look.

      "It's the calling card of the most notorious villainous organization in this city." Miles stated grimly, "They're here, Wright. Hiding amongst us, blending in. They could be disguised anyone or anything. And they won't rest until we're all dead."

      "So, how do we know who to trust?" Phoenix asked.

      The prosecutor looked back at him, and spoke in a darker tone than usual.

      "It's imperative that we find them. Until we do, trust no one and nothing that you see -- not even your friends. These criminals are masters at disguise. All we can do is try to unravel their lies and expose their guilt."

      And so it began -- a series of the most stressful, difficult, and dangerous days and nights that these 18 people had ever faced.

      Will the Town prevail, bringing light and justice to the courtroom, or will the Mafia reign supreme once again?

      Only you, those 18 individuals, can decide. Choose your actions wisely and help your allies survive, or else you will surely find yourselves falling at the hands of your enemies.

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    • I am going into this game having never played an AA game, let alone know anything about them.

      [vote]Kay Faraday[/vote]

      I don't know why you decided to say you are "more than just a sidekick". Care to explain?

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