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News has been circulating the Internet about some leaked Zelda Wii information. The post containing this news apparently originated on 2chan, a popular Japanese site that has leaked correct information in the past on popular games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 4 and 5, and the Kingdom Hearts series.

So if this newest batch of information is also true, what can we look forward to? I have edited the list slightly to eliminate previously confirmed points such as the changed dungeon-field-dungeon formula.

Now have a look after the jump.

  • You can select whether you’re right or left-handed, and Link will have the same handedness as you
  • The basic mechanics and gameplay elements are done, and they’re currently working on the story, dungeons and developing characters. Among them are an innkeeper in the town where Link lives and her young son, who looks up to him
  • The girl on the Zelda Wii picture is not the master sword, and as of now there are no plans for Link to get the Master Sword in the game. Her name is Aderu, and she’s not your typical companion like Ezlo or Midna, in that she’s rarely there with you.
  • Link’s main weapon is a sword with different unlockable abilities, which Aderu communicates with you through
  • Horseback combat is back, with a more intelligent Epona that is better at avoiding obstacles
  • The character models for Link, Epona, and the Gorons have all been modified and touched up, but they’re the only ones.
  • This Link is the Hero of Time
  • There will be time traveling.
  • The game will take place not only in Hyrule (maybe not Hyrule at all).

Whether all or any of these are true… well, it’s up to you to form your own opinions. Of course, we already have a thread up on this, so go wild!

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  • First commenter

    A lot of it seemed at least a little bit likely until I read that bit about you being the Hero of Time. I really don't see him making a return, but who knows. I'm guessing that I'm going to end up being totally incorrect though. Why? Well, earlier in 2009(January I believe) I debated with someone that there is no way a train would be in a Zelda game, man was I wrong. xD
    So go ahead Nintendo, surprise us.

    • Eric

      I was thinking the same thing. Nintendo doesn't seem like they would revisit the Hero of Time. Just some fan's wishful thinking.

  • Darkus Triforce

    fake, definetly.
    there is too much resemblance to the master sword for there not to be a connection.

    • Luna

      It said that she is NOT THE MASTERSWORD. It didn't say that she didn't have a connection.

      • zik228

        i hope she doesnt have anything to do with the mastersword, but this is looking alot like a link to he past

      • Monello

        Maybe this will be explained during the game. Perhaps she is the creator of the master sword.

  • Just A Comment


    Best Link ever!

    (hope that part is true)

    • hellotoday

      Me too! I wonder if he can become a kid and an adult at will again? i sure hope so!

  • DSP

    Somehow I believe this more than any other rumors on the internet.
    Anyways, I believe it will take a long time before this game is finished.

  • Labrynian Rebel

    Maybe Nintendo is finally smart enough to base a game off of MM instead of the usual re-hashed Alttp formula.

  • ChainofTermina

    Aww Crap! I don't know whether or not to believe it. I mean, I really really REALLY want that girl to be the master sword, but I also shout with glee at the thought of the Hero of Time's return. What to believe, what to believe……..

  • LuX

    I can't see that she isnt the Master sword, but if she isn't then she clearly has some connection with it, and I must say this looks rather….fake, I loved the Hero if TIme but lets not go there again, we've been there done that.

  • Dylan

    I have a hard time believing that the graphics will mostly be the same

  • bonyy13

    Time traveling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Rikki

    YEAH Link, The Hero of Time ftw!!
    and lefties rule!!!!!

  • Pinsnow

    I'll hate Nintendo if Link can't get the Master Sword, & come on maybe it's on Termania Field and I don't like that Field, and I won't like to be the Hero of Time again, that is why think that is fake. O and of course I totally think that the girl is really the spirit of the master sword.

    • Goronlove7

      You think it's fake because you don't like what there saying…wow.

      • Pinsnow

        Well, yeah, i like the OoT but to bee the hero of time again!? That is not cool man, yeah I like the MM but not again that field, but i'd like to travel in time again that is cool!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Craziness

    Some might be correct, some may not. It seemed hinted that the girl was the master sword, yet it also seems to hint that she is important in some way.

  • ZeldaNoob

    aw i don't want the hero of time. Thats old school!

    • Sol

      what's wrong with old school?

      • ZeldaNoob

        new decade, new things. I want a zelda as revolutionary as ocarina of time. Bringing back the hero of time would ruin it. Well these are just rumors, i doubt them to be true. I want something original.

      • KarmTe


      • Edracon

        They're from 2chan…. and rumors from 2chan turn out to be true 99.999999999% of the time.

      • ZeldaNoob

        yeah but this is zelda wii. Nintendo's top priority. They would be too careful to let info get leaked

    • Pinsnow

      you are right!!!!

  • gannodork

    it looks like a direct sequel to loz oot if it is its going to be the best thing ever!

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Uh, excuse me. NO MASTER SWORD??!! THAT IS MESSED UP RIGHT THERE MAN!!! I thought I was going to be a little upset if they took out the "big, bad" Ganondorf, but NO MASTER SWORD?!!!! That is just like saying that you can only have the salt, not the pepper, or only the ketchup, not the mustard. Or only being aloud to eat peanut butter without the jelly. COMEON, BESIDES ZELDA AND EPONA, THE MASTER SWORD IS PART OF WHAT MAKES LINK, LINK!!! I wouldn't want time traveling if there was nno master sword I like the concept in OoT where he would pull the sword out and wwwoooossshhh you go back 7 years, but anything other than that, jank. And no Midna/Navi like characters? Ugh, a mechanical changable sword isn't interesting.
    Oh well atleast the graphics are still going to be awesome. AND ZELDA BETTER GET BACK HER BLOND HAIR MAN!! Lol, I don't know what to think until it comes out now. :/

    • SweetLie

      Erm, I hope you realize there are more Zelda games WITHOUT the master sword than there are WITH. The only games that have it, to my knowledge, are The Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, the Oracle Games, and Twilight Princess. All the other games have different swords, and from what you just said, they must not be true Zelda games.

      Personally I feel the master sword has been a little overdone, and it's time for a good change like this. I hope this new weapon he weilds is very innovative and makes good use of the Wii Remote, but not as far as to turn it into some gimmicky playtoy. I'm so sick of seeing Ganondork, I hope some bigger, eviler, bad guy takes his place, or even destroys Ganon. I don't really care for that Aderu chick, really. I've had enough of the whole companion thing anyway, I'd rather it just be Link by himself. But it's good to hear some time travel is back. However, if it isn't hyrule, it better be a bigger place with more races. Also, how is it possible he is the hero of time if he's already dead? Unless he's his offspring of some sort.

      • Quill

        I haven't played Twilight Princess… but I have a question: Does the Link in TP has a father?

        Well… I've been thinking that if this Link is the Hero of Time and also has a son that looks up to him, then maybe the TP Link is the son of the Hero of Time…

        So… then this game could be set a little before TP.

        But anyways, as I said, I sadly haven't played Twilight Princess to be sure about what I'm saying, lol. But I tried to answer your last sentence. And of course! I almos forget that this info may be fake xD

      • SweetLie

        Link, like most of the other games, has no parents whatsoever in Twilight Princess. He lives by himself in a tree again. He is a descendant of The Hero of Time, but it's not clear if he is directly. He could be a few generations down the line, so to speak.

      • Edracon

        Couldn't be, Hero of Time was most likely the skeleton hero guy who trains you (and appears as a golden wolf), and he was ancient.

      • Goronlove7

        A link to the past had the master sword and I have no clue what your talking about the hero of time left Termina as an eleven year old boy with nothing but the koroki sword epona and a search for a long lost friend. But I agree with everything else you said.

      • SweetLie

        Yeah, sorry.
        I assumed it took place sometime after Twilight Princess, for some reason.

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Hmmmm, there it is again. ASSUMING…..hmmmmm…..

      • zik228

        i agree, i think that in the first fighting sequence Ganondorf should be killed by something much more sinister and alttp had the master sword too and it has been pretty much driven into the ground.

      • kcclubkirby

        Totally agree with you SweetLie!

      • MasterEdge

        well if this game is in the supposed Child Timeline, then he isn't dead, this would be when hes grown up, older than when he was in OoT

    • Luke

      I agree with SweetLie. The Master Sword isn't even that special anymore. It's not any noticeably stronger than Link's regular swords. OoT was the only time it was actually special and served a purpose in the gameplay.

    • ZeldaNoob

      About the zelda getting back to blonde comment. Zelda has the triforce of wisdom, or is somewhat associated with making wise decisions. Ever heard the term Dumb Blonde?

      lol jk, i couldn't resist commenting

      • imp4ever

        Also on the blonde comment, I'm pretty sure she started out as either a redhead or a brunette

      • Art1st4786

        She started out as a red-head. And I was personally happy to see Zelda as a brunette for Twilight Princess (then again, I am a brunette, so that's a bit of a biased comment).

        As far as Zelda having blonde hair, have you forgotten about Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, which came out AFTER Twilight Princess? She has blonde hair in those….

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Ok, for one thing. Zelda had brunette hair in Super Smash Brothers Brawl, not Twilight Princess. Just look at her dress in TP, it's like a very light rose-pink, while in SSBB, it's practically purple. It's like they took the shading down a notch. The bleach blonde option is not what I'm talking about though. It's called dirty-blonde, and even look at the sketches before TP came out, presto. A dark blonde/ dirty-blonde Zelda.
        She did start out like a redhead of some sort, but as time grew she has evolved to a blonde, and that's what many of the games have come to as.
        I know PH and ST have a blonde Zelda, but I'm not talking about the cell-shading. I'm talking about the more realistic Zelda CONSOLE games. In the cell shading, it's kinda obvious.

        Either way though I still love Zelda, and I'm just glad that she's not Peach… Being a Wise blonde just cancels out the dumb-blonde jokes, mainly because they were started because they were jealous of Blondes.

    • ChainofTermina

      don't listen to all these people ZeldaGurl. I for one like the Master Sword. it's Link signature weapon. next thing you know they'll be saying "Im tired of Mario eating mushrooms all the time. can't they stop giving Mario mushrooms. its so old and dated. I want something new in mario." its Link's signature sword fro crying out loud. and the fact that it has evidently come to life makes me very happy for this game.

      • SweetLie

        Like I said, most of the games in the series DON'T feature the master sword, so how can it be his signature sword? You're basically degrading Link in most of the series. Even the most recent games don't have it. Just because you, I'm assuming, started playing these games when Ocarina of Time came out, doesn't mean that's the ONLY sword he can wield.

        Quoting Luke,
        "The Master Sword isn't even that special anymore. It's not any noticeably stronger than Link's regular swords. OoT was the only time it was actually special and served a purpose in the gameplay."

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Assuming gets you nowhere, so don't. Chain's not saying that it's the only sword he can wield, Chain's saying that the Master Sword has become a part of Link, just like Epona.People become fond of certain things, and if you take out too much of the beloved out of a game, it loses its magic.Taking Ganondorf out is fine, but taking both is just too much in one time.
        I don't know why everyone now a days is so subject to change. As the LoZ is being passed on, it's losing things that have made it great in order to keep people interested. Well the way I see it, it's a Legend. It doesn't change with the tides, and I'm fine if it's leading up to or continuing after a previous or up-coming game, but comeon if we're going to destroy Zelda in hopes to keep it alive, lets just let it rest in peace.
        The Master Sword will always be special. It's what "slays the darkness". And, having it only be able to be pulled by the Hero, makes it mystical and valuable. A mechanical/multi-weapon sword doesn't seem like what The Hero of Time would carry.

      • ZeldaGurl_


        This was my opinion, so don't get all up with me and act like I'm attacking you.

        If you're going to try and prove people wrong, use facts, not inferences or assumptions. And, I don't think you were there when me or Chain started playing Zelda. Everybody falls in love with the Legend for a different reason, we have the right to.

        Seek first to understand, than to be understood.

      • MasterEdge

        like SweetLie said, the Master Sword isn't even in most of the games. it only started appearing in A Link to the Past, and only appeared in a few games after that. the Master Sword is just another sword in Link's arsenal. He has used the Magic Sword, Four Sword, Phantom Sword, Lokomo Sword, Bigoron Sword, and if you count his Fierce Deity form as an ultimate sword, then the Double Helix Sword. and theres other swords that i can't recall, like the one in the Oracle games

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Thanks Chain. Good to see that some people aren't so caught up with "change".

      • ZeldaNoob

        Well, for this game to be Better than OoT, we need a few things

        A Master Sword and Epona – For the epic LoZ experience

        Better Storyline – Definitely, nearly every zelda game's story is whole bunch of random crap put together in the last minute. Take some time with the story.

        A more Productive Ganondorf (if he is in the game, if not then Bad guy) – A true bad guy tries to stop the opposing force everytime he has the chance (like voldemort) all ganon has been doing is sitting in his headquarters waiting for link to come to him, then he gets defeated. Make multiple encounters and fights with the main bad guy throughout the game.

        Blood – I know this sounds stupid, but the Zelda Team is trying to make the game more realistic. Stop making the bad guy explode.

        New types of puzzles in dungeons – I'm tired of block puzzles! Make less puzzles in the dungeons but make them more complicated and longer. Also make them obvious.

        Better Boss fights – Don't make defeating the boss so obvious ( like a Big Eye). And make them more difficult than twilight princess. Personaly, i prefer huge bosses because it makes the game more epic.

        A more open, but interactive field – Even though Twiilight princess is huge, i didn't want to explore every part of the field. MAKE ME WANT TO EXPLORE. Like how spirit tracks had these optional mini-dungeons

        Graphics – Self-explanatory. Twilight Princess Graphics were great, but they were gamecube graphics, i don't blame nintendo because twilight princess wasn't supposed to be for the wii. But just make sure the graphics are the best it can be. Also graphics don't make a game bad, it just makes the game better.

        Ability to refight bosses – like the mini game in spirit tracks.

      • ZeldaNoob

        sorry not make the puzzles obvious, don't make the puzzles obvious, my bad

    • Sotiris

      The best Zelda game (MM) didn't have the Master Sword in it.

    • Elee

      MM had no master sword and its my favorite LOZ game

      • ZeldaGurl_

        Look, you guys need to cool it. All I'm saying is that if there's time travel, and there's The Hero of Time, there needs to be the Master Sword, unless it's like a prequel or sequal to OoT or after MM.

        MM is NOT the best game, and I'm fine with it not have the Master Sword in there because it was a sequal, and he was not in Hyrule, but rather Termina.

        I'm not completely bashing the other games that don't contain the Master Sword, I'm just saying that the Master Sword has become an idolized icon to many Zelda fans. And, seeing a picture of Link now with a different sword just seems awkward… The Master Sword is not old news, it's rather more now like a recent tradition. This is my opinion, no need to get your panties in a bunch. BTW I'm blond, so don't even pull that. ^_^

    • Icalasari

      …Uh, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks, among others, lacked the Master Sword. So this wouldn't be the first time or anything…

  • ZeldaGurl_

    I'm also glad that Epona's back and ready for action. ^_^
    Maybe now she won't get stuck behind those gates… I still love having the freedom to ride on horseback. That's one of the main reasons why I fell in love with the series truly from OoT. Now all I hvave to get confremation on is Zelda. I hope they don't make her too different, but still gorgeous, mysterious, graceful, wise, and even a little more kick-butt!!! W00T.

  • SomeRandomWeirdGuy

    I want the time-traveling, Hero of Time, Epona, and sword with abilities. But I want the master sword in the game.

  • Nitemares

    yeah but that contradicts the storyline of Windwaker if it is The Hero Of Time Link

    • zik228

      theres quite a few contradictions in the storyline between the games

    • Kael

      not really, after all if he is the hero of time, more than likely it will be on the Child time-line with TP

      • zik228

        thats true, but i doubt it will follow the child time-line being that there has been a greater demand for the adult time-line. but Nintendo hasnt identified the time-line between all the games, so fans can only speculate as the order of them.

        as long as they dont follow the idea of ST then ill probably be ok with the game

      • MasterEdge

        actually, you have the timelines mixed up, the Child Timeline is the one where Link went back to the past to be a child, thats the timeline with the Adult Link games like Twilight Princess. the Adult Timeline is the one where Hyrule was in ruins and that led to Wind Waker and the toon games.
        so its the Child Timeline that is in demand, since i see more people who want the darker grittier games than the cute but equally awesome games

  • potato

    Whatever made people think that Aderu was the spirit of the master sword. I know she looks like the master sword, but come on, people. Just because she is not the master sword does not mean the game will be any less great. I think that this info is true, and this game is going to rock.

    • potato

      Maybe some of the info is true and some is not. But if Link is the Hero of Time, that would be awesome.

  • SizedNochi

    The hero of time? LOL, I lol'd there, but who knows

  • Dimitri

    People who don't believe that this Link is the Hero of Time, remember the guy (I forget his name, sorry) said that this Link would be older than any others to date, so… that sounds pretty legit.

  • FharohVII

    Some of it seems a little off. Especially the "Hero of Time", thing. I know they're trying to make a game better than Ocarina of Time, but I hoped they wouldn'tve directly INVOLVED that game with it, such as… using the SAME MAIN CHARACTER. That's sort of a bad move. Different Link. Please.____If you're -A- Hero of Time that'd make sense, the time-travel formula does work well with Zelda. (Examples being OoT and MM). But THE Hero of Time… So another Link following in his own shoes would be better. It doesn't have the requirement that people have to have played the N64 games, and to have a sequal game on the Wii as the 'new improved Zelda' is a poor move. Just my opinion.____I won't get my hopes up and beleive this information. If it is accurate, there are chances that this is just pre-development ideas that were tossed around at eachother.____Though what I can defiantely beleive is the left-handed right-handed bit with Link, that seems the most plausible, and was somethign that I wanted to see in Zelda Wii (and beleived would happen anyway).____I'll say 50% chance it's real. 50% chance it's all fake.

  • LINK

    Well wasnt there another hero of time before ocarina of time? i believe so.. this story must be epic!

  • govel9

    I'm not sure if this is actually true or not but if it is it sounds like it could be an amazing game!

  • Soeroah

    Just last night I had a dream that they remade Ocarina of Time for the Wii with TP graphics, and then I read this o.o

  • Michael

    I know a lot of you are bummed about the master sword not being in the game(if these are real) but come on, Majora's Mask didn't have the master sword and it is one of the best Zelda games ever made. I am so stoked about choosing handness! It really made me sad when they made link right handed again. I'll be praying that some of these statements come true.

  • DarkStar

    Hopefully the Hero of Time does come back, that would be amazing! And it would be really interesting if the game takes place sometime before or event after OOT

  • bolero_of_fire

    Finally the Hero of TIme (OoT Link) is back. I was hoping this would happen. If there is time travel, do you think it will be the time when OoT Link was an adult or do you think it will cause another split.

    I think this might be true.

    • MasterEdge

      if its another split, maybe they might reveal that a Link to the Past is on its own Timeline

  • Michael

    Nothing's wrong with right handed, but seeing link as a leftie has always been a part of my zelda experience growing up considering im left handed. It's probably that way for a lot of people.

  • zik228

    in my opinion this is mostly true:
    -left/right hand is probably true, giving the player more personalization over Link.
    -Nintendo probably does have the basic mechanics done.
    -not adding the Master Sword to the game would be a risky move, but it would either be a prequel or a direct sequel to OoT or TP. But it's probably false, along with the name of the girl in the picture. For the girl not being the master sword, its probably true- a talking sword would be either really dumb or show how weak Nintendo is getting.
    -the different sword upgrades is probably true. this has been a theme in quite a few of their games, Alttp, MM and TP(in a sense) for examples. it would be interesting to see if they could add in more than just sword and shield like dual swords, hammer and sword, or spear-like weapon.
    -more evolved horseback combat and intelligence is probably true, and will be a huge disappointment if its not.
    -probably all of the character models have been upgraded and had touches added to them, but for the most part the models from TP were amazing in my opinion.
    -Hero of Time is a title, so its possible that he could be called that through out the game because of reputation if its a sequel. if its a prequel, then this could turn into a remake of Alttp or another OoT remake. So this could go either way, but more than likely its false.
    -time traveling is probably false. other than in OoT and Alttp, the other time traveling games have been too impressive to me. and Nintendo can probably come up with something more creative than that.
    -being staged in somewhere other than Hyrule is probably true. quite a few of the Zelda games have been in places other than Hyrule. it would be interesting to have Link travel between Hyrule and another land, possibly Gerudo Desert where Ganon was from if its a sequel.

    the change in the game formula, which has been confirmed, will be very interesting to see how they change it.

  • @RacattackForce

    The only things I believe are choosing which hand you can use (a useful mechanic which can keep this Link left-handed, like all the rest, keeping in continuity), better graphics, and smarter AI.

    Honestly, if I remember correctly, they come up with the story before the actual gameplay. And I'd rather they continue forward with the timeline, rather than go backwards. Don't care either way about the Master Sword: the original NES games, Link to the Past, some of the handhelds, and Majora's Mask don't have it. (correct me if I'm wrong).

  • Sanity's_Theif

    They could be referring to the Hero of Time's reincarnation, that is, Link from TP was the Hero of Time, just reincarnated, I think it's their way of saying which timeline it's in, or rather, what continuation it's following.

    Also, wasn't it confirmed that this will be another new Link some time ago? I think you people are misunderstanding the title of Hero of Time.

    As for no Master Sword, I'm glad actually, really, a sword with unlockable capabilities sounds more interesting than the same plain sword we've used over and over.

  • Billy

    I feel this may have some merit, especially the 'Hero of Time' bit. The Link we saw in the artwork looks very close to the Link from Ocarina of Time as many have noted. But, won't know anything for sure until at least E3.

  • Billy

    On another note, do you think Nintendo asked the "Hero of Time" film creators to pull their movie because they're naming their next Zelda title "The Hero of Time"? ๐Ÿ˜› Joking, of course.

  • UltimateLegend

    Wait, how can the Hero of Time be back if he is dead? Unless it is a much older Hero of Time. If you look on the artwork he is older. It might go in before or after OoT in the timeline.

  • Gman

    My elementary knowledge of Japanese tells me that if this is true, the girl in the poster will probably be called Adelle in the English version. If they do bring the Hero of Time back, it gives me the impression that they're really using OoT as a crutch. But when Nintendo gets down to it, they can make some truly amazing games, so I'm gonna go right ahead and trust them.

  • Bolero_of_Fire

    Where's the source. I'm not saying there isn't one, but I also want to at it. I looked over and couldn't find it.

  • Adam

    if what this post says is true, it will be like ocarina, except with wii graphics and improved playability.

  • UltimaDarkness

    Honestly i think the master sword is not what makes link what a hero, I believe its his courage. As long as link has his courage it doesn't matter what sword he has also if they change stuff around in games and the players enjoy it, it will open new ideas for future games. So people shouldn't complain about link not having the master sword or if his new blade has this interesting new mechanic to it, or if he is indeed the hero of time. I believe this has the potential to become the best zelda game out of all the 3D ones, but all we can do about this info is theorize until 2010 E3 in June.

    • Garflblarfl

      Doesn't he get his courage from the Triforce…?

  • Nitemares

    well Ocarina Of Time introduces Ganon, i always thought that Vaati (Minish Cap) was before Ocarina Of Time and Ganon, because in Four Swords, Ganon uses Vaati, who said that there wasn't other evils before Ganon, he's just the one that was the most powerful and manipulated one of all and used others. i like the story that would be before Ganon, the original Hero Of Time, or this tells the story of Link when he's older and what happened before Windwaker. i also thought that the Link from Windwaker was the dead warrior in Twilight Princess, cause after you learn the last skill, he says he has no regrets, which is a reference to Majora's Mask, he also said when he was chosen as the Hero, meaning he was the one from Ocarina Of Time, especially like mentioned before if this is the story of before, cause Shiek did say, you standing there you really do look like the Hero Of Time, so by that argument, the Link from Ocarina Of Time is NOT the original, it just introduces Ganon.

    • zik228

      good point

  • Art1st4786

    If you remember in Ocarina of Time, Sheik said that with Link standing there with the Master Sword, he looked like the legendary Hero of Time. That implies that there was a Hero of Time before him, so having a game with a different Hero of Time doesn’t surprise me. I’m really excited about this, but I’ll be even more so when they actually confirm details at E3!

  • jim

    "This Link is the Hero of Time" I doubt this as Miyamoto seemed pretty bent on making a new breed of Zelda. Not doing the same thing as TP and making oot with a few bells and whistles attached. We don't need another nostalgic game!

    • Nitemares

      no a new zelda without Ganon, meaning the preqel

  • Edracon

    if this list is true, then you will probably be able to go to Termina as well.

  • Edracon

    just a guess.

  • TwilightLink20xx

    Well, if it's the Hero of Time, then the lack of Master Sword actually makes sense, as the sword is the seal after all… But yeah… Still not buying this.

  • Alex

    A possibly sequel to OoT?

    I hope…

    • Nitemares


  • MasterEdge

    so if this is all true, they didn't redesign Zelda? thats strange….if they redesign Link then they got to redesign Zelda too…
    hmmm could this be the Majora's Mask sequel?

  • Karadom

    Just some food for thought, when the world flooded after OoT, what happened to Termina? I know, its's a paralel world, but assuming that if link can get there, water can as well.
    I know, this is a bit sketchy.

  • storm

    First of all, ive had the time traveling idea since the beginning (but it sounds a lot like twilight princess, and do you get around in a delorean?) And pepole who play wow knows that internet rumors as of late are pretty true (cataclysm)

  • Bolero_of_Fire

    Where's the source. I'm not saying your wrong, but I want to translate and read it myself.

    I've posted this before, but nobody answered. I'm shocked I haven't been nominated for most ignored user.

    • Edracon

      Source is 2chan, yes, 2chan. 2chan is incredibly reliable when it comes to rumors that are true. Back when windwaker was going to come out, a few months before it did, the entire story line was put up as a rumor on 2chan, it was correct. Same happened with Spirit tracks and many other Zelda games. So, rumors from 2chan are correct 99.999999999% of the time.

  • King Zora

    Perhaps the reason he can’t have the master sword is because if he takes it then Ganondorf will return or just how it was in OoT. This could mean Ganondorf won’t return either.

  • Apple Cider

    Do I wish this was true?
    Handedness choise=yes
    Only a few new character models=no

  • Pete

    Exciting stuff, even if it is fake it's fun to speculate.

    Link as the Hero of Time has got me thinking. What happened to young Link after MM is left unexplored. After he left Termina what happened to him? Did he ever find Navi as the prologue suggested?

    Can't wait for E3, I hope we see something awesome.

  • Zeal

    I am hopefull this game will be the Hero Of Time that is mentioned before the Ocarina of Time, Hyrule hasn’t been founded yet, and The Master Sword not forged.

  • TheMaverickk

    Although there are some believable points, there's a few counter productive points. The biggest glaring one is that the Link in this Zelda game is the "Hero of Time" and although it's likely that this statement implies he's a completely different Link from Ocarina's… there's a bit of an issue in the fact that he has no Master Sword, which is essentially what made the Hero of TIme… well the Hero of TIme as the Master Sword was the key to traveling through time.

    The info about the girl not being the Master Sword isn't surprising as it's totally the fan assumption to make based on her appearance. Other stuff about modified character models makes sense as well. Same with the fact that the game will also take place in other regions other then Hyrule, which is what was essentially the goal in Twilight Princess, except that Ordon for the most part doesn't feel like it's separate from Hyrule at all. So with a bigger game and larger overworld they may be seeking to increase the amount of other regions that interact with Hyrule.

    All interesting and speculative. Can't wait for the first trailer. Very stoked for it!

    • ZeldaGurl_

      I agree with what you say, but you know what I was thinking… what if this game is going to pick up where MM left off? I mean, all it ends with is Link heading back through the woods in search if a dear friend, which many believe it's Navi. But, it never did conclude and tell us if he found her or not. I think it would be really cool to pick up from that and give us a bridge leading from MM to tWW.

    • ZeldaGurl_

      I also thought it would be cool if Ganondorf was in thegame, yet someone bigger and badder, and much more serious came out and literally snatched the Triforce of Power from him, leaving him defensless and what seems to be mortal. So in his desperation and anger, he goes crawling to Link and Zelda in hopes to defeat the truly evil nemisis. It would be such a twist because think about it, fighting along side someone who has always been on the other side of the sword for so long…. It would basically be like X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocolypse , where the X-Men and the Brotherhood team up in order to be strong enough to defeat the enemy.
      Just a thought, but I think either one of those would be so cool. I'm sure Nintendo will think of something completely amazing either way. And as long as it mentions The Master Sword or has like a past of Ganondorf, I'll be ok. I would also like to see the return of the Ocarina, if not then a instrument like it ( but then again, I'm a badn person so it's expected… Go Drumline ๐Ÿ˜› ) Either way, Zelda will still be cool, cause fans should love it for the way it is…

  • zeldafan219

    I've beat OOT and played Majora's Mask, so i'm really glad about the HERO OF TIME being in the game! But no master sword??? Only Link, Epona, and the gorons being the only updated textures?! Now isn't that stupid! Oh well, we'll see if this is real or fake soon in E3 2010…

    • Nitemares

      read my post on page 2, it will probably NOT be the link from OoT

  • Nitemares

    people should really read the other posts put before putting their 2 cents in, read my post on page 2, it will probably NOT be the link from OoT

    • TheMaverickk

      Agreed, it's likely to be another Hero of TIme… someone who has taken on the same title as Link from OoT and MM.

    • zeldafan219

      That could be right.

  • Elee

    some of this is not true. I read interviews and look at truly leaked info. my main website to go to for stuff like this is and it says some stuff that you people on this site would like. Have fun fellow zelda nerds

  • Daveyyy

    For those of you that are getting annoyed at the whole concept of the "Hero of Time" thing again just remember that at the end of ocarina of time, Zelda sends link back to his young life, before he even got the Master Sword which makes 2 different Zelda Universe's. The old Link in which The Wind Waker is set where you have the biggest and most baddass boss fight out of all the Zelda games at the end. And the other ending of Link being young again where the Sacred Realm was never opened so Gannondorf could never get the Triforce or destroy Hyrule which sets of the start of Majoras Mask where he goes looking for his friend in the woods which is Navi or the Forest Sage (I forget her name).

    So, if you managed to make sense of that, it could simply be a direct sequel to Majoras mask where he gets back from Termina and the story unfolds or Majoras Mask could never have happened and the "Friend" he was looking for could have been the girl.

    Just an idea :)

  • Elise

    I think that the girl, Aderu, helpes Link travel though time.

  • matthew bateman

    How can you people have any doubts that this game will be awesome. It is a Zelda game, to me that means that I am going to love it. Also don't cry about the master sword its not gone forever and some of you appear to be getting the wrong idea about some things.( FharohVII, gannodork, ZeldaNoob, Pinsnow and First commenter) for one thing isn't link always the Hero Of Time because he is "reincarnated" through-out time to save the world not because he time travels and he doesn't have the master sword so I doubt the game is connected to the ocarina of time. the new sword is also most likely not mechanical this is based in a sort of middle ages time and they have had very few mechanical devices in Zelda games the sword is probably mystical sword forged by Aderu who for all we know (which is little by the way) she could very well be the great fairy or heck she could even be one of the triforce gods as an avatar. the sword probably won't have any kind of attachments my Guess is that this is something like in Twilight Princess where you learned new moves from the skeleton or in the windwaker where you learned new techniques from the old sword master. Aderu is also probably going to be just like Minda navi or the boat in the windwaker she will communicate with Link through the sword and give him clues and tips. Now that all that is sorted out some things I hope will be added are Aderu being both sassy and slightly annoying like Minda not quiet and solemn as she appears in the graphic. also I dont want Zelda to be cursed or captured but she should probably only be with link in the cartoon versions and the hand held games. One of the most important things i want is for Zelda and Link to have some sort of relationship nothing lovey-dovy but some thing deep with meaning. they should also include the wii motion plus with the game so nobody has to go out and buy it. they should still have mini games with prizes and the should include something the life like versions never had muiltiplayer like maybe an arena where you battle another link it should also have a computer setting in case you dont have anyone to play against. they should include leveling up the claw-shot is a must have of course and they should of course include magic abilities like transformation or the ability to influence and control animals or at least something like that. for now that is about it.

    • zik228

      for the most part i agree with you, but on the multiplayer i think thats a little questionable. maybe a multiplayer arena mode would be fun, but i think a MMO would be fun too especially if they increased the difficulty as more players were added to your "party." but this would be only allowing people you know and want to join in with you to play. and more upgradeable objects would be more interesting and fun to play.

  • Roux

    You will be able to travel into a more ‘steampunk’ influenced atmosphere.

  • ZoraLink10

    one thing doesn't make sense. if the master sword isn't in the game, HOW CAN LINK BE THE HERO OF TIME??!?!!!??!???

  • Cronaroth

    Um-the Master Sword wasn't in Majora's Mask….or any of the Four Swords games……

  • kwuz

    i hope the part about being about being left handed is true. im a leftie in real life so TP was a big akward for me ^^

  • zedafan219

    I just hope that this is a Mojora's Mask sequel.

  • zeldafan219

    I spelled Majora wrong 0_o

  • zeldafan219

    I hope this comes out in 2010 because of my birthday.

  • Maddy

    I have a feeling that this Zelda game may not be as good as Twilight Princess. I was really hoping that Midna would be in the new game, and the whole concept that it may not even be in Hyrule makes me very upset. The time traveling does sound really cool, and that Link is the hero of time is cool as well. And also the Master Sword really should be in the game. I guess I will just have to wait until the game comes out though…

  • Rayek

    Give the people who work on the game their freedom, people. Don't start with 'i want this, i don't want that' blabber blabber.
    Besides, speculation isn't interesting at all. Wait for the game to come out, play it, and only then you can have an opinion about it.

  • Colin

    What I think is that Zelda Wii will be a prequel to TWW, as you see in the opening "stained-glass legend" sequence "What became of that kingdom? None remain who know." I think that young Link from MM will grow up and return as an adult to Hyrule to battle this new evil presence, and the story will unfold and eventually explain how Hyrule was submerged, and perhaps tie other timelines together as well.

  • poopsies

    Poop and pee!

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