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Special and Master editions of Breath of the Wild come with a plethora of goodies
By Phil Myth on January 13th, 2017 10
It just wouldn't be a Zelda release without some special editions full of cool swag, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Following the announcement of the game's March 3...
February issue of Game Informer features Breath of the Wild preview
By Phil Myth on January 8th, 2017 0
The February issue of Game Informer features new Overwatch artwork and has the top 50 games of 2016 as it's cover story, but elsewhere in the pages there's a look ahead to those...
Kimishima to give Switch presentation, with regional voice over
By Phil Myth on January 8th, 2017 1
We've only a handful of days left until Nintendo's big Switch presentation where they'll furnish us with all the info pertaining to their next system's launch date, price,...
2018 Zelda Wall calendar up for pre-order
By Phil Myth on December 24th, 2016 0
There are some people in this world, such as myself, who take an unwavering 'seat of their pants' approach to life. My christmas shopping is done on December 23rd at the very...
More Zelda DLC for Monster Hunter Stories
By Phil Myth on December 24th, 2016 0
More DLC content has dropped for Monster Hunter Stories, including the second part of the Zelda collaboration. Still, unfortunately, a Japan only game, the content nevertheless...
1992 Miyamoto interview shows Breath of the Wild vision in A Link To The Past
By Phil Myth on December 23rd, 2016 0
It's been 25 years since A Link To The Past arrived on the SNES, but thanks to some sleuthing and translating from Shmuplations, we've got a fresh insight into the development of...
Super Nintendo World is real, and it has mine cart rides
By Phil Myth on December 14th, 2016 1
This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. Super Nintendo World is a real thing, and is coming to Universal studios Japan in 2020. Ever since Nintendo and Universal...
Toon Link seems a lot cheerier in the latest Jakks Pacific line
By Phil Myth on December 14th, 2016 3
Figure fabricators Jakks Pacific have unveiled wave 9 of their World of Nintendo figures. There's been a few repaints of older figures, and Inkling Boy is included for the first...
30th Anniversary Amiibo bring Epona, Ganon, and Medli to town in New Leaf
By Phil Myth on December 12th, 2016 3
Everyone's favourite anthropomorphic mayoral simulator, Animal Crossing: New Leaf added a host of new features recently, including Amiibo support. During the Animal...
Black Friday deals on Nintendo eShop
By Phil Myth on November 25th, 2016 0
Black Friday, and the surrounding weekend, is nuts. We all know this. So why on earth would you want to venture out into that madness when there's plenty of deals to be had...
Awesome fan film depicts Skull Kid’s origin story
By Phil Myth on November 24th, 2016 2
Back in July we told you about a gorgeous looking Majora's Mask fan film that was slated to appear this year. Well now that film has finally dropped and it's every bit as...
Link gets the Goldfinger treatment as Jakks Pacific unveils new figures
By Phil Myth on November 22nd, 2016 1
If you ever thought Link would look far better after a run-in with King Midas then you're in luck. Jakks Pacific has unveiled two new series of figures under the labels Trophy and...
Nintendo Switch to be playable at Tokaigi in February
By Phil Myth on November 22nd, 2016 0
In the wake of the Switch reveal trailer last month, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told financial analysts that following the upcoming presentation in January --...
Aonuma takes home a Golden Joystick, Game Awards nominates Breath of the Wild
By Phil Myth on November 19th, 2016 0
We're heading into award season now, and Zelda is already making a few waves (despite having a relatively quiet year in terms of releases), especially for its 30th...
Nintendo is officially ending Wii U production
By Phil Myth on November 17th, 2016 5
After a few rumours and subsequent denials from Nintendo, The Big N has now finally confirmed that production for the Wii U has been terminated. A post on the company's...